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12th Feb 2013, 12:57
The thread about Win 8 has a few 'Use a Mac' rent-a-crowd in there and it made me wonder:

Apart from Corporate Coloring In Depts, aka 'Graphic Design Team' what does anyone use their Mac for ?

Why would I pay the extra when a cheaper Win device seems to do everything I want ?

And lets not use the all too obvious 'Boots quicker' and 'No Viruses'

It boots quicker because it only has to run a few programs on hardware that the OS know's it will be using. And there are no viruses because where is the fun in targeting a system that only seems to be useful as a fast booting Web Browser.


12th Feb 2013, 13:03
I worked as an Apple tech advisor briefly.
The main advantages are compatibility and ease of use. Simply put, you don't end up with intermittent problems or BSODs which can drain half a day of your life every time they happen. Few viruses is also a big factor. Tech advice is also very good. They do actually care.
I own a Windows PC, because there is software I use which is only workable in Windows, otherwise I'd have a Mac. Indeed, there is now software about that I think will enable me to run what I need on a mac, so I'll probably upgrade. The reliability is worth the extra cost.

12th Feb 2013, 13:03

Ignorant, offensive and bossy.

Great OP. :ok:

12th Feb 2013, 13:16
Apple products, such as the Mac, are used extensively in graphics design, as you wrote.

Macs are also used extensively in the music production business.
Everything from recording, to editing to final production.

Macs are also used extensively in film production. Same as music business above.

A Macintosh, like any other computer, is a tool. You make of the tool what you want. But, as with other types of tools, some are better than others. For example: why pay more for a Bosch-made hammer than for a Black and Decker hammer?
Well probably because the Bosch hammer is of better quality and is better made.

12th Feb 2013, 13:23
Why a Mac?
Back up.
What for?
Consistent operation on any level I need or want to explore with One to One training and Genius Bar back up in almost any place to which I usually travel.

12th Feb 2013, 16:16
And for every Mac being used in an office, there are many more being used at home to swap photos around etc. No-one believed Jobs when he set up the products to appeal to the vast in-home market.

12th Feb 2013, 16:24
Ease of use, less problems even when I don't keep "up to date"
with the latest Browser software or System software - like at present.

12th Feb 2013, 16:36
As above, so below :8 Ease of use, rarity of tantrums, good for free-form creative work and not bad at the others for that matter. They look nice and these days seem not to be too much more expensive than non mac products of equal.


Spunky Monkey
12th Feb 2013, 18:51
I have been using one for over 3 years now. Same machine - no upgrades, no wiping, auto backup etc Thing that you can do with a PC now but paid through the nose for then.

If you have a PC for several years you will notice a lot of degradation in performance - I haven't on the Mac.

However most importantly. I had a departure delay in Nice one summer that ended up being 2 whole days. Had to do standby in the handling agent on a little plastic chair.
My Laptop stopped working and I had to reboot from scratch. I lost all my work of that week and couldn't do anything for the 2 days.

On landing in Luton I went straight to PC World and bought a Mac Book Pro.
Running my own business, it is one of the best investments I have made in years.
Never had down time for more than 30 mins in the 3 years. My car isn't that reliable.

(I don't run crappy PC programmes through a partition. So instead I learnt to use different programmes - and actually that can be quite fun).

Just take a leap of faith.

Milo Minderbinder
12th Feb 2013, 18:56
My Mac serves one purpose: it gets fired up whenever I need to try and rehearse an engineer visit to a customer. Mac software does have glitches (whatever others may say) - I tend to get a couple of calls a month, and its useful to rehearse a problem before I visit. Other than that I severely dislike the system. Lack of familiarity? Maybe, but personally I don't believe its as user friendly and accesible as MacHeads claim

12th Feb 2013, 19:03

"but personally I don't believe its as user friendly and accesible as MacHeads claim"

Compared to what ?


12th Feb 2013, 19:30
Well, the new ones have no CD/DVD slot, so you can't watch Local Hero, or import any CDs. So much for the 'all in one' machine.

12th Feb 2013, 19:34
CDs and DVDs?

