View Full Version : QANTAS 400 Series 737 Disposal

1st Feb 2013, 23:14
Does anyone know QANTAS's planned timing of disposal for the remaining 400 series 737's?

2nd Feb 2013, 00:56
Probably when all the 717 s turn up for Qlink! Later this year. 125 seats low cost full service.

2nd Feb 2013, 01:28
You mean the A319's don't ya?? :ugh:

2nd Feb 2013, 11:55
The b717 apparently will be concentrating on the mining runs, and last Time i hear the introduction of the a319s will replace the current routes of the 734.

The The
2nd Feb 2013, 23:27
The 734's are getting a cabin refresh. In line with average fleet age and current management thinking, the new carpet will be lime green shag pile.

33 Disengage
2nd Feb 2013, 23:52
I don't know what the appropriate regos are but approx dates of some a/c disposals that could be 734s are TJY - Jul, TJZ - Aug, TJR - Oct. (2 -3 before June but don't have regos).

4th Feb 2013, 21:57
All 734s will be gone by July 2013 due to a new compliance with a system that will cost too much to carry out on these old birds.

5th Feb 2013, 06:47
December 2013?

ADS B requirement is mandated for above FL280 about then.

5th Feb 2013, 08:56
well that be the case, AJ and co will fly them at 27,000 and blame the regulatory regime.