View Full Version : PPRuNE Amnesia

20th Apr 2002, 13:26

I noticed yesterday that I wasn't automatically logging into PPRuNe when I surfed onto the forums. I then tried logging in and it said it was an invalid username. I then sent my original registration email to PPRuNe Admin and they sent back saying that they could not find any trace of my username and email address.

Just had to re-register.


Is it just a ploy to get rid of non-pilot types...?

:rolleyes: :confused:

20th Apr 2002, 15:36
No ploy! :)
Non-pilot types warmly welcome here.
Perhaps this has to do with the change of bulletin board type which happened recently.
PPRuNe is moving to a whole new server this weekend, let's see what happens after that?


PPRuNe Dispatcher
20th Apr 2002, 19:42
When repairing the database I had to delete a few corrupt records :( I would guess that one of the records deleted contained your userid... sorry!