That's, like, so 20th century man. :}:}:}

Windy Militant
12th Feb 2013, 20:07
Well, the new ones have no CD/DVD slot, so you can't watch Local Hero, or import any CDs. So much for the 'all in one' machine.
The last laptop we ordered for work came without a DVD slot. A tad inconvenient as the software we needed to load on it was on CD. :O
The Straw that broke the camels back for me happened about four years ago when I was organising events for my local LAA strut. I had to e-mail details to a guest speaker, as I was going to be away with work in Scotland I had to send them on Monday evening before I left.
18:30 arrive home from work boot up PC
18:35 despite ticking the do not autoload updates the PC starts to down load updates.
18:45 still uploading updates, so I go off to make supper, running up and down stairs to check on progress.
19:15 or there about finish eating, discover error message to the effect that the download had failed, PC was frozen. rebooted PC started again.
This went on until about
00:30 when miracle of miracles the PC finally started.
00:35 tried to start outlook PC crashed.
00:45 PC rebooted and finally got outlook started
01:00 e-mail sent fingers crossed that it would arrive.
01:03 Shut down PC
01:04 clean teeth
01:09 PC still shutting down
01:12 PJ's on
01:14 PC still shutting down
01:20 Pull plug from socket goes to bed.
Two weeks after bought a MAC.
I now arrive home from work boot the MAC change out of my work clothes into my slobbing about clothes read my e-mails, Pprune whatever tickles my fancy.
As a post script I was out of the office today arrived back at my desk, booted my Windows 7 PC at 16:15 at 16:45 I left the office having managed to log in at 16:40, as there was a message saying that it couldn't connect to the network drives I didn't bother opening outlook I logged off went home at 16:45 and left the paperwork for tomorrow.:ugh:
My MAC lets me do things and so far it keeps on letting me do things, unobtrusively. It's a bit like the arrival of Japanese motorbikes, the owners of BSA Triumph etc. said they'll never sell people, like tinkering and what's the use of lights that work and electric starters and bikes that keep going, the rest as they say is history. ;)

12th Feb 2013, 20:11
Well, the new ones have no CD/DVD slot, so you can't watch Local Hero, or import any CDs. So much for the 'all in one' machine.

The space formerly occupied by the optical drive is put to better use and you can plug in an external reader/burner for the times you need it.

Apple seem to think that overall the optical drive is not used enough to justify the space and the external can live in the desk drawer when not in use.
As far as CDs/DVDs for portable storage, I think USB memory sticks are much more usable.

12th Feb 2013, 20:18
Remember when Apple deleted floppy drives?

12th Feb 2013, 20:26
What they all said, except Milo.

It is not just boots faster. The fact that the machine is my tool to do with what I want, not the other way around. With a Windows machine it always seems that Gates&Co own it and I am a major inconvenience to whatever they are doing with it. Because of that the machine runs hot and never has a chance to stop the disk. My MacBook, when left alone, starts shutting after a prescribed amount of time and runs stone cold.

I have an older model with a CD/DVD drive, but my wife's MacBook Air has none, and not needed so far. It has an SD slot and a USB so bringing any software is a snap. For $59 you can get a genuine external drive from Apple or for, probably, $29 from BestBuy.

If you're really into doing tech stuff you can get under the hood in Terminal and fire away with your Unix skills. I am rusty, but it is coming back. This baby is powerful.

Fox3WheresMyBanana, check out Parallels. It is to die for... It will actually pick up the entire image from your Windows machine and install it in the Mac, running everything just as it was running on the old Windows machine, unfortunately at the same speed it ran there - slow...

And finally, contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of programs/applications written specifically for the Mac. Microsoft Office in particular, and it is so much better than the Windows version.

12th Feb 2013, 20:26
Oh yes, did not go down well.

Remember when you had to boot the Mac from one Floppy
and your documents were held on the other floppy ?

Milo Minderbinder
12th Feb 2013, 20:57
"Compared to what ? DOS ? "

No, compared to any version of Windows from 2000 onwards.
Obviously the Mac desktop was better than Windows 1/2/3 and arguably
Win9X, but I'm not convinced by claims its better than the more recent windows versions. On the correct machines XP, Vista and Win7 are rock stable and easy to use. The problem of course was the tier 1 manufacturers often put it on underspecced machines.....
I prefer Windows over OSX any time......unless I'm faced with a Win8 system.
Thats the one factor that may make me change my minds

12th Feb 2013, 20:58
And all gone the way of the eight track tape. Solid state memory is the way to go.

12th Feb 2013, 21:07

Unless you have used a Mac for a while you wouldn't know
how it is better than any Windows PC.

