View Full Version : Australian chunky beef pies may contain beef.

12th Feb 2013, 05:18
It has been alleged in a latest report from the Australian Crime Commission that the meat in Australian chunky beef pies may actually be beef. This is contrary to a popular understanding that it is road-kill kangaroo or camel, or myxomatosis infected rabbit. There has been widespread outpourings of disgust that such a thing can be allowed to happen.

Prime Minister Gillard, in a hastily called press conference, has sought to defend the meat pie industry stating that she personally had "assisted in the collection of road-kill from the Newell Highway" and believed that it was destined for the NSW pie Industry.

Tony Abbott - the leader of the opposition, in response, has stated that should they win the next election, all camel exports to the middle east will cease on the day they take over. Going on to say that "Camel is an Australian cultural icon within the meat pie industry". "I find the mere thought of Australian chunky beef pies containing beef makes me want to throw up".

Worrals in the wilds
12th Feb 2013, 05:24
ROFL. :ok:
I know at least one brand of 'chicken' pie makes them out of pork, and that's just what they put on the label. The truth probably meows...

12th Feb 2013, 05:43
Well what about the bulls balls?

As I understood it - bits of bull testicles were part and parcel of any Four N Twenty and what made us
Aussie blokes tough with muscles and chest hair - not to mention the supreme ability to shag sheelas
while continuously going like a....bull at a gate! :E

Worrals in the wilds
12th Feb 2013, 05:50
If meat pies improved male shagging ability construction sites would be far scarier places, but from what I've seen all they do is make it harder for many ever expanding tough Aussie blokes to get in and out of the exavator. :(

Lean beef sangas and fewer megalitres of iced coffee would probably be the better option.

12th Feb 2013, 06:02
If meat pies improved male shagging ability construction sites would be far scarier places, but from what I've seen all they do is make it harder Isn't that what Slash was implying?

Worrals in the wilds
12th Feb 2013, 06:52
Maybe...I thought he meant the opposite, ie blokes should eat more pies to be manly :confused:. AFAIK most modern pies still contain plenty of testicles, hooves and all the other bits Coles don't put in little plastic trays for the squeamish modern carnivore.
Saves wastage, anyway.

12th Feb 2013, 07:24
As I understood it - bits of bull testicles were part and parcel of any Four N Twenty

Having spent some time in the 80's building and/or maintaining abattoirs and boning rooms, I saw exactly what goes into pies and smallgoods, and very little of the carcase is wasted.

The meat destined for the smallgoods or pie makers was usually know as the: "ears, eyes and ar$eholes"

Worrals in the wilds
12th Feb 2013, 07:55
So out of interest, do you eat them? I know two blokes with meatworks experience, and they do.

12th Feb 2013, 08:10

Aaaarrrrhhh, but we now know that they make
Calamari rings out of ar$eholes :O

And yet we waste good, healthy Kangaroo meat !!!

12th Feb 2013, 09:08
Holden cars - football, meat pies, kangaroos (Australian ad, 1970's) - YouTube

Solid Rust Twotter
12th Feb 2013, 09:38
Pretty much the identical ad in SA back in the day, except it was braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and Chevrolet.

12th Feb 2013, 10:33
Now that explains a lot! I prefer a UK pie to an Aussie pie and now i know the reason why. You don't put horse in yours.. Simple Innitt....

12th Feb 2013, 10:38

You have never tried one of Kangaroo masterpieces,
I think you might like it :ok:

No road kill jokes thank you :O

12th Feb 2013, 10:45
All I can say is that my associates and I have been eating these 'pies' for years and if there had been the slightest inkling that they contain real beef, there would have been some serious trouble. No-one takes kindly to being duped. :*

12th Feb 2013, 10:49
To be honest, i visit the Pie in the Sky cafe just north of Melbourne (Can't remember the town name at the moment, but I know how to get there) every time i visit my daughter and the pie floaters are great. I also eat Oz pies from other suppliers on a regular basis, you have a much better choice than over here and you can always find a pie shop.
I have also knowingly enjoyed eating kangaroo.

12th Feb 2013, 10:55

Good stuff. it's a great meat.

12th Feb 2013, 14:29

Doesn't it make you jump around a lot?

12th Feb 2013, 16:15
Good stuff. it's a great meat.

On sale in the supermarkets over here all year, delicious meat. First barbecue of the year is always accompanied with "Skippy, Skippy, Skippy is on the barbecue" as a few lumps get burned to perfection, and gets eaten regularly in this house.

Oh, has the Great Australian Camel Cull kicked off yet? Am hoping some of that stuff makes it's way over here.......

12th Feb 2013, 16:25
Croc is good too, although the Parson's Nose is a bit tough, and buffalo is ok in thin steaks.

12th Feb 2013, 16:27

Not sure, problem they have is distance to an abattoir
so unlikely to make it out.

Yep, and you should try to keep it on a BBQ :O

12th Feb 2013, 16:27
Didn't think much of croc, it's on sale here in the supermarket in the barbecue season.

I like my bison steaks though, but I'm still pee'd off at how Aldi stopped selling ostrich......

12th Feb 2013, 16:30

Which type of Buffalo ?

US type or Asutralian / Asian Water Buffalo ?

But yes, you can get tough one's.

Mostly farmed stuff that's been fed chicken,
wild croc taste better.

12th Feb 2013, 17:45
Worrals this particular ad was what influenced us a lot in the late 60s even though it was
VFL from over the border. No doubt you'll recognise Jezza, Ted Whitten and Bobby Skilton.
To rough brawling shits like us growing up in West Beach they were our true heroes of real
blokedom - If Jezza and Bobby ate 'em well so should we! :)


13th Feb 2013, 06:02
Slasher....a West Beach Boy. A Croweater and pie floater man.:D

13th Feb 2013, 09:34
As pies go....these are still the best......

Yatala Pies (http://www.yatalapies.com.au/)

These are well over rated..

Humble Pie (http://www.humblepie.com.au/)

Sound like a Pie connoissuer? Well no....rarely indulge to tell the truth, but when I do it is generally on a return from Brisbane trip, and it is a Yatala pie.... :cool:

....but you already know this.....

13th Feb 2013, 09:46
...And anyway...aren't sausages best described as 'Surprise Bags'? No doubt a fair amount of offal to be found in your average 'Dogs Eye' ......maybe even some dogs eye from an Asian bakery 'dogs' :uhoh:

I well remember ferrying Ultralights between Boonah and 'the Coast', passing nearby the Bromelton NDB, just west of Beaudesert....there was an abattoir, it's long since gone now, but flying over it back then, the 'Stench of abattoir' from a few thousand feet up was incredible......not to mention putrid and disgusting.......

13th Feb 2013, 18:09
...Fliegs I must admit getting a Mocka's pie up at Port Douglas way
back in the old days was certainly worth the short trip from Cairns.

13th Feb 2013, 19:26
Slasher a West Beach boy ?Me too,that's where I grew up and am writing this from while staying at my Dad's place.I left West Beach and Adelaide permanently at the earliest opportunity.Small world.

14th Feb 2013, 04:59
Yeh? I was one of those rough c**ts from Northern Ave! :)

14th Feb 2013, 10:19
Get whatever you like in UK. Except bush meat..... legally. They're always stopping travellers from Africa with suitcases full of the stuff.

Tucker's Exotic Meats (http://www.tuckers-exotics.co.uk)

EdibleUnique (http://www.edibleunique.com)

14th Feb 2013, 19:25
It's not safe in the Far East

There's a burger joint in Beijing reported to be serving Quarter Pandas.