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9th Feb 2013, 12:40
Not just in the FW world either - rotary pilots have the same problem....

Unable to take off - Globaltimes.cn (http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/760477.shtml)

10th Feb 2013, 08:23
Absolutely true reflection on the status of the local industry.

For anyone considering the allure of the 中國, middle kingdom, be aware that all that glitters... etc.

Middle kingdom, & hermit kingdoms? Professional recommendation is to take some tylenol and sleep it off. Save yourself from the irritation and the risk to your personal health and career.

Like the place, food, and many of the people. Even enjoy doing business in the country, always interesting. CAAC & airlines? a major pain.

Mr Good Cat
10th Feb 2013, 11:45
airlines around the world are facing an average shortage of 8,146 pilots every year.

Holy Schmoly...! On average an airline is 8,146 pilots short?

I'll be asking my boss for a payrise. :}

Yankee Whisky
10th Feb 2013, 13:15
Basil should read the complete sentence and he will note that the shortage is for worldwide airlines. Makes sense now?:)

10th Feb 2013, 13:41
"Chinese pilots unable to leave their company
Not just in the FW world either - rotary pilots have the same problem....

Unable to take off - Globaltimes.cn (http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/760477.shtml) "

Are those pilots illiterate? If so, they should not work as a pilots. If they have not paid by themselves the education and then signed the contract, they should stick to the agreement and pay for the freedom. It is quite capitalistic, not communistic way of behaving. Is there any western airliner which gives 100 000+ $ education for free?

10th Feb 2013, 14:31
Basil should read the complete sentence and he will note that the shortage is for worldwide airlines. Makes sense now?

Yankee Whisky should read the complete poster's name and realise it was Mr Good Cat who was questioning the number of pilots required. Now it makes sense :)

10th Feb 2013, 19:58
He has been kept on the ground
... so not quite so valuable as they would like to make out?

11th Feb 2013, 12:47
I have probably taught dozens of chinese students many years ago... perhaps even some of these captains.

The would come over the the states 50 at a time, and divided into two groups, those that could speak english well enough to begin flight training, and those who needed remedial english courses first.

They were all bright, pleasant, and motivated young men... however some struggled for other reasons. Many you could tell were just not passionate about flying. If you could get them to talk candidly, they would say they signed on for the training because it would give them a good salary back in china. Or their parents talked them into it.

Many were downright afraid to fly. For most, the first plane they have been on was the one that flew them to the US for training. While I was building flight time for a shot at a turboprop in the regionals, they were going straight into 320 and 737 jobs, and many would become captains in a few years.

The downside is that they are bonded forever, almost no chance at all to change airlines. The other side is that they had their training pay and went right to the big iron with no dues paying. You can see both sides of that arrangement.

11th Feb 2013, 17:11
bonded forever
The future of aviation right there, No pilots wants to work or stay in the business so the Asians will force people to fly.

11th Feb 2013, 20:35
RTO: they are not forced to fly, but they cannot (easily) change airline, the airlines all having pilot (captain) shortage issues. But quiting your pilot job for an other kind of job is possible for a Chinese.
Many former air china Chinese pilots fly in my company, so this is doable.

In Europe/US, airline pilots fear to be put on furlough or lose their job, in China pilots fear not being able to change airline... An other world right?

11th Feb 2013, 21:06
We had a Captain from China Southern as a navigator a while back and he told me the full story. As reported really. But he was pragmatic about it, knew what he was signing up for and has a good job.
Don't let EZY or RYR find out though!

13th Feb 2013, 09:05
From what I have seen at the Chinese Government airlines i.e Air China, China Southern, China Eastern is that you have about 20% of First Officers who could be considered genuine Pilots, who enjoy flying, work hard and are good enough to eventually become captains. The other 80% are there for the reasons previously mentioned, its a good salary and there is pressure from family to take the job. It seems to me that the Chinese government companies are quite happy to put thousands through Pilot training and accept that only a few will make Captains. The downside is though that some do make Captain who really are not good enough, maybe that happens everywhere but probably more so in China. The western Pilots on the other hand have a really tough run through training to become captain, despite significant amounts of previous experience.