Try it, it's like Sex, you will like it :O

Milo Minderbinder
12th Feb 2013, 21:19
I have used them off and on for years
My first was an early Classic - type (Mac II???) that we used to draw chemical structures for a catalogue. Turned out we were the first to ever electronically typeset text and image into the same page in a book. That was in 1988. At the time it was rather groundbreaking (it ran to 1148 pages) , but the chap who did the programming never followed it up. Shame really - the potential was there to make a lot of cash.
But thats besides the point - I do use them, and really don't like them.

12th Feb 2013, 21:33
I have a Tech business in the finance space. I can't remember when last I saw a PC.

The thing with Mac's - they just work. You don't need to be a sysadmin to keep the thing running like a PC with os patches and virus updates every other day.

I like where MS is going with the Metro interface, though it's just not there yet.

I have one Macbook Pro that I purchased in 2005 that is still going strong, albeit these days after a lot of abuse it is physically not as reliable so I just leave it at home. I have another later MacBook Pro that I purchased in 2009, and even though have the ability to buy another one I don't need to as this one still running strong. Quite frankly I use my iPad more often these days.

So they may be more expensive, though they just work, and you dont need to upgrade the hardware as often as a PC, so long term I'd say more cost effective.

12th Feb 2013, 21:40
"and you dont need to upgrade the hardware as often as a PC,
so long term I'd say more cost effective."


I am only just having the odd problem but really I should have
upgraded a year ago so it is my fault. And interestingly, it is
only things like Flash that is the problem, not the Mac so
third party software.

12th Feb 2013, 21:50
What a quandary

I've used PCs since the IBM 8088 (or was it 8086?) and have upgraded, on average, every three years. Right now I have three, i.e two desktops and a laptop.

Four years ago I gave Ms broadreach (a graphics designer) an iMac and, a year later, bought one for myself because I wanted to get into mapping our trade statistics data. Veerry slow progress with that but, just as I was beginning to get traction, Ms b's iMac gave up - the Apple people say "oh, well, no more parts, this is a 'vintage' machine and nothing can be done". So, the four year old "vintage" machine is in its box and my slightly younger one is guess on whose desk today. No question of asking Ms b if I can access my old files. I could but we all know that 15 minutes after a person's taking over a computer ALL personal settings have been changed. So I may as well accept that I've lost my iMac.

I'm unsure as to whether to buy another iMac but would do so if I could see a way to substitute the PC's ability to crunch huge Access and Excel files. But I've not yet found a programme that works on a Mac and that does that.

12th Feb 2013, 23:02
Dushan -Ta:ok: - that's what I'd just heard about.

Rail Engineer
12th Feb 2013, 23:27
Windy Militant
A good "clean up" is what your computer obviously needs. Its probably full of spyware and the RAM/hard drive is screwed up with rubbish and *tmp files.

Just simply switching off does a lot more harm than good and you could well be the author of your owm misfortunes.

The only real problem I have had since XP is an extremely nasty pos that was accidentally downloaded a couple of weeks ago. It claims to be a MS "partner" and the comp user downloaded it when it said it needed to be installed to run a flash player video. We have since found out it is a scam but it simply cannot be removed at all and I will need to take the comp out of service and run a reformat. A complete pita but the upside is that I have just registered a class action against them in the USA. If nothing else it makes me feel a whole lot better and gives then a little more crap.

The clever people tell me that the various virus artists simply cannot be bothered to infect the Mac system, as they are looking for more spectacular results and they wont get them from the limited number of mac users

13th Feb 2013, 00:10
All of the reasons stated above. :ok:

I have been a long-time user of Mac products and while there has been the odd problem or two, nothing that could not be sorted out quickly. On one occasion Apple paid for the computer to be collected, refurbished and returned to me at absolutely no cost. :D

Like some, I do use a Windows only program and use a program to be able to do that on my Mac. And therein lies the rub. Every time I open the Windows side of the computer (Version 7 by the way) the bleedin' system has updates it needs to run. No problem, you say.:confused:


The last time I needed to run the program (a flight planner) it would no longer recognise the portable printer I use. There I was, stuck in Outer Woop Woop and unable to print off the weather, NOTAMS and flight log. The temperature and language rose considerably. :{

When I queried the program developer he advised that it was a Windows problem. His program automatically asks Windows for a list of printers and when the user selects one (or takes the default) it sends the printout to Windows and asks Windows to direct it to the selected printer. Printing issues are almost always a Windows issue. One of those interminable updates had wiped my printer from the list. :ugh:

Bleedin' Bill Gates...................first against the wall come the revolution. :E

Turbine D
13th Feb 2013, 00:40
Another few good reasons are, an iMac mates well with the iPod, iPhone and iPad, seamlessly, no problems, don't think a Microsoft system will fare as well as an Apple integrated system! :ok:

13th Feb 2013, 02:19
Plover, are you using a bootable partition on the Mac or VM to run Windows? If VM are you using Bonjour for Windows. It is an Apple utility which tIes our Mac connected printer to the Windows OS, bypassing the Wonderful World of Windows and its inept drivers.

James 1077
13th Feb 2013, 02:21
I use a Mac as it is cheaper than an equivalent PC. I've just replaced my iMac G5 that I bought in October 2005; since purchasing it I spent the following on it (excluding software):

Absolutely nothing.

It therefore cost me GBP2,000 over 7 years - or GBP285 a year.

Before that I had never owned a PC that had lasted more than 3 years - and most went about a year before something was replaced / upgraded.

Since buying the iMac G5 I've also bought a MacBook Pro - this one has, so far, gone 4 years without an issue.

I replaced the iMac G5 with a new iMac this month.

As for the lack of CD / DVD drive - when was the last time you used a CD / DVD? I moved to NZ 5 years ago and haven't used one here ... I did have an old DVD player hooked up to our TV but when I upgraded the TV I binned the DVD player as I realised that I didn't use it. That is why they don't have one - technology has moved on - its the same reason they don't have a 5 1/4" floppy drive.

13th Feb 2013, 03:40
Just took a new iMac out of the box this evening. Started it, made a few choices,
keyboard language, language, Apple ID info and a couple of preferences.
Connected the previous computer's Time Machine back up drive.

Asked if i wanted to migrate data, apps etc from back up drive.
Clicked yes, agreed to EULA and sat back.
When it was finished everything was where it should be, Mail, Apps, Contacts, calendars and so on.
Couple of upgrades to Apps to cater to the latest OS and done.

The last item was, "did i want to continue with the back up drive as as a continuation of the Time Machine back up?"
Yes, everything done, and it works.
Easiest trasition to a new machine I have done.

Of course I now have to deal with Adobe, (de-register one computer, register the new), but that is not an Apple problem.

13th Feb 2013, 09:01
The OP said

The thread about Win 8 has a few 'Use a Mac' rent-a-crowd in there...

Looks like they came in here as well ;)

Windy Militant
13th Feb 2013, 09:10
Rail Engineer,
I spent most of the time with that PC running Anti virus, Crap Cleaner and convincing it that the printer drivers had been installed for years.
Apart from an Intrusive HP customer monitor file which was taking up more memory than it should have and an issue with outlook attachments appearing as .WINDAT files I've done no delousing on the MAC in over four years, Which I do have AV on as I'm not that trusting.

13th Feb 2013, 09:17
Their sales and customer service is light years ahead of any retailer flogging PCs that I have yet come across.

I bought a Macbook Air on Monday- a lovely young gal un packaged it asked loads of unpatronising questions as she set it up, registered it and ran me through a few 'get-you-going-' bits. Brilliant.

Same day, bought wife an iPhone 4- she needs tethering (have always known this), and T-Mobile said, "Don't leave, we can do that". No they won't. Phoned Apple, "NO Problem Sir, 14 days no quibble, bring it in, money back." Actually, I'll swap for the iP5 and a contract with them. (3 actually, through them.)


PS, Why no Anti Virus? Are they immune?

13th Feb 2013, 09:45
Unless you have used a Mac for a while you wouldn't know
how it is better than any Windows PC.

I usually stay out of these debates because if someone thinks a Mac is better and likes using one then that is fine by me.

A Mac evangelist of my acquaintance persuaded me to buy a MacBook Pro. The first one overheated so badly that it failed and was replaced under warranty. The next one's 'Superdrive' (whoever thought of such a crap name?) failed after about a month and was replaced under warranty. After that it seemed to work as designed except that it is impossible to use with it on your lap because it gets so hot as to be unbearable.

I have two programs which are only written for Windows and so had to use Parallels to run Windows XP. That worked fine except I began to wonder why I wanted a Mac if I needed to run Windows.

I have never been able to make my Mac print across my network and sometimes it will see other computers on my network and sometimes not, I think it depends on the phase of the moon, but Mac networking is a black art.

The wireless connectivity when travelling is pathetic. Clicking on the Airport icon tells you little and rarely shows all available networks and nothing about signal strength.

Apple support right and left mouse clicks. How come Apple laptops only have one mouse button (or did) and for a left click you have to use Ctrl (or is it Fn) +right click? How come there is no Delete key only Backspace and for Delete you have to use Ctrl (or is it Fn) + Backspace?

