View Full Version : Watch your (Turkish) pounds

4th Feb 2013, 12:43
I've just had a message from Brussels (see, they do get some things right) warning international travellers that the new Turkish lira coin which came into use on January 1st 2013 bears an amazing resemblence to the two-euro coin, but is only worth 40 euro cents.

Just how this 'coincidental' resemblence came into effect is anyone's guess, and Brussels hasn't gone as far as to suggest...well, you know.

Travellers to Turkey from the Euroland are advised to check the coins in heir pocket before, during, and after.

4th Feb 2013, 13:13
This is by no means the first that such a thing has happened. There was a Serbian coin that was identical to a Euro but only worth a fraction, and a Thai that was identical to a 2 Euro but also almost worthless.

I believe that they worked for a long while in slot machines, car parks, etc, but of course I emphatically deny any first hand knowledge of such a nefarious matter, even after trips to Belgrade and Bangkok!