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3rd Feb 2013, 13:24
I was reading a newspaper article two days ago and the Digital Editor ( Coo !) was saying that the Tw1tter servers had been down all morning and wondered if the drama :hmm: that this caused showed that people were now relying on it too much.

Now I don't use this medium at all but repeats of the Tweets (sorry, I won't use that again ) turn up frequently all over the place. I get the impression that it is mainly for dick-heads who seem to believe " I tell you what I had for breakfast therefore I am (socially-enhanced ) "

I do remember a few years ago that a Tw eet (sorry again ) was the first mention of an air-crash in the USA, but does it have any real value apart from giving lazy reporters lots of easy, pointless stories ?

Having asked the value question, I suppose I have to juxtapose this with a financial story that I read last week that said the company was now probably "worth" $ 15-20 billion on a pro-rata basis to some recent financial dealings.

3rd Feb 2013, 13:29
Tw1tter: is it of any real value ?

@No #Stupid

3rd Feb 2013, 13:33
IMHO in a word - No.

I've an interesting life which doesn't depend on knowing what some "celebrity" newsreader or similar thinks about anything. Do I care? No.

Texts, emails I can see some use for - even the odd forum. Farceberk or Twatter no use to anyone that has any form of life at all.

Its now spread to the continuity announcers at the end of a TV programme reading out assorted twatters from complete non-entities. IF I want that sort of cr*p then there are enough opinionated idiots down the pub who would be more than happy to give me their opinion.

Here's hoping the Chinese IT people succeed in totally crashing all Twatter accounts.

3rd Feb 2013, 13:34
We had a couple of presentations at a recent disaster conference. Several important points were made.
Firstly, there is a significant proportion of the population who now do not use mainstream media at all, so getting messages out on [email protected] is important.
Secondly, in ideal circumstances it can get you access to an information network unrivalled by any other. Is the bridge at xxx underwater? Nope, someone just tweeted a picture 2 minutes ago.
Thirdly, useless information can clog the channels completely and dangerous rumours can spread faster than ever.
The jury is out on the cost/benefit in disasters; but either way, ignore it at your peril.

green granite
3rd Feb 2013, 13:43
Thirdly, useless information can clog the channels completely and dangerous rumours can spread faster than ever.

It's a bit like here then :E

3rd Feb 2013, 13:48
Wonderful. A thread all about twitter where one can't help using the words twitter or tweet and the magic of this site blanks it all out and substitutes twitter instead! Wonderful :}

(PS: Typed twitter instead of prune in that last bit - that'll show 'em :})

3rd Feb 2013, 13:49
Is the bridge at xxx underwater? Nope, someone just tweeted a picture 2 minutes ago.
How does that work? Is there a channel dedicated to bridges (or specific regions) - or is there a search engine that automatically diverts messages to someone with an interest in that topic?

I use neither the Book of Faces nor the medium of which you speak (I don't even have a smartphone).

3rd Feb 2013, 14:01
Neither. One has to work out something on the fly. Synergistic community or herding cats? Depends on how many jerks are on [email protected] I have some hope for Canada (in a real disaster). Your circumstances may be different.

Scholarly brief article here

How Twitter Helps in a Disaster | MIT Technology Review (http://www.technologyreview.com/view/419368/how-twitter-helps-in-a-disaster/)

I can PM anyone who is interested with more detailed stuff

Best method is probably to set up central [email protected] accounts with standardised hashtags (e.g. "BlogsvilleDisasterInfo","BlogsvilleDisasterRoads" etc), then trust to having enough decent, intelligent people to send you what will be useful. One thing is sure; you will need both teenage kings/queens of the [email protected] and Disaster experts working together to get the best out of it. I can see Firechiefs bringing their daughters to the Command Centre with them on a callout. Might be the ideal vehicle for reconnecting youth and adults. Might be a total Rolling Goat F#ck.

Mr Chips
3rd Feb 2013, 14:08
is it of value? yes. if used properly.

I use both Tw1tter and the book of face for business as well as personal reasons and wouldn't be without either!