I would never buy another.

I run 3 PCs and since XP I have never had stability or slowness issues and W7 is as stable as any Mac platform.

You like a Mac, be my guest, I don't.

Oh, and please stop with the smug eulogising. Besides which I don't want to be part of any organisation which tells me I am part of a 'community'. its a computer for goodness sake not an organisation!

13th Feb 2013, 09:45
Zooker, funny you should mention "Local Hero". That's the only DVD which hasn't run on my Macbook. For some reason it would't play when selected from the menu. Power DVD on the PC was OK though but of course that was something else I had to buy to make the PC usuable.

The point about creative types using the Mac is that, aesthetics aside, they just view it as a tool not something to be tinkered with for its own sake. As an engineer an tinkerer myself it has taken me a few years to concede that they might be right.

13th Feb 2013, 10:00
I have a laptop PC with a touch-screen. It came with Win 7 and I "upgraded" to Win 8 to take advantage of the touch screen features. Its OK, but its taking some time to get used to the various non-instinctive swipe functions and find one's way around in the new system. It'll be OK once the re-education is complete. That same re-education business would apply equally to switching to a Mac, though as an iPad user, some of the Apple features would be familiar ("Pages" "Numbers" etc).

I only use the laptop (my only Microsoft PC) very rarely - its still my nerve centre for iTunes synchronisation and file back-ups etc. For everyday use my iPad does everything one needs to do when within wi-fi range and my smart phone (Android) is handy for when I'm not. I find Google's "Drive" handy for on-the-go files and its easy to use for sharing between devices, including my wi-fi prnter and the both the laptop and the PC at the office. When the laptop eventually turns its toes up I guess I'll buy a Mac simply for the compatibility. "Pages" and "Numbers" can everything I do at present in M.S. Office as I don't need any fancy publishing features or pivot tables and such. There are still plenty of web-sites that use Flash exclusively, but they're missing business from (usu. well-heeled) iPad and Mac users and will eventually add Apple friendly features.

13th Feb 2013, 10:29
Am I really going to be the first poster here to mention Linux? It's not Windows, like Mac OS X it's also UNIX, but doesn't demand expensive hardware and software.

If you're used to Windows, I wouldn't recommend diving straight in to it as your primary computer, but then I would say the same about a Mac. Use an older PC, bung Ubuntu (http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu) on to it, and have a play.

I have a Windows 7 PC because of the applications I need to use, but my other computer is an old, slow "netbook" that runs Linux just fine. I have considered replacing it with a Macbook Air, but the advantages would be lost on me - I'd spend half my time in the Terminal anyway. :8

13th Feb 2013, 10:42
PlovettLike some, I do use a Windows only program and use a program to be able to do that on my Mac. And therein lies the rub. Every time I open the Windows side of the computer (Version 7 by the way) the bleedin' system has updates it needs to run. No problem, you say.


The last time I needed to run the program (a flight planner)
Just playing the devil's advocate, why can't you run a Mac flight planner programme instead?
Oh I forgot, they probably don't have such mundane progs. written for Mac's, more interested in looking good and charging for it. :E
regards, Den

Ancient Observer
13th Feb 2013, 10:59
I am completely anti-Apple.

SWMBO's ipad died after just over one year. UKP499 of waste. To get it fixed, I need to travel in to Central London, and book an appointment. For me, that is a whole wasted day, and unknown expense. Currently awaiting Spring, and a reason to go to Central London.

For my pc's, if I can't fix it, (with help from pprune) the local pc person turns up in his beaten up old wreck, fixes it, and doesn't ask for too much money. I do not see a lot of him.

Apple mac type things cost about 4 times the equivalent of a pc. I'm on a pension, and I have to think about things like that.

And Apple have about UKP 130 Billion in tax havens around the world. Countries need companies like Apple to pay their taxes.

eastern wiseguy
13th Feb 2013, 11:26
I run a clapped out old laptop. I have never felt the urge to "upgrade" to any fancy Apple book. My view is coloured by the I touch and Ipod we have owned in the past. The batteries in those were dreadful,really dreadful. They also seem to be awfully expensive to fix(if the small apples are anything to go by).

13th Feb 2013, 12:31
While many web sites use Flash content and Apple deprived its True Believers of cooperating software ... Flash can be added to the iMac. It is then a Real computer for Web browsing.

