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11th Feb 2013, 03:40
Just got email announcing JQ to AYQ early June....

Capt Claret
11th Feb 2013, 03:52
QF press release says up to 40% of seats in both directions empty.

Also announced withdrawal of DRW-CBR-DRW service.

11th Feb 2013, 05:52
So are QF pulling out all together or just on those days?

If QF are pulling out all together I can't see it going down well with the owners of the Ayers Rock Resorts.

Hamilton Island and the Gold Coast were not happy when QF Jetstarised them.

11th Feb 2013, 06:05
Do A320's do 30m wide runways out of interest?

11th Feb 2013, 06:11
Blueloo - Sunshine Coast is only 30m

11th Feb 2013, 06:13
What a joke...
Another free kick to Virgin.

Bone MAJ
11th Feb 2013, 07:20
Are we going to have bets on when Virgin upgrades to 737-800 on the route?
Or increases frequency?

11th Feb 2013, 07:56
Virgin not much better at the moment!! They are only a LCC with flash uniforms. Have used them a bit of late and they are not very good at all.
Certainly need to lift their game if they want to be considered a major player.

Long Bay Mauler
11th Feb 2013, 08:24
QF are pulling out of more places than a bad adult film :}

Capt Fathom
11th Feb 2013, 08:57
Just got email announcing JQ to AYQ early June....

Don't you just love the way people make a statement, then throw in.... Discuss!

As the original poster Buzzz, let's hear your thoughts!

Stalins ugly Brother
11th Feb 2013, 10:06
Despite QF managements stupidity, which was born ingrained as it couldn't possibly be taught. The thing that p!$$e$ me off most is their complete and utter arrogance that if we pull out of a destination and replace the route with the Jetstar's, Emirates', insert any other airline, put a codeshare number on it and our passengers will continue to fly happily on that substitute.

This has been proven time and time again not to be the case! All it does is get the pax to stop and shop around who else is operating to that destination and try a different product.

If us lowly flight crew can see this how the [email protected]#K can't management see this! :ugh:

Isn't it amazing how light your loads are when you don't operate anywhere anymore. The way we are going we will be soon competing against Flight centre instead of Virgin/CX/SG/EK.

On top of the above, is it just me or is it that the replacement of Qf flying with Jetstar is gaining more and more pace? Almost becoming frantic. Uluru gone, Perth-Sin, Adelaide, and I'm sure there will be more announcements soon in regard to Adelaide and Jetstar. Not to mention NZ,HNL, JPN, the Asia Bowl and i'm sure Europe in the not to distant future.

I can assure you it's no coincidence that Qantas mainlines decline is inversely proportional to Jetstar's expansion, But the smartest men in the room will never admit that, not even soon when it will probably be to late. This experiment has been nothing more than an attempt to follow low cost carriers in europe and lower salaries, standards and cheapen the industry to line their own pockets. I just don't think they realised how much they would have to cannibalise mainline to get what they set out to achieve, one does get the feeling though these days that we at mainline have past the point of no return.

The losers of this deliberate sabotage of our national airline? Our heritage, it's loyal traveling public and it's loyal staff who many now face the real possibilities of ongoing redundancies. :mad:

11th Feb 2013, 11:16
Yep....sad to say but its reality.

Jaba house down to 400,000 points now, and burning them on business or whatever. Just to get some value out of them. Wont be long and we will only use QF out of necessity, not choice.

It was all about choice wasn't it Joyce? :}

Jack Ranga
11th Feb 2013, 11:52
Hey pigdriver, I did a flight to the goldy the other day, Virgin, both flights chockas. Business Class was well patronised. The lounge was full in Melbourne & Goldy. The Goldy, another market that the 'golden child' protege pulled out of and replaced with scabstar. Checkout the Virgin presence there mate, not bad.

Eastwest Loco
11th Feb 2013, 12:41
Agreed Jack

QF disenfranchised many of my Goldy clients when they pulled the pin and did massive damage to the upper end establishments such as restaurants and 4 star plus accommodation into the bargain with many saying 'bugger it - let's go to Bali/Fiji/Phuket".

The 3 flights a day are a start there but only ex SYD? No full return potential as ex MEL we have a connection, no non stop. Ex HBA you can do one stop Northbound but 2 Southbound and the rest of QF Tas, 2 each way.

The demographic in a mid to upper range destination has shifted on the Goldy from restaurant to Maccas which did a great deal of damage locally. With the LCC band moving in those good folk who should have sat at home in the corner poking holes with a bread knife through a Corn Flakes packet because it makes a good noise were suddenly at the Airport. Suddenly they could get to and from destinations very cheaply. God help us - they did too!

QF did even more damage to MCY. This higher end destination copped it even harder. The halcyon days of EW and Air NSW running in there with full service Y class ex SYD dragged in a good high yield crowd that QF would do well to readdress. The dollars are there.

Now AYQ is in the gunsights. Has anyone checked the accommodation prices there? All properties are owned and driven within one group and priced accordingly. Chuck a LCC at the place and disenfranchise a market that simply will not fly DVT Air and stand back for the traffic drop.

Obviously too many ex Management Trainees from both TN and QF have far too much power here. After all, HNL is being operated ex SYD by 763 equipment old enough to vote and the Scotchguarded seat MNL market gets a shiny 332. You can't tell me MNL yield is higher. I may be wrong but most of the traffic we have is looking for and gets a housekeeper. The punter finds them, marries them, imports them, they stay with him for 6 months, seperate and divorce him - and keep the house.

I despair at where the Rat is heading.

Best all


11th Feb 2013, 13:57
Alan Joyce is twice as frightening as Darth Vader glued to a shark.

11th Feb 2013, 14:02
My olds just burnt all the ffps in the last week. Qantas pissed them off when they tried to fly to Europe. Ended up going with sin because they didn't want to fly out of Heathrow and the geniuses at q wanted to charge them 800 bucks more for open jaw. They emailed and asked as gold frequent flyers to match sin, the nice lady at q told them they business class often enough so they can afford the extra. This was after one flight on the star which was accidentally booked for the old man because the code share sham.

11th Feb 2013, 14:12

Qantas has never innovated on service on a route ever. They can't because they are flogging 20 year old airframes under the 'premier' banner whilst funding 5 or so startups in the region. No money = no ability to innovate. Acting out of necessity is not innovating.

A few examples;
Monopoly long haul get old 747s
Monopoly J class domestic got 767s until VA got A330s, suddenly all ex MEL and SYD to PER are A330's
767s _finally_ get an IFE/product upgrade in 2013!

HNL competition is Hawaii Airlines, I believe they fly 767s. To the boffins in Qantas HQ, trying to redeploy the worst product to the most underserviced route must get tedious after a while. At the moment its SYD-NRT, SYD-HNL, SYD-JNB.

But it's getting easier to shuffle old aircraft around when you fly to less and less places.

11th Feb 2013, 15:33
when did Cooly become Goldy?

11th Feb 2013, 17:52

Really the only word to describe the whole operation

The The
11th Feb 2013, 19:12
The problem with current management is that they think QF is just for business, ie. lots of services between the capital cities and that is all that is needed to be successful. They fail to realise that the very same business traveller they desperately try to please all week, also likes to take a short break using FF points to places like HTI, AYE, HBA, CNS, MCY.

Management think these places are just leisure and so only worthy of J* or minimal QF. They fail to comprehend, the business guy is still the same guy now wanting regular full service/business class on the weekends to these "leisure" destinations.

The weekday business traveller, weekend leisure traveller now simply goes Virgin all the way.

Eastwest Loco
11th Feb 2013, 20:35
600 - HA operate A332 ex SYD and 763ER ex BNe. A reasonable product but not miles ahead of anything.

Both Airlines run "adequate" equipment you could say.


Called the Goldy by my clients from there. Cooly it still is for the 'drome.

Best all


Trent 972
11th Feb 2013, 20:46
'Goldy (http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/dap/BCGAD01-133.pdf)' is the correct name.

11th Feb 2013, 21:22
Reminds me of the rat's decision to replace the overnighting mainline in Hobart with a Dash.

Really popular decision.... at Virgin :rolleyes: