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Loose rivets
17th Feb 2013, 04:11
I would love to have the 'Full Monty.' So long I've wondered if a certain vicious schoolmaster damaged my ability to see text when he beat me nearly unconscious. There's a good chance this would reveal such damage.

Startrek, here we come.

BBC News - Scans reveal intricate brain wiring (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-21487016)

Best to slide down to the photo, then page through 1 - 5


17th Feb 2013, 04:45
Thanks for sharing Loose rivets, that's actually amazing and highly interesting.

17th Feb 2013, 04:50
Very interesting.

Sounds like you had similar teachers as I did at school
although ours weren't quite as brutal !

17th Feb 2013, 05:07
I wouldn't mind seeing the results of a full monty done on certain JBers! :E

Buster Hyman
17th Feb 2013, 05:22
Name names Slasher...

Takan Inchovit
17th Feb 2013, 09:01
Seen a few people with those colours on the 'outside' of their heads.

El Grifo
17th Feb 2013, 09:30
Come to think of it, I have seen those colours whilst out of my head :}

17th Feb 2013, 11:36
They scanned a Rock Ape too. Here's the result.


maybe they should have scanned his @rse

17th Feb 2013, 14:12
Fascinating! I saw my CT scan, done in December, and my brain looked like mashed potatoes - seriously.

17th Feb 2013, 17:41
Name names Slasher...

Well I've already had my brain monty'd...


green granite
17th Feb 2013, 17:58
Bet we don't power it with lithium-ion batteries though.