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Lightning Mate
1st Feb 2013, 15:38

To help save the economy, the government will announce next month that the immigration department will start deporting OAPs instead of illegal immigrants in order to reduce state pension, NHS, buss passes and care home costs.

They reckon that older people are easier to catch, make less fuss, and will not remember how to get back home.

I started to get upset and then it dawned on me.....

I'll see you on the bus!

Lon More
1st Feb 2013, 16:17
Be careful. I wouldn't put it past the government to chuck a tin of this in the airco.


P6 Driver
1st Feb 2013, 16:21
I could take a wild swing at who's retired on this site by looking at the individual post counts to see who has time on their hands!

1st Feb 2013, 16:38
Isn't that the Dignitas Express from Eastbourne?

1st Feb 2013, 16:58
Yes, but I believe that I have hidden this from everybody very successfully for many years. :ok:

Oh, wait, I thought you posted retarded. My bad. :(

But I am retired as well.

1st Feb 2013, 17:30
I could take a wild swing at who's retired on this site by looking at the individual post counts to see who has time on their hands!

Yes the retired ones find they have so much more to do, rather than post here.

Milo Minderbinder
1st Feb 2013, 18:35
Amusing around here listening to the oldies waiting for the first bus heading north that they can use their passes on in the morning (i.e. after 09:30)
Its like a competition to see who can get furthest into the Lake District and back in a day, it usually goes something like "I'm going to Windermere"...."Well I'm going to Coniston"......."I reckon I can get to Carlisle and back"......"Sod that we reckon we can get to Gretna and back in the day"......."Well I'm going to Barrow"....."FFS whats to see at Barrow".....
Some of them go out all day every day, touring the Lakes for free.
Costs the County Councils a fortune, though I guess it indirectly helps to subsidise the routes

1st Feb 2013, 18:41
I encountered a couple who were returning from Keswick to their starting point on the coast near Tynemouth.
Outward journey through Newcastle then via Alston and Penrith and return via Carlisle to Newcastle.

They had had an hour or two in Keswick.

1st Feb 2013, 18:45
Mate of mine got on a bus and the Driver said "It just isn't your day, you are the only one paying and the only one having to stand!!" He looked down the bus and sure enough every seat contained a wrinkly using a bus pass..
Sadly, that was the bus from Grimsby to Hull who could imagine every seat filled on that run.

1st Feb 2013, 18:47
One benefit of growing real old...you can say what you
like and not care a sh!t what other people think! :)

1st Feb 2013, 18:52
Bet any money your standard bus pass will not cover this trip as it's out of county, out of area and out of the UK. Also out of sight and mind!!

1st Feb 2013, 19:00
I went on a trip to Branson, Missouri with my Father and his Senior Club Group. We spent a considerable amount of time on a bus. Although I was nearly fifty years old at the time, I was the kid.

I must say, I really enjoyed the company of my elders.

1st Feb 2013, 19:08
Gave a speech to a WWII night fighter squadron association in 2006.

I'd done a book about their squadron and I was the 'guest' speaker.

They had their own hospitality room at the hotel where they displayed their memorabilia and enjoyed an adult beverage or two.

Come dinner time and the hotel barred them from bringing in outside booze as they wanted to sell their own and make a profit. No real issue with that.

So, I, thinking I could be "the big man" and buy the first round, thinking a bunch of 80+ year olds and (mostly) widows would manage a few bottles of red wine and I'd get off cheaply-ish.

Yeah, not so much. Scotches and double scotches for the lot of them. And not the bar brand stuff either.

Never happier, or more impressed, to pay a BIG bar tab. :ok:

1st Feb 2013, 19:34
One benefit of growing real old...you can say what you
like and not care a sh!t what other people think!

Yes, and most of us do wait until we're old..... :E

2nd Feb 2013, 01:58
Yes, and most of us do wait until we're old.....

When is that?

I found of late that when I dropped my car keys at the market young hoodies would rush to pick them up ("'S OK, Sir! Y'r welcome!"). Most recently (Well, OK! Maybe I do drop them accidentally on purpose friom time to time, but not always) I am beaten to the retrieval by what are, I can't deny, "Old Biddies".

Strange thing is, they appear younger and younger with every passing day. Mind you, I am talking here of chicks in their low seventies. I'll really have to ask some time if their Moms know they are out alone. Jail-bait, really, some of them. Make-up, too, and blonde from a bottle.

2nd Feb 2013, 06:50
older people are easier to catch
that must be really true :p.
Also they eat a lot less than the teenage boys, for example.

2nd Feb 2013, 07:17
We have a similar situation here in Oz. Retirees don't get free travel, but those holding a Seniors (over 60, not working more than 20 hours a week) card get cheap travel ($2.50 day pass, which, in NSW, is good for most modes of transport within ~100km of Sydney). I sometimes catch the 8.22am train to Sydney if I have business in the city, and I'd guess that about 85 to 90% of the people on the train are on $2.50 'oldies' tickets. Considering what a full fare rail ticket costs, that represents quite a daily slug that doesn't go to the State Government's coffers.

green granite
2nd Feb 2013, 07:53
Of course, I don't suppose it occurs to anyone here, that it's the free bus passes that keep the rural bus services going, which means they are therefore available for the use by others on the odd occasion they need it.

Lon More
2nd Feb 2013, 08:31
I might use it here if the bus went anywhere remotely near my house and was more frequent than 2 a day.
I did use it once, to see if it was possible to get to work. It took nearly 3 hours, and 2 changes to cover the 15 kilometres, and I was still faced with a hefty hike at either end.