In terms of Tw1tter, only this weekend has seen a tw1tter based shop local campaign which by all accounts has proved very successful, without social media I would not have known about it.

Do people use social media to tell us what they had for breakfast? yes. Ignore/unfriend/unfollow them. Its quite simple!

3rd Feb 2013, 14:12
Lisa Nova explains.


3rd Feb 2013, 15:36
I've no idea what that little bimbo was yammering about, except that at 0:31 she said "Right now I'm eating Farrell."

Farrell - care to explain?


3rd Feb 2013, 15:42
I understand that it has limited use as a tool for spreading information in countries such as Iran where mainstream media are banned or censored, although I imagine it would be blocked.

I have never looked at it but judging by the tripe I see when I descend to the sordid depths of the UK gutterpress and see that : (insert name of brainless bimbo) 'tweeted' that she saw (insert name of brainless football player/actor) going into a public toilet I fail to see how it can have any relevance to my life, so my answer would be a resounding NO.

Just the word 'tweeted' irritates me.

3rd Feb 2013, 15:49
I have an account. I used it fairly often leading up to the elections last year. It's a pretty useful tool to find stories or news items you might not normally see.

3rd Feb 2013, 15:54
A short time ago a young gentleman went missing near me. Long before the police and media were interested in the story and help getting the word out there, his family and friends started tweeting. After only a few hours the hashtag was trending in the local area and soon UK wide. Various tweets to celebrities resulted in numerous retweets subsequently reaching out to millions across the UK, then the media got interested and started to publish the story.

For this type of stuff, tw1tter is an excellent tool

3rd Feb 2013, 18:09
then trust to having enough decent, intelligent people to send you what will be useful.

To me, a user of neither of these narcissistic, trivial, childish platforms for chronic show-offs, that appears to be a forlorn hope. Reliance upon other flibbertigibbets, usually anonymous, in a mass 'rumourfest' atmosphere seems most unwise for topics which actually matter, if years of experience of the internet's denizens of the lower depths is anything to go by.

For every decent, intelligent online participant, there seem to be a number of mindless, foul-mouthed, downright wicked creatures emerging from beneath their damp stones to publicly express their calumnies to anyone daft enough to read them. The wildly uncontrolled nature of both mediums is a major feature rendering them worthless, in my view. :*

Mr Chips
3rd Feb 2013, 18:15
603DX and that differs to PPRuNe how exactly?

3rd Feb 2013, 18:16
We have the Mods, bless them! ;)

3rd Feb 2013, 19:24
Tw1tter is REALLY USEFUL in that it gives annoying oiks an opportunity to twit and disappear up their own planet in believing how important they are and I can safely ignore them.

A definite Win-Win opportunity here.

4th Feb 2013, 02:22
Twatter and Facef**k? Never used 'em. Never will too.

Yonks ago was offered a financial crack at a fledgling thing called "MySpace" and I thought what bloody
d!ckheads would want to plaster their private life on a open public website to share with total strangers?

If I hadn't had been so naive and ignorant of the huge numbers of what is the Global D!ckheadery I'd be
clinking champagne glasses with Zuckerberg by now aboard my own damn yacht. :(

4th Feb 2013, 06:21
what bloody d!ckheads would want to plaster their private life on a open public website to share with total strangers?

bin puzzled, too. But then there are the 'realities', maybe half of the bipeds would like a cameraman following them?

4th Feb 2013, 06:35
From the start I took the view that only a **** tweets.

Hey, who put those asterisks over ****?

Ok, it starts with the same two letters as "tweet" ends in a "t" and has an "a" in the middle!

4th Feb 2013, 20:25
It's allowing some hard-up companies to save money on their SuperBowl commercial budgets, apparently:


4th Feb 2013, 20:45
Tw1tter: is it of any real value ?
Most of the time, it does an admirable job of identifying tw1ts. (Miss Nova illustrates nicely).

I am interested to read of more useful applications.
Thanks to those who have pointed them out.