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the transition when Apple moved from the PowerPC cpu to the Intel camp. Apple users had to buy new computers. I occasionally use my 7 or 8 year old Windows XP SP3 laptop. Can Apples of that vintage run fairly-modern software?

I find that my Apple "experts" run either OpenOffice or Windows for Mac.

13th Feb 2013, 12:46
seacue wrote:

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the transition when Apple moved from the PowerPC cpu to the Intel camp. Apple users had to buy new computers.The reason why this hasn't been mentioned is because it simply isn't true. Apple users did not have to buy new machines at the time because of Apple's "universal binaries" which allowed OS X to run on both Intel and PowerPC processors.

OS X v10.6 "Lion" was the first version which dropped support for 32-bit Intel processors which now runs exclusively on 64-bit Intel CPUs.

So if you have older Apple hardware you can still run an earlier version of OS X, just not the latest.

Flash? One big ol' piece of shit by Adobe. Buggy, causes app crashes, intrusive, etc. Bury it. HTML 5 is a suitable replacement and when HTML 6 is released then Flash can be kicked into the dustbin of technology where it belongs.

13th Feb 2013, 12:53
So when are all you iSheep going to start camping out for the iWatch ??

Seriously, the iWatch ?

The Apple Corp Weekly BS (Beautiful Systems) Meeting, held in the iBuilding (patent pending), in the iDeas room (patent pending, actually I may really patent that one)

The current iCEO (Patent Pen.. Oh you get the idea) is sat with the team responsible for looking at what consumers want in the future and how best Apple can help them.
iCEO "So what do we have on the agenda today"
An iDrone stands up "Well boss, if you look at the iBoard we have some ideas for you"
"But it's blank"
"Yes give us a minute, the projection software needs Windows, we are just booting it now"
The iCEO looks out of the window, soft rain is falling. The iBoard starts up and the Windows Jingle fills the room.
"Oh ffs" the iCEO whispers under his breath. He hates that jingle. Really hates it.
"Okay here we are boss, this weeks ideas"
The iCEO leans forewards. The whole room is filled with trepidation.
iDrone 1 looks at the board "As you can see we really went outside the box this week"
"A watch, you want me to go on stage and announce we are developing a watch"
"But it's an iWatch boss !"
"Okay whats the USP"
"It can interface with your iPhone, iPad and Mac"
"And do what"
iDrone 2 jumps in "Well sir, we feel that it is the ultimate life style extension, provides user interface to all your other iCrap" (iCrap is internal Apple talk, being much quicker to say then iPad, iPhone, i<Whatever>)
"I'll ask again, slowly, so apart from duplicate everything else you have, except show it on a 1.5 inch display, what else does it do"
iDrone 2 reflecting that the new iCEO is no Steve Jobs, who would have so got this in a heartbeat says "It will allow the end user to get the time without starting their iPhone, or iPad or Mac" He didnt feel it was the right time to use iCrap.
The iCEO leant back and looked at the ceiling.
"Will it tell me if this is April 1st.Are you f*****ing joking"
The whole room felt the mood change. the iDrones all looked anywhere but the iCEO.
All except one.
iLegalDrone said "Well sir, if you will indulge me. We have found that we can patent the word 'Watch' along with the function it provides.That is a chronological display of the Entropic distribution of the Universe"
The iCEO raises an eyebrow, a white cat jumps on to his lap, which he strokes gently "Tell me more"
"What this means is we can sue every other so called 'Watch' maker on the planet for retro patent infringement". The iLegalDrone put his leather clad gloved hands on the table as he stood. "We will patent Time itself. If we could find him, we could sue God !"
The iCEO stroked the cat, the scar on his left cheek was blush red as his blood coursed through his veins "I like it, start the project"
"And while your at it, make some of the watches Blue and call it 'The Classic' Charge an extra 200 bucks"

13th Feb 2013, 14:09
:D:D:D:D:D :ok:

13th Feb 2013, 14:57
Next release is a replacement for the UK police "Airwaves" communication system.

It's to be called iPlod.

Helmet, truncheon, fall downstairs, yes I know.

13th Feb 2013, 15:39
Radar, done already

Apple - Support - Time Machine (http://www.apple.com/ca/support/timemachine/)

13th Feb 2013, 15:44

I still use a Power PC Mac.

One thing I do like about Macs is I want to update the software,
normally a fair bit of it is on one web site.

I just upgraded my System to the latest that can run, a total
of one hour to download, reboot, all done, not a hiccup
in the world.

As I said before, Flash the only issue and that is because they
have not adhered to backward compatibility rules.