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3rd Feb 2013, 22:43
Has anyone else heard that PX may be operating POM-AKL-POM in the coming months??
Nothing has been released as yet that I can find. Would be great if they do, although I can't imagine it would last long.


3rd Feb 2013, 23:02
Back in the B707 days PX operated charters POM AKL POM once a month which became an RPT... which became a tripartite service POM AKL POM HKG POM with TE and CX. The only carrier not making money on the run was PX!!

Waghi Warrior
3rd Feb 2013, 23:53
Been talk about this for a while now, given the amount of touring Kiwis in PNG it could be a little money spinner, also rumour going around that they may be considering going to Melbourne as well.

The Green Goblin
4th Feb 2013, 00:03
Air NG doesn't make money anyway.

It is funded by the PNG government who in turn use handouts from other nations such as Australia to run it.

It will succeed no matter what.

4th Feb 2013, 01:44
Mebourne and Auckland were both talked about as 737 routes with the -700, or the -800 when it arrived

Denpasar was another one.

Don't know what the thinking is now, I escaped PX a few months ago now.

I did hear the CEO had resigned though

Waghi Warrior
4th Feb 2013, 02:09
Interesting that they haven't dropped a 767 which I thought was going to be the case when they acquired the 737.

New acting CEO I hear, ex GMFO who I think will do a good job.

What happened to the Falcon, has that been sold or is it being operated from an offshore port to avoid the local PNG media?

4th Feb 2013, 02:22
Back in 93/94 I flew PX AKL-POM-AKL on the A310.
First time I had ever been overseas. Arriving at Jacksons :uhoh::mad::suspect::ooh::yuk::sad::E:}:confused::eek: all within the first day..then I guess the place started to 'grow' on me :p

4th Feb 2013, 02:22
New acting CEO I hear, ex GMFO who I think will do a good job.

So Danny has the job for now?

As long as it isn't the muppet from engineering.

7th Feb 2013, 00:47
Green Gobler on what do you base that statement?

Eastwest Loco
7th Feb 2013, 12:23
Just checked in Sabre for availabilities July through December.

On link to the PX system, not a sausage.

If it is intended it has definitely not been promulgated.

Best all


8th Feb 2013, 22:05
PX could always operate adhoc/seasonal to AKL.

9th Feb 2013, 00:44
PX could always operate adhoc/seasonal to AKL.

One could say most of PX's operations are adhoc :ok: