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13th Feb 2013, 11:30
In the FAA grounds thread I accused them of being one and the same.

My two posts were removed and the give away mistake was corrected in his post.

He does have form on this, posting as Bearfoil and Lyman in the AF447 thread.

I know I'm not going mad because the notification emails contain bits of the thread.

Now here's is the very odd bit. The changed post by RR is not marked as edited. How could anybody but a mod do that?

13th Feb 2013, 15:26
5...4...3...2...1.... Beer and popcorn at ready status........

13th Feb 2013, 15:33
bear and popcorn?

13th Feb 2013, 15:59
Always the best thing to have ready when watching something akin to a good movie getting ready to start........

13th Feb 2013, 16:28
Just because some one is paranoid, does not mean they are not being followed.

Christopher Walken as the protagonist? Roseann Barr as his love interest?

Leonardo deCaprio as the Bear? Katherine Zeta Jones as Mama Bear.

Mickey Rourke as the Psychiatrist......

Alloa Akbar
13th Feb 2013, 16:30
Stone him! Stone him!


13th Feb 2013, 18:51
The changed post by RR is not marked as edited. How could anybody but a mod do that? - we could tell you, but then.......................

13th Feb 2013, 19:45
"Soooo.......You're the one........"

"Yes, Maam, I am the one....."


"We, yes WE, We're the ones..."

green granite
13th Feb 2013, 19:50
I thought they were both chuks myself. :E

13th Feb 2013, 19:53
Boguing, I can tell you that ignoring is bliss. Add the the members of the blabbering classes to the list and experience serenity.

Loose rivets
13th Feb 2013, 20:29
I think the entirety of PpruNe is just one very busy and contented person. :p

13th Feb 2013, 21:17
BOAC.. If you were to tell me, how long would I have?

KPB. Bear and Lieman have been on ignore for a long time, but when RR replied to Lieman "Bear" I then started to look back through a few of his posts. Put two and two together. A mod tells me that I'm wrong. RRs post was then edited to remove 'Bear', but is not showing as edited.

LR. Oh crap - is it me then?

13th Feb 2013, 21:27
They certainly have love of own voice and post count in common and a bizarre understanding of syntax.

13th Feb 2013, 21:42

I sense some genuine angst. Please know I am not RRNDB, nor bearfoil. The mod is correct, there is nothing to it.

I am not a mean person, and I sense you are taking things a bit seriously. I have never understood your long term animus toward me, nor KBPsen's.

Neither of you are on my ignore list, nor have you ever been. Let's move on...?


Bill M.