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Private jet
15th Feb 2013, 16:20
Just for fun.

What has been your;

1. Best financial investment

2. Worst financial investment

3. Best financial advice given to you

For me;

1. Gold. (Investment gold ingots, not jewellery) Value doubled in 5 years with minimal management costs and no aggro. My only regret, not buying three times as much...

2. Equities. Mainly shares. By the time you added on "retail" commissions to buy and sell as a private investor the value had to rise 10% just to break even. Too volatile, too risky and just too much work required (research, trading etc)

3. Never ever borrow money and only ever lend money if you expect never to get it back.

15th Feb 2013, 16:24
....only ever lend money if you expect never to get it back

Loan us a fiver then?

15th Feb 2013, 16:39
1. Property. Made 50% in 5 months on my first place, have always at least broken even, and always bought properties I actually wanted to live in.

2. None. I don't do risky things like shares, commodities, etc

3. Three bits
Only the rich can afford to buy cheap - from both grandfathers - quality lasts.
You can't take it with you - if you want a yacht, buy one!
Start your pension planning early - I was semi-retired at 46 and will be completely retired at 55.

15th Feb 2013, 16:47
1. Property

2. The ex-wife

3. Many a mickle maks a muckle


15th Feb 2013, 16:52
1. AVCs in various company pension funds

2. Marconi shares

3. My financial advisor who get me an over 8% return on my pension fund.

15th Feb 2013, 16:57
1. Two guns purchased from a friend in a hurry.

2. Qantas shares

3. ? Can't think of anything at the moment.

15th Feb 2013, 17:32
What has been your;

1. Best financial investment
My wife

2. Worst financial investment
Haven't had one yet

3. Best financial advice given to you
Don't worry about money - look after your health

Lon More
15th Feb 2013, 17:51
Flat in Surrey Quays. When the Tube extension opened Canary Wharf was one stop away across the Thames. !50% price rise in two years
Shares in the Channel Tunnel. Paid about 6000 quid, now worth about 5p. At least I got cheap travel for several years
Never invest money you can't afford to loose.

almost forgot 2b. Joint ownership of a Piper Warrior. My bit always seemed to break

15th Feb 2013, 18:23
1. Best financial investment - gold and silver since 2008, gold stocks, currency FX

2. Worst financial investment - futures (lost a shitload)

3. Best financial advice given to you - STAY SINGLE! Didn't follow it though :rolleyes:

15th Feb 2013, 19:13
Best financial advice:
Stay married to your first wife.
You can only divide your assets so many times.

Standard Noise
15th Feb 2013, 19:36
1. Best financial investment - A toss up between, Marconi shares (oddly enough), bought at 7p, sold at 28p, shame I didn't buy more. Or buying Industrial Control Services at 3p and selling at 18p. The former produced a three figure profit, the latter was in the four figures.

2. Worst financial investment - my endowment, it's projected to be 30% down when it matures.

3. Best financial advice given to you - spend it, you can't take it with you!

My worst financial mistake, was an investment I didn't make, Tullow Oil, back when they were about 12p. :ugh:If I'd bought the same number of them as I did ICS, I could have been mortgage free.:{

Lon More
15th Feb 2013, 21:49

15th Feb 2013, 21:57
Buy high, sell low.

Doesn't work. :(

16th Feb 2013, 04:02
1. Best financial investment:

Industrial property - 9%+ return, low maintenance, long term tenancies, annual CPI increases, tenants responsible for most maintenance, painting etc.

2. Worst financial investment:

Babcock and Brown (BBI), River City Motorway (RCY), Geodynamics (GDY)

3. Best financial advice given to you:

My daughter (CPA) recommended Industrial Property as an investment. Value has trebled since 1995.

eastern wiseguy
16th Feb 2013, 04:16
Best. My NATS pension

Worst My ex wife and any bloody AUTOMATIC transmission car I have ever owned

Best Advice Sign this...it's for you to opt in to your pension (NATS trainer 36 years ago)

16th Feb 2013, 06:18
Best: Purchase and sale of an apartment in Dubai Marina.

Worst: Investment in Bank share tracker scheme.

Best advice: From my Scottish Grandmother "Caw canny, son". :)

16th Feb 2013, 08:38
Best : Buying a repossessed flat at auction on a day when there was a Tube strike in London where auction was ( many fewer bidders )

Worst: Buying shares post 2000 Tech crash when they had lost 50%. Found out that they were capable of losing another 90%.

Best advice: Use a stop-loss limit (obviously not always followed )

16th Feb 2013, 08:55
3. Never ever borrow money and only ever lend money if you expect never to get it back.

sage advice..

and to add.. nothing goes out the door until it's paid for..

and also, never do business with somone you cannot physically grab by the collar.

16th Feb 2013, 09:20
and to add.. nothing goes out the door until it's paid for..

True. Especially expensive GFs.

Impress to inflate
16th Feb 2013, 09:30
1. Best financial investment:

Get a good accountant, worth there weight

2. Worst financial investment:

Listening to the so called expert in The Australian newspaper's money guide on what shares to buy, everyone of them has bummed.

3. Best financial advice given to you:

Invest in property

4. Best advise to pass on

Don't read The Australian Money section