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14th Feb 2013, 22:01
Living in an equatible ( most of the time ) climate I tend to wear the so-called Polo Shirts all the time, i.e. V neck with a couple of buttons and a collar, and use these garments for most occasions, House and Garden maintenance, Play, Dining out, Smart casual occasions etc. NZ being very laid back with regard to sartorial elegance.

But - whereas some used to come with at last one breast pocket, the trend nowadays seems to be totally pocketless, especially the cheaper ones sold by the local emporium of imported Chinese clothing. The only difference being that these cheapos don't last, and I'm either replacing them frequently, or grudgingly going back to original name-labelled ones that I cherish and wish to keep because at least they have a pocket -but I don't want them to wear out before I do, hence my purchase of cheap imitations, albeit pocketless.

My question is - what do other gentlemen of a certain age do with their reading glasses and pen if wearing these type of shirts ?

I've resorted to butchering a small, slip in, reading glasses case, and hang it from my belt like a holster; with the glasses in place there is still room for a slim ball-point pen to fit down inside, but it isn't very convenient even so, and sometimes impractical, depending upon the activity to hand.

The so called BumBag, or FannyPacks also hung around the waist are too big, being designed to carry most things required for a nightstop, I only want to carry a pair of half-moon style reading glasses around, to have available instantly if necessary, if only to replace the string on the strimmer, for instance, when one is a long way from civilisation, can't be bothered walking all the way back to the house to pick up a pair of glasses everytime I need them.

'tis a puzzlement, and unneccesary. The older Polo Shirts, with pocket, weren't broke, so why fix them. What's the answer ? ( please don't say glasses on a string around the neck, been there, done that. )

14th Feb 2013, 22:12
" The older Polo Shirts, with pocket, weren't broke, so why fix them.
What's the answer ?"

Price, everyone for some reason wants to sell everything dirt cheap
and because the average consumer can't tell quality from crap, they
buy on price so the makers respond.

Then people like you and me buy quality when we find it.

Re What's the answer ?

A small man bag :O
(No I don't have one but that is one answer)

14th Feb 2013, 22:15
A small man bag
(No I don't have one but that is one answer)

Yes, but where does one put it when both hands are occupied with normal living?

I did buy one once, but now it's relegated to use for travelling only, i.e. to house passport, tickets, keys etc ( we did remember to lock the door, didn't we dear ?)

14th Feb 2013, 22:24
My 'uniform' in the workshop is work shorts and polo shirt with pocket. I need the pocket for glasses and pen, and I prefer cheapies because they will inevitably be spattered with oil and glue.
The cheapies I used to buy were well made from robust material - I'm currently wearing one that is at least 10 years old - and when they had worn out, made good oiling cloths. However, the latest ones, from the same retailer and of the same pattern, are made from such poor quality material that they are almost see-through.
What is the world coming to?

Milo Minderbinder
14th Feb 2013, 22:25
I usually also wear a sleeveless "fishermans" jacket with lots of pockets for multiple spectacles cases, screwdrivers, pliers, pens, condoms and invoice book.

14th Feb 2013, 22:26
Slide one of the long pieces into the V of the neck
or even one of the button holes.

Can be a PITA but it does work.

But I agree, pockets make it so much easier.

Why don't you just buy cheap polos with pockets
as well as the more expensive one's ?

Not sure where you are but you can buy cheap polos with
pockets. Just need to look on line.

14th Feb 2013, 23:57
It's a fantastic feeling when you realise that you are not alone in the world!

I hang on to my polos with pockets no matter how decrepit they are. Mrs Sisemen is constantly berating me and, when my back is turned, attempts to dump the said items in the bin. She gets a bit annoyed when I dig them out again and she rediscovers them as she is hanging out the washing.

The answer may be to get one's polos from those workwear places. The only trouble is that a) they're a bit more expensive, and b) they tend to come in day-glo colours.

15th Feb 2013, 00:37
sleeveless "fishermans" jacket with lots of pockets

Despite the laid back attitude in NZ, not really the gear to take the wife to the local diner.

Why don't you just buy cheap polos with pockets

I would if I could, that's what started all this, haven't seen a polo with a pocket in my local shopping radius for yonks.

I'm resorting to Cargo trousers, or shorts, with mutliple pockets, usually one for a mobile phone, which is ideal for glasses and a pen - don't care if I don't carry the phone.

15th Feb 2013, 00:42


What do you consider "cheap" ?

I'll have a look because plenty over here.

And your shopping radius should include the world !!!

15th Feb 2013, 01:11
Plenty over here you say!
I would like to know where to get ones with pocket in Australia - this had been a bugbear of mine for a couple of years+ now.
Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. I even bought one trial version with pocket on fleabay from Korea, but the largest size was still tight in the upper arm.
So once again, tell me where in Aust please.

15th Feb 2013, 01:15
I only wear Lacoste shirts. They never had a pocket. My glasses are on my head at all times. Pen clips inside the buttoned V, between the apex and the first button, at an angle.

