View Full Version : 8/2/13 Bne skytrans pan?

9th Feb 2013, 06:56
Heard skytrans had made a pan call arriving into Brisbane on Friday late morning, anyone know the details??

10th Feb 2013, 02:13
Saw them land on 19 at BNE with the #2 shut down, firies in attendance. Looked nicely pulled off from where I was sitting.

10th Feb 2013, 07:55
don't mention the nose wheel collapse at Mt Isa either...

Dash 42
10th Feb 2013, 09:08
When did the nose wheel collapse happen? Any details?

Dash 42
10th Feb 2013, 10:39
Having looked at the google, it would seem that the nose wheel collapse referred to a king air in 2006? If so, not very relevant to the current operation.

To keep things in perspective, Qlink have had no shortage of engine related problems over the previous years... Give them a break.

11th Feb 2013, 00:17
All I can hear is the distant sound of a paper shredder.... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz