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6th Feb 2013, 08:49
Smart @rse Judge, sure, but this little b!tch should have learnt how to behave around authority figures...another of the 'entitled' generation of brats! :ugh:

LiveLeak.com - A word of caution .... do not flip off the judge

Unfortunately after 30 days she will have learnt how to commit armed robbery from another inmate, never making the connection that the other inmate is also inside :rolleyes:

6th Feb 2013, 08:52
I saw that in our newspapers today. Very good to see.

Reminds me of another one (court case), it might even have been on JB
where as the guy walked away, he said something (rude) and the judge
called him back and warned him, as he walked away he said something
else - this went on and on and the judge I think kept increasing his
sentence and did him for contempt as well !


tony draper
6th Feb 2013, 09:18
The best one I read was in a book called Foul Bills and Dagger Money,written by a Traveling Judge,he tells of a case where the accused was found not guilty by the jury and after the verdict was announced stood in the dock mocking said Jury and Judge for their stupidity,so the Judge asked the jury if they would like to change their minds,which they duly did, and the prisoner was then pronounced guilty taken out and hanged.
There are times one should definitely keep one's gob shut and adopt a humble demeanor.

6th Feb 2013, 09:34
Here is the video - and the story !!! How dumb can you be :O

"Man curses at bond judge by calling him a "cock". The judge flips out and holds him in contempt of court and sentences him to 60 days in jail. When the judge asks the defendant if he has anything to say, he apologizes and says he is just angry because he was supposed to be charged with a battery instead of the charges he received. The judge still sticks with the 60 days. When he hears this he asks his attorney if he can take the "cock" back. The judge then calls back the defendant again and sentences him to another 60 days to run consecutive with the first 60 days totaling 120 days."

Man Call Judge "COCK!" Judge flips out! -- go to time 2:10 - YouTube

6th Feb 2013, 09:45
Recalls to mind 'Here come da judge' and the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate.

6th Feb 2013, 10:05
I believe that UK Judges, while able to give a finding of contempt, cannot now pass sentence. They have to hand the case to another Judge for sentencing to prevent the defence accusing him of acting in the heat of the moment.

6th Feb 2013, 13:01
Disclaimer: the last time I wrote something along these times some PPRuNe idiot asked me "if I condoned murder" - so no, I don't.

Ten or twenty years ago here in Spain if you insulted a member of the Guardia Civil you'd get a beating at best or shot at worst. Yes, it happened. I remember one woman dressing fish in a market being cheeky to one of the Guards getting shot. And if a few were having a drink in a bar after work, you watched your mouth (and gestures) and opinions. And it wasn't unusual to ask a friend, "boy, who beat you up ?" and he'd answer "the gypsies".

These days they are so constrained by PC and H&S rules and regs that you could probably "flip a finger" at one of the civil guards and get away with it.

Is that progress ? I don't know. Looking at the crime figures I'd say no, it isn't.

6th Feb 2013, 13:13
sitigeltfel, in Scottish law, the trial judge who makes the finding of contempt deals personally with the appropriate punishment, unless it is of an exceptional nature.

6th Feb 2013, 14:04
They should have rules like golf. Once the ball is in the hole the play is ended.

Once the culprit has leen dismissed the decorum has ended, after that it reverts back to street rules e.g f**k u and the horse you rode in on