View Full Version : ANZ Y seats

4th Feb 2013, 22:17
Mrs H and I flew NRT-AKL on an ANZ 767 a couple of weeks ago. We have done this trip both ways about 12 times in the last 10 years on ANZ 74 and 77 in reasonable comfort in Y on our yearly trip Dunnunda from the UK.

Until now.

What's with the new Y seats (the black ones with the circular flip out cup holder)? The huge unadjustable lumbar support is just in the wrong place and after an hour with my back getting more and more uncomfortable, I spent 11 hours sitting upright so I wouldn't have to sit back on the seat.

Also what's with the Hobbit safety brief? This scared the living daylights out of two kids near us, what with Gollum crawling down the aisles and leaping out all over the place.

We've just flown AKL-BNE Y on an ANZ 77. Old style seats and much better.

This isn't to knock ANZ. IMHO ANZ could show most airlines, including BA and QF, although possibly not EK, a thing or two about Y travel.