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13th Feb 2013, 09:52
After waiting on hold for 15 or so minutes to speak to the CAA;

a woman answers and I say 'hello, can you hear me?' (the phone was on speaker phone).

She said 'yes'

'I'll take you off speakerphone'

She said nothing as she'd hung up.

Our CAA is great isn't it.

Actually, I don't mean that, I mean it's a bag of self-serving shit.

Ancient Observer
13th Feb 2013, 11:27
They are worse than that. Much worse.

In the recent past, the appointments to the CAA were made by people external to the CAA, and their salaries were set by the DfT in agreement with the Treasury. So there was some attempt at controlling their worst excesses on the salary front, and their bonus levels were controlled..

They've just implemented a new law that, in summary, says that the Directors can appoint who they like, and pay them whatever they like.
(Civil Aviation Act 2012)

So the Treasury no longer keep an eye on them.

The law now says.......
"Other executive members are to be employed on such terms and conditions as the chief executive may determine with the approval of the chair and at least one other non-executive member."

AND, they used to be appointed for a max of two periods, each with a max of 5 years. Presumably, that helped to stop them getting their noses too far in to the troughs that we pay for, and they could be sacked for incompetence.

NOW they can be appointed for as long as they want.

There is NO-ONE, not a bunch of shareholders, and not a person from the Treasury - keeping an eye on what they are up to.

Why would they care about your phone call??????

Oh, and they STILL have a pension scheme, which is better than gold plated.

14th Feb 2013, 22:46
They give us licences and sometimes they withdraw them. They are not innocent but like the tide they cannot be ignored. ;)


Lon More
14th Feb 2013, 22:53
CAA = Campaign Against Aviation

14th Feb 2013, 23:36
Perhaps you need an active ginger group like we have in Australia.
They keep an ever improving watch.

Now pretty much every significant failure of CASA to honour its
charter is noted. Through senate enquiries with public access and
the fox terrier type senator concerned about the maladministration
of civil aviation at least some of the grievances, particularly of those whose livelihoods are at stake every day, in this
country get a hearing. Not frequently enough though.

It would appear, that like your CAA, the systemic
deficiencies in the bureaucracy here are deeply entrenched. The turn
over of the top dogs is akin to the history of Italian governments.
The gross ineptitude of the staff in several departments is more than galling.

The vindictiveness of certain FOIs, some identified, some not, who have pursued the innocent
into joblessness would probably not take your breath away.

As a Sam Neill character has it (approx) - "Not yet have you seen the light.
Not yet have you rued the day. But you will. You will."