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13th Feb 2013, 14:16
What has happened to the Search function?

It appears to have been disabled.

Is this, perhaps, as a result of the recent reorganisation?

I think we should be told.

13th Feb 2013, 14:19
I just clicked on the 'Search' function and it seems to work fine for me.

13th Feb 2013, 14:27
Strange - I'm persistently getting:- Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

13th Feb 2013, 14:37

The Search window opens like normal, but it doesn't seem to work. I just tried searching for "recent reorganisation" from G-CPTN's post.

Result: Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

I'm on a PC, using Chrome. Could be that too.

13th Feb 2013, 14:37
Just did a search on a term and it came back with a long list of threads. What browser are you using? Also, perhaps if you logged off PPRuNe and then back in again it might work?

13th Feb 2013, 14:41
I just did another search, using "a new twist" as the term, and the return was as expected.

FWIW: I'm using Firefox but I doubt the browser in use has anything to do with it.

Try using a different search term. Say, "tits". (Which will return Slasher's handle quite a few times no doubt!!!)

13th Feb 2013, 14:48
I'm on a PC, using Chrome. Could be that too. Still not working for me, and I'm using OSX/Safari

13th Feb 2013, 14:51
No hits on "totally pointless". W7 and IE8.

13th Feb 2013, 15:13
I shut down my computer and re-booted.

Now the search function seems back to normal.

13th Feb 2013, 15:15

I don't think a system reboot was necessary to fix the issue but if it works for you now, then good. Did you try logging out of PPRuNe first and then back in?

13th Feb 2013, 15:28
Did you try logging out of PPRuNe first and then back in? No, I was going out anyway, so I took the opportunity for a reboot.

13th Feb 2013, 15:32
There has been an intermittent problem with the search function and it has been reported "up the line". It has - of course - not been "disabled"!

Loose rivets
13th Feb 2013, 15:47
I try to use search as much as possible to save repeating other folk's points, but setting, Loose rivets for instance, as a default does not work. What's more, it's gorn every time a search fails and I have to try another word. Very annoying, that.

I use InForm Enter to obviate the need to type it in (the PpruNe one is far too slow) but it's still a multi-action process where the setting imply it can be made permanent.

Loose rivets
16th Feb 2013, 07:18
Academic now. The damn thing doesn't work.

Posted on another thread:

And what's happened to Search function? I've put in several words I know were there and it's a Sorry bla bla bla.

One word was meteorite / meteor. And Belfast is not there - which is where I was going when I saw one that lit up the entire surface from Norway to Cork.

16th Feb 2013, 07:27
Just tried searching for 'search function', now surely that would register a result. Nowt.
FF and Win7.

16th Feb 2013, 09:18
Yep it's knackered again and been reported upwards again.

However, it's now the weekend in the USA so nothing likely to be solved for a while.

El Grifo
16th Feb 2013, 11:06
Save a slice for me Wholi :ok:

Ave a good un !!!!