View Full Version : Seems like I'm back

11th Feb 2013, 07:24
I've been away for a while.... 6 years, actually!:sad:

11th Feb 2013, 07:43
Welcome back. Out on good behavior bond, or parole;)

11th Feb 2013, 08:04
Hey Techchick! Good to have you back honey! :)

tony draper
11th Feb 2013, 09:28
Ahoy TC :ok: Welcome back :rolleyes:

11th Feb 2013, 09:54
6 years, cluckin bell, i thought my 3 days was a bit harsh :ok:

green granite
11th Feb 2013, 09:58
TC http://i1.ifrm.com/1889/52/emo/huggy.gif

11th Feb 2013, 10:11
Is this the reason for the Pope resigning.

11th Feb 2013, 10:24
Holy Hell!! 6 years!?! Didn't seem all that long ago.... :eek:

Worrals in the wilds
11th Feb 2013, 10:38
Slash only got six months.
As the ancient punchline from the swearing parrot goes; 'what did the chicken do?' :}

11th Feb 2013, 12:07
Thank you all xx

11th Feb 2013, 12:24
Hiya ;) How's you?

B Fraser
11th Feb 2013, 12:25
We could use a bit of witty anarchy around here. The forum has turned into a drunken brawl in recent times. Much flailing of arms and very little skill.

11th Feb 2013, 14:25
Remind us - Why have you been away?


Alloa Akbar
11th Feb 2013, 14:51
Hmmm lets see.. Techchick announces her return on the day the Pope quits???

Some say she has been away tightening nuts for 6 years, and that her flightline has got busier with age.. All we know is..


11th Feb 2013, 14:53
Remind us - Why have you been away?

Not only that, but where have you been ? Did he break your heart ? :{


B Fraser
11th Feb 2013, 16:23
A mate used to say that Princess Diana would tighten his nuts so he nicknamed her "Princess Spanner".


11th Feb 2013, 17:23
:= Fuji, down boy! :p

Mac the Knife
11th Feb 2013, 17:47
Welcome back!



Has it really been so long?????


Bob Lenahan
11th Feb 2013, 17:51
Hi. I'm Bob. Not sure when I strated.

11th Feb 2013, 18:09
Ah Agent Tech Chick.......................your job has been done and you are free to return to the normal world of JB..........................AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

11th Feb 2013, 18:53
Wow - six years. That was in the Dark Ages before I even joined PPrtune. What did you DO?

11th Feb 2013, 19:15
According to Techchick's PPRuNe police rap sheet - her last post was on 23rd
March 2007 at 04:30 on the "Finish the sentence" thread. Whatever she said
in that might've been the cause of her almost 6 year incarceration.


3rd Mar 2013, 08:51
Many of you will recall that I told one of the mods where to go and was banned forever. :E

Lon More
3rd Mar 2013, 09:23
Maybe he/she went there in the end and felt quite at home.

Welcome back.

3rd Mar 2013, 09:42
I thank you, Sir!

3rd Mar 2013, 10:09
Welcome back!

Six years, eh? Maybe the mod has now gone, some haven't withstood the onslaught, you know. The ones not already in institutions should be ;)

Strewth, just added up - I've been around this forum for 18 years now! :uhoh:

3rd Mar 2013, 10:34
So then, what is required in the way of humility or other speakable things in order to restore one's alter ego once having been banned for ever?

6th Mar 2013, 12:05
Slasher, the girl in the photo isn't as pretty as TC ;)

8th Dec 2013, 16:42
I posted that we are an item, Fuji, but it has been removed. xxx

8th Dec 2013, 19:11
Forgive my bluntness, but why are you announcing a private liaison between two anonymous posters here ? I hope that you're happy together, if only virtually ;)


9th Dec 2013, 14:04
We were both well known in the old pprune chat in 2002.

9th Dec 2013, 21:41
I posted that we are an item, Fuji, but it has been removed. xxx

Heard of Jealousy but this a bit OTT.......

9th Dec 2013, 23:08
Is Slasher back as well?


21st Dec 2013, 18:50
SpringHeeledJack, it's definately not virtual :O

21st Dec 2013, 20:34

I was never in your circle so far as posting on Pprune, but I'm so very happy that it seems you've found love. It's the most marvelous thing that can ever happen. All the best to you.