View Full Version : When will people tire of polls?

19th Apr 2002, 22:28
"Oh GAWD - not another..."

Tartan Gannet
20th Apr 2002, 08:25
Huggy, it wont surprise you but I actually like Polls! Not so much the waste of space elections, where politicians of all parties ignore what the voter really wants and imposes policies they dont, but surveys etc.

I will deliberately walk slowly past a person with a clipboard in the High Street (Broad Street in Reading), and hope they will say, "Excuse me Sir, would you mind answering a few questions....."

As readers of Jet Blast are only too aware I have strong and definite opinions on most issues and am happy to give them, covering a spectrum from Hard Right on some- Law and Order, Defence, Education, against Political Correctness and Affirmative Action, etc, to Old Left- Employment and Industrial Relations Law, Economic Policies, to "liberal" centre on issues of Sexual Morals, Abortion, Eugenics, Euthanasia, Legalisation of Prostitution and SOFT Drugs. So any Gallup or Mori poller has a treat in store with that lot!

Ironically I dislike the 10 yearly Census as long time readers such as yourself will remember. Reason, it is compulsory and asks for FACTS about me NOT my opinions. If the controversial Religion question had not been what religion I was but "What do you feel about the following religions" in the usual survey format ,ie, 1 means really hate while 10 means avidly follow, then I would have had a field day and my Census Form would have had so many pages attached as to become a book!

Now as both a "Western" Diesel Loco and 4472 Flying Scotsman are coming through Reading Station today I had better get out.

All the best Huggy, only 10 working days of slavery left before my welcome break.

TG :)

22nd Apr 2002, 12:46
In terms of accuracy I actually regard this as the most accurate poll of them all!
As I type, over 75 percent are against them. The trouble seems to be that every time a vote is recorded, the poll jumps to the top of the list. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
If polls are to be kept then it should be actual replies that cause the leap -- not a vote.
Anyone agree?

Evening Star
22nd Apr 2002, 12:53

Forget the politics, the most important thing is that you also remember the 'Westerns'! It is not just ES who is an old museum piece....

22nd Apr 2002, 13:13
angels, I agree.