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Lon More
2nd Feb 2013, 13:23

Tak’ a puckle tatties – Kerr’s Pink’s a guid bet, though ony maincrap’ll dae.

Pare ‘em, an’ slice ‘em thin-kine.

Drap ‘em in a suppie watter, forbyes they micht gan’ broon.

Syne tak’ an ingin or twa, an’ peel an’ dice.

Noo, here’s the tricky bit. Y’see, history’s a wee bit contermashious. Some wad say stovies need a bit o’ beef. Ithers wad say, stovies wiz invented ‘cos there wiz NAE beef tae be had.

Noo, me, I sweer stovies shouldna hae beef. For the only reason we eat stovies, is ‘cos we were fair scunnnered o’ tatties in ony ither shape or form.

Bit if ye really wint tae gie yer stovies a wee bit o’ extra flavour, add a couple o’ rashers o’ smokey bacon. I ken it’s nae traditional, bit this is progress!

Okay, here’s fit ye dae.

Heat a pucklie ile in an aul’ pan. It his tae be an aul’ pan, ‘cos the stovies are only stovies if they’re welded tae the bottom. An’ ye widna want tae dae that tae a guid pan, wid ye?

It can be ony kine o’ ile ye like – olive, corn, whale, engine . . .

Syne cut up a bittie smokey bacon – posh fowk use lardons, fitivver they are. Hayve it in i’ pan, an’ fry a bittie. Syne hayve in i’ ingins, an’ fry a bittie mair.

Fan they’re a bittie birsled, hayve in i’ tatties, an’ rummle ‘em aroon’ for a whilie.

Noo it’s cheatin’ time.

We nivver hid stock cubes in the true stovie days. Bit a ham cube is movin wi’ the times.

Sae’s a dash o’ L&P.

Saut an’ pepper, a suppie bilin’ watter, an’ simmer for twa or three days.

Weel, ‘at’s a bit o’ an exaggeration. Probably twa ‘oors’ll dae.

As lang as they’re biled dry an’ welded tae the pan.

The scrapin’s are the best bit.

Serve wi’ oatcakes an’ beetroot, an’ a big gless o’ milk.

Syne a guid dram for efters.
(PS. Ma spellcheckers’s jist died a horrible death. A’ wid gie it the kiss o’ life, bit A’m feart o’ gettin’ electrocuted.)

Read more: Fit aboot a stoved tattie? | BritishExpat (http://britishexpat.com/food-and-drink/recipes/fit-aboot-a-stoved-tattie/#ixzz2Jkex2lSv)

2nd Feb 2013, 13:33
Um Uh what?

Home-made hamburgers, on the 'Barby' tonight, simple stuff......been an exhausting day :E

2nd Feb 2013, 13:37
Spling loll and some other Thai concoctions as yet to be decided, been travelling this part of the world for a month now and doubt I will ever tire of the food :ok:

2nd Feb 2013, 13:38
I used Google's translation engine to try to convert the original post from X language to English. The result was identical to the original. Then tried to convert the X language into French (I have some understanding of the French), here is the result: Stovies

Tak 'un Puckle pommes de terre - Rose Kerr est un pari guid, si ony maincrap'll dae.

Pare 'em, une «tranche» em-kine mince.

Drap 'em dans une watter suppie, forbyes ils micht gan »broon.

Syne tak 'un ingin ou twa, une «peau une« dés.

Noo, voici le plus délicat. V 'comprenez, c'est une histoire contermashious tout petit peu. Certains disent liasse stovies besoin d'un peu de boeuf 'o. Wad Ithers dire, wiz stovies inventé 'cos il wiz boeuf NAE tae avoir.

Noo, moi, je Sweer stovies ne devriez hae bœuf. Pour la seule raison que nous mangeons stovies, est «cos nous étions justes scunnnered o 'pommes de terre en forme ither ony ou la forme.

Bit si vous vraiment wint tae gie yer stovies un tout petit peu o 'saveur supplémentaire, ajouter quelques o "lard fumé tranches de o'. Je ken c'est nae traditionnelle, bits, c'est le progrès!

Ok, voici ajustement vous dae.