15th Feb 2013, 01:16
I used to get mine in Coles - no stock now

Target used to have them - no stock now

K Mart used to have them - no stock now

Big W used to have them - no stock now

ie, all the 'cheapies' have gone to no pocket

Rivers still have them but they can have some funny designs

mister hilter
15th Feb 2013, 01:52
Have you tried your local football/RSL equiv./bowls/etc club?
Over in Aus, these type of clubs usually sell polo shirts
with club name on and many have the breast pocket you seek.

Have you thought of wearing cargo style pants/shorts when
gardening or tinkering about the shed/garage?

Just a thought, but is it still possible to get those plastic,
screw top, tube containers that hung around the neck?
Very popular circa 1980s at European beaches.

Edit. Just re-read you last post - disregard sentence re cargo pants.

15th Feb 2013, 02:45
Can you guys please give an estimate of pricing.


Mid range


We all have different views of price so it would help.

15th Feb 2013, 02:55
2 brands that I know have them are

Jb wear or Johnny Bobbin
www.jbswear.com.au (http://www.johnnybobbin.com/jbs-pocket-polo)

Biz Collection
Biz Collection - Category (http://www.bizcollection.com.au/category)

Now just got to find a supplier and the price.

I'll be back later.

15th Feb 2013, 02:58

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15th Feb 2013, 03:16
Just a thought, but is it still possible to get those plastic,
screw top, tube containers that hung around the neck?
Very popular circa 1980s at European beaches.

I have one of those but it isn't long enough, and I'd rather not have something hanging around me neck all day.

and cargo pants are OK sometimes, but not always acceptable - even in NZ !

500N The JB Pocket Polo fits the bill, and at $12.95 the price is OK, I usually buy from our Warehouse chain, one just around the corner - somewhat similar to your Target I think (?) all cheap imported stuff, and I quite often wait until they are 2 for 1 at $6.00 (Nothing cheap about me !! )

I guess I'll have to broaden my horizons beyond the Bay of Islands ! but so far it's only been the poncey Auckland "Boutiquey" shops at $30 up. No Way.

Thanks for the comments and leads.

15th Feb 2013, 03:25

Re price, don't worry, I don't over pay either !!!
Partly because if i wear them out bush they are
stuffed by the time I get back.

I wouldn't pay $30 for a General polo either.
One good dress one, maybe but not run of the mill.

My GF looks out for cheap Polos at KMart, Target, Big W et al
and calls me or just buys them.

I'll ask her to keep a look out for some more with pockets.

We might have to send some over !!!
I've done that before with other stuff:O

15th Feb 2013, 03:33
If it's a pocket you want then forget China you gotta shop for an exclusive Bangladeshi label.

None of them hold their colour though.

15th Feb 2013, 03:39
Black does :O

But agree, mostly on the cheap one's the colours run.

15th Feb 2013, 04:17
condoms and invoice book.

I like it! You get paid for it?

15th Feb 2013, 08:05
I have to apologise to the world. This is all my fault.

You see, a couple of years ago I quit smoking.
Prior to this monumental event I always carried me ciggies in said pocket.
I stopped so the manufacturers assumed the pocket was no longer needed.

Now I need somewhere to put me mobile phone and reading glasses!

Loose rivets
15th Feb 2013, 08:08
I rarely wear anything else - except shorts and shoes of course.

I came back from Walmart tother day and found I'd got one with no pocket. Straight back. I have one fine old one from my yoof, so 43 years old, but no pocket so nowhere to put my phone.

Phone and computer stick on a neck rope. that goes in the pocket as well.

Sprung temple glasses stay put when you put one 'arm' in yer shirt and let the specs dangle. With sprung, they rarely fall off. Mind you, I only wear cheap ready readers.

15th Feb 2013, 10:07
I just cut an old one up and sew it on to another as a breast pocket. The problem now is that where my razor V3 fitted the Samsung G III does not.

15th Feb 2013, 10:41
When you get to my age you already have way too many polos.
Made a new years resolution and pitched out any without pockets. Still have plenty!
It'a a bugger when you need to carry glasses all the time:sad:

15th Feb 2013, 11:08
What pisses me off is in the race to the bottom by all the stores
- wanting the lowest price such as when I looked in K Mart's
catalogue this week, they have cheap Polo shirts for $4 each
- but of course NO pocket.

Now I don't know about the rest of you but I'd quite happily
pay $6 each for a cheap Polo shirt WITH a pocket.

Do people agree ?

15th Feb 2013, 11:29
Not just polos. I wear a suit to work, but normally hang the jacket up. I'm forever returning to the desk to get my specs if I'm in a pocketless shirt. :*

15th Feb 2013, 12:30
hang your glasses in the v-neck, put the pen in your pocket.


15th Feb 2013, 12:46
I was told that people who work have shirts with pockets. People who ponce around all day trying to look important have shirts without pockets.