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15th Feb 2013, 14:12
Ever since the end of terrestrial TV it seems that our DAB coverage has been getting worse. We have two in-car DAB thingies and have swapped them and their aerials around enough to be sure that the issue is not our equipment. At home the reception of Radio 4 and 4 Extra has become quite poor. We used to get both of the BBC offerings with a good signal and it was good all over the local area, not any more.

The on-line coverage map suggests that we should only be getting Planet Rock at a proper signal strength. We do, but only very locally, When I drive through Wargrave the signal disappears before I get into Henley and only comes back as I go up the hill to Bix, it used to be just a little poor in middle of the High street in Henly but OK otherwise.

And still they are talking about turning off the FM broadcasts!

If it aint broke, don't f**k it!


Lon More
15th Feb 2013, 14:38
DAB Radio downgrade, the new Masterplan (http://grantgoddardradioblog.********.nl/2011/04/dab-radio-downgrade-new-masterplan-to.html)

15th Feb 2013, 14:50
I gave up on DAB as I am out of line of sight of the transmitter, being shielded by a huge hill (I live in a valley).

Unless they build a new transmitter (or move the broadcast to an existing transmitter within line of sight) my chances of receiving DAB is twice half of fukhall.

15th Feb 2013, 16:16
It could even get worse (Freeview), read on a BBC site that when the G4 networks start going national, G4 interference to Freeview tv signals, 2 million homes would need a inline tv filter, the filters would be supplied free to affected homes.


15th Feb 2013, 17:00
Ever since the end of terrestrial TV it seems that our DAB coverage has been getting worse

rans6andrew, I don't know what might have caused the deterioration in DAB reception that you report, but whatever it is, it isn't the end of terrestrial TV. It was analogue TV that was closed down, not terrestrial. Digital TV is transmitted by terrestrial antennas mounted on many of the towers and masts which previously had the now superseded analogue aerials on them.

Ancient Observer
15th Feb 2013, 17:07
DAB had definitely become worse in Sunny South Bucks.

SWMBO's Pure keeps losing what it is there for - radios 4, 3 and Classic FM.

No amount of training by me will inform her how to fix it.

I have my uses, but daily radio tuning is a pain.

15th Feb 2013, 19:36
Yes, I've noticed that too. I guess it's smog, digital tv receivers seem to generate a whole lot more interference than the old analogue sets and dab signals are awfully feeble and susceptible to interference.

Try a battery powered dab receiver, at least this will be isolated from direct mains-borne tv interference. Some sets have built-in rechargeable batteries.