Chauffer une poêle en ile pucklie un poinçon. Il lui tae être un poinçon "pan, 'cos stovies sont les stovies seulement si elles sont soudées tae bas. Un «vous voulez Widna tae tae que dae une casserole guid, wid-vous?

Il peut être ony vaches o 'ile comme vous - olive, de maïs, de la baleine, du moteur. . .

Syne couper un bittie fumé bacon - chic lardons utilisation fowk, fitivver ils sont. Il Hayve dans i 'pan, un «frire un bittie. Syne hayve dans i 'ingins, un «frire un mair bittie.

Fan ils sont un birsled bittie, hayve dans i 'pommes de terre, un «rummle' em aroon 'un whilie.

Noo il est temps de tricher.

Nous cubes nivver actions caché dans les jours stovie vrais. Bit est un cube de jambon movin wi 'époque.

Sae est une L o dash '& P.

Saut d'un «poivre, un bilinguisme suppie 'watter, un frémissement» pendant des jours ou trois twa.

Weel, «à un peu o 'une exagération. Probablement twa 'oors'll dae.

Comme lang comme on les sèche biled un «soudé tae la casserole.

Les années Scrapin sont le meilleur morceau.

Servir »oatcakes un« wi betterave, lait un «un grand Gless o '.

Syne un petit verre guid pour efters.
(Ps. correcteurs orthographiques MA jist est mort d'une mort horrible. A 'wid gie elle l'embrasse o' la vie, électrocutés 'Gettin' peu A'M Feart o.)

Just in case it's relevant, tonight, I shall finish off what remains of the "smoked-chicken", together with coleslaw and potato "Piémontaise" salad. Comme aperatif, several large Scotches...

2nd Feb 2013, 13:51
Going to friends for dinner. Their dining tastes are fairly conservative, I suspect pate and salads for starters, roast chicken or beef for mains. I know what we're drinking because I'm providing, a couple of bottles of Kanonkop Kadette.

2nd Feb 2013, 13:54
Bon appetit Tableview! ...

2nd Feb 2013, 13:55
Merci, toi aussi.

Lon More
2nd Feb 2013, 14:05
Airship It is English as we spoke before the Dominie took his hand to us
It would appear that the Auld Alliance is still alive, judging by that translation attempt.

Here's an Anglicised translation, of how to make stovies (http://www.scotlands-enchanting-kingdom.com/how-to-make-stovies.html)

2nd Feb 2013, 14:07
Cheating tonight - off to the pub for steak and chips and a couple of pints of Peddy.

Spent today packing for a couple of weeks in the Caribbean so we finished off all the fresh food last night. Never had cabbage before lightly steamed with a couple of leftover sticks of celery in it - very nice, shall do it for guests in the future.


2nd Feb 2013, 14:13
Got home from a long arvo and evening in town shopping and buying up stuff
for our house reno's. Just had a plate of snags wrapped in bacon with a large
Thai salad on the side.

Attended by a nice glass of red.

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRSem4WDB6uU4JkhLsZxkdYhGjoyDYg12LNA8OU52F I6PtkvfpHWA http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQIQ8IJur1vrxUnQ_XUyID3IZ6jVDTIn8-0_ExO32Wjx61RCfPY http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT3UBwBbAOZb8W3AxvsdUL2Ly0lH_RNbQBT5jKjBBM _C0AM2oP5vw

For dessert later I'm getting...um.... :E

Lon More
2nd Feb 2013, 14:15
For dessert later I'm getting...um....

hare pie?


2nd Feb 2013, 14:20
Hmm......more like this Lon! ;)


2nd Feb 2013, 16:03
We will start with smoked mackerel and home made bread. Then there will be sliced mushrooms, sauted together with a chopped onion, sliced red and green peppers and a crushed garlic clove. Two chicken breasts sauted a brun will be added, together with a can of chopped tomatoes and sufficient amount of tomato puree. Dry white wine is added as necessary, as is a bouquet garni and then the whole lot goes into the oven for an hour or so at 170 deg C . It is then served with rice fried in oil until it turns white, the oil is poured off, twice as much boiling water as there is rice is added, with a chopped onion, a chicken stock cube and a cocktail stick with a clove of garlic and a green chilli pepper skewered on it. It's then cooked until the rice has absorbed all the fluid, discard garlic and chilli.

Follow with fresh fruit.

