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17th Feb 2013, 04:25
Awesome, awesome, awesome......

Try The McGurk Effect! - Horizon: Is Seeing Believing? - BBC Two - YouTube

Loose rivets
17th Feb 2013, 04:40
Just found that after the 'most amazing thing . . .' I just posted. Really does add to our understanding of our brain's ability to perceive.

17th Feb 2013, 04:41
No fullshit?

That's buckin' incredible!

Takan Inchovit
17th Feb 2013, 04:49
That does it, I'm having a drink at the far bar.

17th Feb 2013, 06:41
Equally one can't trust what one sees.

The focus of the eye is very small, it's like looking through a straw. The best analogy I've heard is that of being in a dark room with a pencil beam torch which you sweep around and your brain builds a picture of the room. Anything that moves outside the beam you don't see. Peripheral vision is excellent at picking up motion to redirect the beam, but doesn't contribute to the picture.

If you can get someone to concentrate on a specific spot, the change or removal of major objects in "plain sight" is possible.

The motion detection is so critical that the eye itself is constantly twitching, microsaccades, to give the brain the illusion that objects are moving and objects are only seen when the eye is static, when in motion vision shuts down. When a sensor is used to detect when the eye is in motion major objects can be removed or changed undetected.






17th Feb 2013, 11:05
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P.S I really liked his beard, though.

Loose rivets
17th Feb 2013, 17:38
Down in 'The Valley' near the Mexican boarder they transpose v for b. One day I passed a nursery school with a sign outside. Beery Good Child Care. Start 'em young, here.