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15th Feb 2013, 20:47
Does anybody else feel the FAAA has seriously let down QCCA crew yet again. For 5 hard year FAAA promised it will get better only to have been yet only agreed for the company to offered THREE main benefits that seem to be a little or no cost to the company. :ugh:

1- Staff travel higher priority for your travel companion when you are operating on a flight.
2- Only 32 part time postions offered across Sydney and Melbourne A380 bases across all categories, made available to crew who meet an agreed criteria (somewhat discriminating)
3- A more effective trip swap site. Which is beneficial to the company anyway as it saves on costs with manual processing from crewing.

A low 3% pay increase is not enough. That the standard pay increase all workers get in any businesses, and considering QCCA crew work weekends and public holidays as do not having a guaranteed day off bidding system, it simply isn't enough for me to vote yes. And sorry a one off 2% bonus that has been offered ($750 before tax) is a joke.

QCCA as it stands are the lowest paid crew in Australia. Yes we get overtime rates early etc but that is the nature of the job and the entitlement/benefit of working longhaul flights, it doesn't mean that base wages should be low, because when your working short international flights or on leave, the cash flow is barely enough to live off... and goodluck trying to save if you have a mortgage or in the market to buy on a single income particularly if your working 240 hours and find it hard to even have a social life or meet anyone.

FAAA= QAL CSM's protecting their own wages and conditions

16th Feb 2013, 19:39
That is very true what about when they squeal about seniority ?

16th Feb 2013, 20:31
Tell em to shove it then tell your union to do their job properly.

16th Feb 2013, 23:37
Easy Mr. Sec, I am a member of your union (and a supporter), and we deal with A and B pay scales also. The thread starter is only pointing out the lack of equality. It is not the union that vote in such stupid things, it is the members (mostly the OLD timers).

Shark Patrol
16th Feb 2013, 23:44
And such is the problem with B Scales - the A scalers give the company productivity for agreeing to a B Scale, the newbies rush in for the 'glamorous' job then realise the disparity in conditions.

I'm certainly glad that FWA punted the company's claim for one in the LH pilots EBA. I'm sure though that the oxygen bandits running Qantas will be back with another claim for same at the end of next year.

17th Feb 2013, 01:59
Firstly ...this thread belongs in the CC Forum.
Secondly...prospective CC are attracted by the job and forget about the reality~ poor wages.
Dont apply for a job and then bitch about the Ts and Cs after you get it.
If the" old timers" didnt agree to a B scale you wouldn't have a job to complain about.The job would have been given to a foreigner.
How many QCCA are members of the FAAA ?
Has anyone from QCCA put their hand up to be a rep?
Just askin'
The CC job is for very young single people.See part of the world,shop party and leave burntout after 6 or 7 years.Thats the reality of it
If you want to stay with the company ,try and move into another area of the business

17th Feb 2013, 02:14
or you could just accept a crap outcome that includes b scales.

17th Feb 2013, 02:48
I agree. This belongs in the cabin crew forum.