2nd Feb 2013, 10:53
I'm gonna start smoking again when I'm 80.

2nd Feb 2013, 11:00
I guess old gun men never retire! ;)

Tombstone - Doc Holliday`s Shot Glass - YouTube


2nd Feb 2013, 11:03
After all these years you're still waiting to get your bicycle back?

Lon More
2nd Feb 2013, 11:16
After all these years you're still waiting to get your bicycle back

Unless it's a new Harley they can keep it. Too many hills here.

wings folded
2nd Feb 2013, 11:18
Are you retired?

I have been tired before, and I am tired again.

2nd Feb 2013, 11:42
There's a bus service passes the end of my road every 12 minutes for most of the day.

There's hardly ever anyone on the bus. often a double decker, and I do wonder how much it's costing and whether it's worth it.

2nd Feb 2013, 13:04
I haven't bothered with a 'bus pass. The nearest 'bus stop is 35 minutes walk away down country roads with no footpaths - which is a lot further than I can walk on most days - and there's a 'bus each way about every two hours from 0800 to 1800.

Not a lot of point. The blue disabled persons parking permit sees a lot of use, though.

2nd Feb 2013, 13:09
con-pilot wrote: Oh, wait, I thought you posted retarded. My bad.:(

But I thought you only ever flew Boeings and the occasional Dassault Falcon? Airbus pilots are regularly "accused" of being retards, usually repeated twice, seconds before being informed of the minor fault / impending major crash disaster etc. :ok:

brickhistory wrote: Scotches and double scotches for the lot of them. And not the bar brand stuff either. Sometimes, when at the check-out of my supermarket with my weekly stipple of a 1.5L bottle of Ballantine's Scotch, I'm aware of older folk and their own shopping. Several times, I've remarked to myself, that the bottle of Scotch attracted a few "envious glances". And what I consider as a "basic necessity" might also be considered as an unaffordable luxury by many.

Here's (airship raising his glass) "cheers" to everyone. Hoping that airship will be able to look forward to a retirement which will allow his own relationship with Scotch to continue "till death do us part"...

Lon More
2nd Feb 2013, 13:32
regularly "accused" of being retards, usually repeated twice, seconds before being informed of the minor fault

I used that as a ringtone for the ex. for a while, got some strange looks.
Now it just goes "Traffic, Traffic"

2nd Feb 2013, 15:11
Warning by Jenny Joseph (http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/warning/)

Lightning Mate
2nd Feb 2013, 16:15
I don't have a bus pass - the buses never go where I want to go, and the nearest stop is half a mile away!

Drive everywhere in leather and air-conditioned comfort - bugger emissions!

3rd Feb 2013, 03:48
Are you retired?

I am working on it. I plan to retire before having white hairs. I am not waiting for the government of for some insurance companies to tell me when to retire and how much will be my pension. I just cannot follow the general move it makes me feel I am a robot evolving in a Kafka book. I am dealing with it myself.
When I will be retired I could have a part time activity like flying (teaching) ultra light, sailing, or any other kind of part time activity but I won't wait 65 years or whatever it will be in the future to hear somebody telling me: stop working, stay at home now. No way. That's when I want. Early 40s for me sounds good. I know some people still working at 70 years old, good for them that's their choice.

3rd Feb 2013, 03:52
Where are you thinking of retiring to KAG ?

3rd Feb 2013, 04:12
Still not determined, in Europe, France probabely.
But there are so many very nice and beautiful countries around in Europe not expensive at all, that I keep my options open for now. My wife wants to move to Paris, a bit expensive I believe, and not really what I had in mind, but that's a possible choice too.

But really, can we continue the same way, all retire at the same age, and no control on our pension/insurance? I think the new generation should become responsible and plan for their retirement themselves. I admit though that it's not easy to emplement when having a low income, I realize it has some limits and perhaps cannot concern everybody.

However when I see some pics like in this thread, a whole white hairs generation travelling around in a bus at the same time like following a pattern that has been drawn for them, it reinforces my viewpoint. I just couldn't fit in.

3rd Feb 2013, 04:35
Keep in mind, KAG, that there are only two choices in life:
1.Get old, and look like those folks in the bus. (Yes, you will!) or
2.Pop off at a young age prior to (1).

3rd Feb 2013, 04:42
Yes you are 100% right.
I am perfectly aware I will soon become old and eventually die.
I just want to organize my life the way I want and retire when I want. I admit it's not possible for everybody though, for different reasons, the 2 mains ones are I believe: very low income and the psychological unability to save money and invest (whatever your income level).

3rd Feb 2013, 07:07
Ulysses Club Inc. | Home (http://www.ulyssesclub.org/)

I like the club motto :E

3rd Feb 2013, 07:50
Now it just goes "Traffic, Traffic"

For the Ex ? Wouldn't " Terrain, Terrain, Whoop, Whoop, Pull up, Pull up" give a greater sense of impending doom ?

4th Feb 2013, 00:25
One benefit of growing real old...you can say what you
like and not care a sh!t what other people think! It's just like being six again - growing up is voluntary ....

Lon More
4th Feb 2013, 06:02
For the Ex ?

a warning to take avoiding action.

4th Feb 2013, 09:32
Retired from career job in 2006, but working in less taxing (literally and metaphorically) circumstances to keep me out of the pub (fail!). Oddly, I seem to have considerably more money. :confused:

I qualified for a bus pass last year, and it's primarily used for to/from work, although it's valid Scotland-wide. I ought to take better advantage of it.