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13th Feb 2013, 11:05

Ancient Observer
13th Feb 2013, 11:16
That reminds me of walking home from a party when I was at Uni. A police car with blue flashing lights drew up, and the nice policeman leapt out and said,

"Alright you lot, what have you done with the Belisha Beacon?"

Monty Python was very popular in those days. It sounded just like a Monty Python sketch, but the policeman seemed to be serious....

Steve, a witty Geordie, took off his coat and shirt, exposing his hairy armpit - (it was a freezing night) and said, "Oh dear, Officer, it must have rolled away".

13th Feb 2013, 11:27
We occasionally see shoes hung like that in the Croydon area - I'm told that the local little "hard" boys put 'em up as some sort of gang boundary demarcation.

13th Feb 2013, 11:44
A Geordie, in a coat? I simply don't believe you.

Windy Militant
13th Feb 2013, 12:37
"Alright you lot, what have you done with the Belisha Beacon?"

In a past life I used to fix street lights, road furniture and belisha beacons were also part of the job. At the time they changing from Polythene heads to Polystyrene ones. The reason being that you could play football with the polythene ones but the polystyrene ones were frangible and broke.
After a bank holiday I was rigging up the crossing out of order signs yet again, if the beacons aren't flashing orange then the crossing is not considered servicable under the road traffic act, when an old boy stops his car and shouts out of the window that the globe was in a tree outside the town. I hopped in me van and sure enough there it was a mile down the road. I used my bulb changing pole to fetch it down and soon after I had the crossing working again. Well until the next bank holiday!;)

Solid Rust Twotter
13th Feb 2013, 12:41
If it hasn't fallen down yet, there's a toaster stuck in the top branches of a tree in Peshawar. It ended up there after going TU when required to produce toast for a bunch of contract dogs who had been out on the turps.

13th Feb 2013, 16:32
Am sat in the sandpit seeing home......

13th Feb 2013, 16:34
Good old WSM....

13th Feb 2013, 16:35
We have kids here who throw a set of shoes up on the wires.

Not sure it marks "territory" here though.

13th Feb 2013, 16:42
Trust me, its Weston....the inbound track othe BRS 09 ILS is over yonder hill.

13th Feb 2013, 16:57
That reminds me of walking home from a party when I was at Uni. A police car with blue flashing lights drew up, and the nice policeman leapt out and said,

"Alright you lot, what have you done with the Belisha Beacon?"

After what I felt was a reasonably sensible stag do- mine- my Dad mad e a few survivors a fry-up. After we had eaten, he casually asked: "What's the plan for the Belisha Beacon then, Boy?"

I had absolutely no clue how it got there, but was reliably informed that a police car drove right by us as we tacked home with it. It lived behind the settee for months!


13th Feb 2013, 17:17
If you travel towards the A1 on the A57 Worksop Road about half a mile before the A1 roundabout there's a tree on the right that is festooned with trainers. No other tree, just this one. Never been able to figure that one out.

Erwin Schroedinger
13th Feb 2013, 17:42
Sounds like a job for Special Branch.

As for the footware on the telephone wire, such are the likely consequences of a night on the tiles.

13th Feb 2013, 18:48
The time to take note is when there is someone still in the shoes.

The life and sole of the party?

Milo Minderbinder
13th Feb 2013, 18:51
round here its a sign of bullying
the "tough" kids gang up on the scholars after school, steal their trainers and lob them onto the wires so the "good" kids can't get them back - putting the kids into problems at home (as the parents have to buy replacements) and at school (no PE kit)
when the kids get a new pair they get thrown on the wires as well.....or simply stolen because they're new. They don't get reported because the threat of violence is too real - no kid wants to be faced with a tough with a stanley knife

13th Feb 2013, 18:54
Up 'ere, sign of a dealer.

13th Feb 2013, 20:36
Up 'ere, sign of a dealer.

Same in the U.S.

13th Feb 2013, 20:51
Of course it is.

snopes.com: Sneakers on Power Lines (http://www.snopes.com/crime/gangs/sneakers.asp)

Loose rivets
14th Feb 2013, 04:13
All those are wrong. They're just trying to shoe the birds away.

Erwin Schroedinger
14th Feb 2013, 05:56
Shoerly, that can't be the sole reason.

14th Feb 2013, 07:00
In the upstream cut to Boulters Lock on the Thames, buried in the mud, is a concrete street

nameplate from near the Sutton Rugby Club ground where a friend [Wasps playing member -

this is 1956/7 time] pulled out of the surrounding pavement by my very powerful

Fullback pal, loaded into the open boot of his old man's Austin Atlantic and driven to be

dumped in the Boulters Lock cut before we attempted [failing mightily] to drain the Boulters

Lock Inn of beer........

14th Feb 2013, 07:01
Heel never get them back!

Erwin Schroedinger
14th Feb 2013, 09:55
I do hope that's the last pun.