2nd Feb 2013, 16:13
Spag Bol

Some really nice wine and a cuddle from Mrs GGR........

2nd Feb 2013, 16:18
Chili nachos for supper here.

Maybe a bit of apple crumble later, if the gastric capacity permits.

2nd Feb 2013, 16:24
Mac & Cheese. Just paid 4th quarter 2012 estimated taxes.
I suspect they are eating well at the Whitehouse.


2nd Feb 2013, 16:25
Some rather nice Cumberland sausages with mashed spuds and swede.

Simple but tasty.

2nd Feb 2013, 16:34
Two cold hot & spicy chicken legs with Old Nick Scotch Bonnet Sauce (http://www.thepickleman.co.uk/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=23&category_id=7&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=53).

Raises a sweat and is really good. I just suffer in the morning. :\

2nd Feb 2013, 16:49
I tried an experiment today: slow-cooking some chicken legs from frozen. On a baking tray under foil, first at 180C for an hour, then 120C for two more hours. Result: evenly cooked and juicy. Possibly half an hour too long, but at that low temp. it didn't matter much.

BAMRA wake up
2nd Feb 2013, 16:55
Fresh haddock fillet, lightly grilled, boiled tatties, melted butter, salt and pepper. Followed by a bottle of this from the Xmas gift collection


2nd Feb 2013, 16:59
Moroccan lamb shoulder, roast potatoes, brussels, peas, mushrooms, gravy...... washed down with a nice Merlot..... yum.... and tomorrow... Vietnamese mango with prawns.... double yum

B Fraser
2nd Feb 2013, 17:08
Fish steamed with ginger, garlic and chilli with coconut rice served with a nice dry crisp white.


Big Hammer
2nd Feb 2013, 18:03
Sitting here with a wee dram waiting for the everloving to return with Chinese. Beefy worms or some such. Was supposed to be dog toad but she decided to go see g/son and will be back too late to cook. Why didn't I do it? She has all the ingredients in the car with her. :\

2nd Feb 2013, 18:09
A leg of venison (fallow), harvested by self.

With a nice range of roasted potatoes, carrots and
still to work out the third veg ! (Proably peas).

Oh, and gravy :O

2nd Feb 2013, 18:38
Few tinnies, mate's round after the match, and the ginge's meatballs....


Not quite sure why the cheesecake is in a Pyrex dish, but I won't be complaining...


The left over monster...


2nd Feb 2013, 18:53
Nice nails and blouse, you've got there, Gingernut. :p

2nd Feb 2013, 18:53
It won't be tonight because I've already defrosted it, but later in the week I intend to have Pasta with a Dry Sauce.

Yes, plain pasta boiled in H2O (with a pinch of salt and a splash of olive oil) as standard until Al dente and drained.

The "Sauce" contains no liquids at all!!!!!
(In fact any fluids produced during cooking are poured away)

It's a secret, but scrummy!

2nd Feb 2013, 19:05
Salt n Pepper chicken wings, BBQ spare ribs and vermiccelli (Singapore) noodles from local takeaway. Sauvignon Blanc. Very niiiice. :)

2nd Feb 2013, 19:11
Chicken fajitas...but with the usual cheese replaced by crumbled stilton...

bugg smasher
2nd Feb 2013, 21:14
While we're on the subject, have been looking for Congolese N'Ganda Yala piri piri sauce, made from scotch bonnets, gin, and who knows what. As far as I know, only available outside of the Congo in Brussels. And I do not fly there on my current airplane, unfortunately.

Anyone got a lead for online ordering of this wonderful stuff?

2nd Feb 2013, 21:17
Mince and Tatties with a few mushrooms thrown in at the last minute. Tried the addition of a dollop of oyster sauce, (suggested here in JB), very nice too!

Tonight will be fish and Rosti!

2nd Feb 2013, 22:35
Fresh cod dipped in my special recipe Adnams broadside beer batter, served with twice cooked chips and mushy peas

2nd Feb 2013, 22:41
Carrot & ginger soup with some tomato & fennel bread. All home made. A little slice of heaven!

3rd Feb 2013, 00:02
Tonight (Sunday) will be Meatloaf, half way through cooking to be basted with home made green mango chutney, roasted until the chutney just starts to caramelize with sauteed Kale, Onions & Capsicums & Mashed potatoes.

