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You want it when?
19th Apr 2002, 16:47
Anyone else paid for a title and then had it removed? Too difficult to set up in the new forum format or something like that? Give me back my money then! :mad:

19th Apr 2002, 16:59
Was wondering about that too.


19th Apr 2002, 17:00
Ahhhh, I was fed up with mine anyway.....

Let's face it, PPRuNe costs a lot of money to run so let's not expect a one-off payment to last for ever.

Let's just say we've had our fun and our money's worth.

19th Apr 2002, 17:01
Welcome back YWIW... again ;) :D

PPRuNe Dispatcher
19th Apr 2002, 17:54
Lets see...

There are two systems administrators on PPRuNe, Danny and myself. Danny is currently doing his 737 conversion course which is keeping him very busy, he's lucky to spend an hour a day working on this site.

I've got a full-time job and am also trying to get a qualifying cross country flight done. This means it's hard to spend more than 20-30 hours a week working on PPRuNe. We're damn lucky that we have excellent forum moderators to keep th bulletin board content in such good shape.

So - why did we change the bulletin board software? The old stuff wasn't really capable of handling more than about 20,000 users in total, we have 46,000 registered users and about 5x that number of lurkers. So we had to spend money and time moving to vBulletin. The move caused us a few problems, at one point I was answering/actioning well over 200 emails each day.

There are still some things that need doing before the move is complete, for example :
Private airline forums.
Get chat working with new users.
Custom titles (no, we hadn't forgotten...)
Quite a few "under the cover" programs need rewriting.
...the list goes on...

BTW yesterday we had a database crash. So instead of spending my birthday going out for dinner I spent it repairing the database.

We are now in the process of comissioning a new, faster server. I took today off work to work on this as it's not just a simple matter of copying a few files over. The list of things to do (one bullet point per line) covers a sheet of A4, currently I'm about halfway through.

BTW if you feel ripped off that your title has temporarily gone away, please consider the cost of running PPRuNe.
Our internet traffic is 200-250Gb per month. Go and find out what an ISP will charge for that. Hint : it's not just aviation that's expensive.
We have to upgrade hardware every 12-14 months. A suitable server costs something between 5 and 10 times the cost of a new desktop PC.

And some people are worried about their usernames.... :rolleyes:


19th Apr 2002, 18:04
No sweat, I was going to change mine anyway.

19th Apr 2002, 18:04
Hey mik: Happy birthday :) :)

Never mind all these ingrates - take some time off for a beer or two tonight :D :D :D

19th Apr 2002, 21:09
Actually I think it was mentioned that we would get them back so it's just the masses getting restless, or never read that bit. Hope Danny is enjoying his conversion to Fat Albert, you guys back in the bowels of the Pprune engine room do good, preciate what you've produced. Ta very much to all of you..

19th Apr 2002, 23:37
Pprune Dispatcher,

All the best people share the 19th as a birthday!

Happy Birthday 2 Us

19th Apr 2002, 23:40
Now there's a coincidence! 'Cos it's Mik's 19th birthday! since the first grey hairs arrived

Happy birthday, Mik!

20th Apr 2002, 06:53
I'm not that bothered either! I gave up using titles when I was Archbishop of Canterbury. It seemed somewhat pompous to insist on being addressed as 'Your Grace'. 'Your Highness' was bad enough. Nawwwww! I can live without a title.:p

Tartan Gannet
20th Apr 2002, 09:06
Happy Birthday Mik.

I agree, I never liked the titles concept anyway.

This is just about the best website I visit and let us not forget folks, it is FREE to us but costs Danny and Mik a lot of time and money.

Let us show a bit of gratitude, not moan about it.

BTW good look Danny with the conversion course.

20th Apr 2002, 10:16
Yeah, I also read the bit, a while back, about the necessary delay in getting our titles up and running again. I'm happy to wait as long as it takes. In fact, I'd happily pay for both my title and avatar all over again, to help keep PPRuNe going.

I've had a LOT of fun here, learned quite a bit - and met some really great people as a result of a strong mutual interest in PPRuNe and all matters relating to aviation. Surely everyone else who has joined up here has at least some of the same interests in common? If not, whether or not you need your title and/or avatar like "yesterday", find somewhere else to demonstrate your selfishness and impatience ... these are qualities that we don't need here.

A belated happy birthday to ya PD! Hope ya managed to do it in style later on! :)

PPRuNe Dispatcher
20th Apr 2002, 12:44
Thanks for the kind words folks, I appreciate it!

My birthday was on the 18th, as I'm now 42 I wanted to celebrate my 21st birthday for the second time. :(

But I made up for it last night - Pat (my wife) had told me a couple of friends were coming around for a quick drink, little did I know she'd arranged pretty much the entire gang around :D. The party finished sometime around 3am, at 6:30 I had to get out of bed to find some paracetamol and a gallon of water.... now I'm just feeling a tiny bit delicate ;)


20th Apr 2002, 14:45
Congratulations again! In that case we'll keep it very QUIET!!!!!!! Quiet everybody - Mik has a hangover. Oi! You at the back there! Keep it down, you hear?

I said PIPE DOWN!!!!!

Capt PPRuNe
20th Apr 2002, 15:05
Just to back up what Mik has said and to repeat what I said just after we moved to the new software...

All personal titles will be reinstated as soon as I get a chance. The move to the new software took place the day before I started my conversion course and until I am settled down with the new beast there will not be much time I can spend on changing peoples personal titles back on.

Just to show intent, I will in this case go and put your Personal Title back up now, at no extra charge. You are now officially the first and only person in the new forums to have their personal title.

20th Apr 2002, 22:39
Always the gentleman ;)

22nd Apr 2002, 14:29
Belated Happy Birthday Mik!

YWIW - I knew you wouldn't stay away long! And don't try to tell me you're leaving PPRuNe again, because you wouldn't care about your title if you had any real intention of leaving! :D :D :D Are you coming to the COVBash?


22nd Apr 2002, 16:36
Isn't that favouritism?

Why can't I have my title back too!!!

A simple converstion course stops you doing real work?

:D ;) :D ;) :D

22nd Apr 2002, 22:16
Well said FFF!
Yeah, do come along YWIW... and bring the whole crew! :D

You want it when?
23rd Apr 2002, 10:43
Awww.... thanks Prune Capts. and happy belated birthday Mik. Sorry I missed the Notam on titles - I'm too infrequent a visitor.

AerBabe / FFF I will have to let you know about the CovBash I might be able to make it up for a quick beer.