3rd Feb 2013, 00:04
Stewed Kumquats, mixed with Cranraisens and Peach Schnapps

3rd Feb 2013, 00:44
Seafood chowder. Everything from within 15 km, except the beer which has traveled 40 km.

3rd Feb 2013, 01:06
Yum, that sounds good Fox!!

Lunch just now will be garlic chicken balls, with a fresh creamy chilled cucumber salad! :cool:

3rd Feb 2013, 01:22

I didn't know chickens had balls.

edited to add - Thanks to Google, I now know they do, but they're on the inside. I guess you need quite a lot unless it's a very light lunch.

3rd Feb 2013, 01:48
They are like little mini Kievs, chicken mince encassing garlic butter....place up the road had them 12 for $5, tipped out of the bag and onto the oven tray just now and they'd given us 24 for $5 :cool: Love a bargain!

Classic Cucumber Salad | The Hungry Mouse (http://www.thehungrymouse.com/2009/04/14/classic-cucumber-salad/)

But substitute greek yoghurt for sour cream, nicely cuts the richness of the 'garlicky' chicken

3rd Feb 2013, 03:32
radeng - was it you who ended a recipe by saying "discard chilli and garlic"? You should be ashamed of yourself. As for me, I'm on hols in the land of the free and am busy digesting a bowl of chicken and shrimp jambalaya, extra okra and a side of jicamo salad. Washed down with a bottle of Corona. Life's not all bad.

3rd Feb 2013, 08:53
Okay, what we having tonight ? Chicken marinated in minced ginger, garlic, piri piri, thyme, yoghurt, Patacks ticka paste - dry fried very hot, served on a wrap, plenty of salad, sprinkled with lemon juice.

3rd Feb 2013, 09:02
Lon - I havent eaten stovies since I was a boy growing up in Glasgow in the 1950s.

I shall be using your recipe - which is a model of clarity - to prepare some at the earliest opportunity. It will save time doing it myself, rather than translating it for Mrs TTN!

Mmmmm - stovies :ok:

3rd Feb 2013, 09:49
Best served after a rook of ale at The Victory Hall.

Lon More
3rd Feb 2013, 11:43
TTN, I have memories of The Stoop, just outside Dumfries. My parents had friends there: a huge extended family, the Jardines. Every Thursday night was stovies, made in a huge pot for about 30 people. I suppose the money was up and Friday was payday.
They've never tsted so good as then

3rd Feb 2013, 14:11
Nice nails and blouse, you've got there, Gingernut.

tee hee, Mrs G has freaked out, thinking that her image could be the source of somebody's sexual entertainment, but I've told her they're not like that on here.

3rd Feb 2013, 20:12
Dinner will be what ever the executive chef of the boat I'm on right now decides it will be. If the previous few days meals are anything to go by it will bloody fantastic. Having to watch my waistline very carefully.

3rd Feb 2013, 20:49
Name that boat!

Mike X
3rd Feb 2013, 21:19
Homemade Tzatziki (thick), left to draw. Chicken livers peri-peri and good rolls. (side salad & vino).

The rest is by ear...;)

3rd Feb 2013, 22:23
tee hee, Mrs G has freaked out, thinking that her image could be the source of somebody's sexual entertainment, but I've told her they're not like that on here.

No, I thought it was yourself (I've heard you dress up for the weekends)! :p

3rd Feb 2013, 22:24
I fancied a nice horse burger but I couldn't buy one anywhere.

4th Feb 2013, 00:45
Name that boat!

Work for your supper! French for boy..............:ok:

4th Feb 2013, 09:19
Mmmmm. Stovies. Constant source of conflict chez nous. I quite like good old plain stovies (stove potatoes) made from dripping, onions, potatoes, S&P as a side dish, but MrsP chucks in any leftover meat/gravy from the Sunday roast and serves it as the main event.

There was nowt on our table on Saturday as we went out for a meal and ate off someone else's, but last night was chicken and mushroom pie and it was the best short pastry I've ever made. Dead chuffed, I was.

Alloa Akbar
4th Feb 2013, 11:34

I was obviously a spoilt wee bisum a' hex because I am a "Left over beef in Stovies" man.. :ok: