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19th Apr 2002, 14:19
OK then, let's try this one....

Where are the best women to be found ?

I would vote 1st Croatia 2nd Shanghai 3rd Dubai.....

Don't be shy lads.........:D ;) :eek:

19th Apr 2002, 14:40
It is not only my humble opinion, but the country with most international beauty queens is VENEZUELA!!!

So... stroll down its streets or better again, its beaches and you will know what I mean :D

And why is so?, Because we like them like that!!!

19th Apr 2002, 15:06
Right here at home :)

But I don't share...

19th Apr 2002, 15:09
Lima, Peru.

Have seen a bunch of very good looking women there.
(And been told that they are warm and willing as well..:D )

19th Apr 2002, 15:18
Of the best-looking women I have ever known, two were Sri Lankan, one Dutch Indonesian, one half Iraqi/half Iranian and one Trini.

Only ever visited Trinidad out of all of those, so I can't say if the ladies I knew were representative of their respective races or not.

19th Apr 2002, 15:48
I heard the South American beauties were highly rated
though yet to tread that path...

Now - Graveyard totty ? Great place to take a bird on a date
though I might hold back on using a spade and thread.....

Mixed - thats the way ahead - Hibrids; an Indian/Chinese (Chindian) cross produces a fine filly.....

19th Apr 2002, 15:50
The best women? On PPRuNe, of course! :D :D :D

(*Waits for offers from PPRuNe women to start flooding in...*)


19th Apr 2002, 15:56

19th Apr 2002, 16:06
Yee Gads

You mean the babes are reading this too ?????


tony draper
19th Apr 2002, 16:12
Ethiopian woman are a fine looking breed, a little on the willowy side for Drapes of course, for as you all know Drapes has a fondness for the larger ladies.
ps .Proceed with caution re Ethiopian wimin, one tried to steal my wallet.:p

Biggles Flies Undone
19th Apr 2002, 16:17
Totally off topic, but how did you manage to avoid the Great Post Number Cull, Drapes?

Shocking thought.... are you The Master in disguise? :eek:

19th Apr 2002, 17:16
Q Where are the best women?

A Nowhere near me!

19th Apr 2002, 17:49
Why go so far away? I think the best looking ones can be found either in Ireland and the UK if you look for them. Otherwise Scandinavia, particularly Sweden and Denmark are full of gorgeous women!!

19th Apr 2002, 17:49
FFF, Youre adorable;) ;) ;)

Celtic Emerald
19th Apr 2002, 17:51

19th Apr 2002, 22:17
Chooch - Dubai?????:confused: :confused: How can you tell? Most of the ones I saw looked like camels (and not very pretty camels at that!) draped in Versaci.

Then I guess if you like unwrapping you get your money's worth :D :D :D

IMHO, Hungary has plenty of incredible women - just be sure you know what it is they want!

PPRuNe Radar
19th Apr 2002, 22:38
BFU, what cull ?? You didn't do too bad I see :)

20th Apr 2002, 00:09
In my dreams !!

Plenty of top notch women to be found in Dublin alright...Italians, Spanish, Argentinians etc. :p

Feeton Terrafirma
20th Apr 2002, 00:22
Gezzzz you guys............................. slow or what!!!!

ALL the best chicks are to be found in chat ;)

20th Apr 2002, 05:43
Legal Firm, London.

Check 6
20th Apr 2002, 07:08
Latvia, Estonia, Italy.


20th Apr 2002, 07:53
Lot of lovely ladies from the Nederlands, including my wife of course!;)

Hoss Cartwright
20th Apr 2002, 09:11
I guess it depends on your interpretation of "best". Are we talking purely looks or more of an all round package. I have know some stunning looking women who would,nt give you the time of day. Equally i have known some women who perhaps are not so fantastic looking, but when the chips are down the really come through.

Just my two pence worth



20th Apr 2002, 09:20
Hoss, if your chat-up line is to go up to them asking them to tell you the time, I'm not surprised you met with little success! :D :p

Hoss Cartwright
20th Apr 2002, 09:25
Good point Huggy

Only problem is Mrs Hoss takes a dim view of Mr Hoss chating up young ladies these days.


Freak On A Leash
20th Apr 2002, 11:23
Since nobody`s mentioned it yet;
Scandinavian girls get my vote :D :cool: :D :cool:

20th Apr 2002, 11:46
:o I like you, Check 6!

20th Apr 2002, 12:05
I used to think Hungarians........... until I went to the Ukraine...... so many beautiful women, so little time!

20th Apr 2002, 12:10
Without question, the best, nicest, most beautiful ladies are right here on PPRuNe. We have British, Norwegian (wink) Canadian (wink again) Spanish/Scottish(huge wink) Why on earth would any right thinking bloke need more?

Ladies of PPRuNe, Skytrucker loves you


20th Apr 2002, 12:46
OMG I totally forgot to mention the terrifically lovely ladies from Oz and NZ

I bow my head in shame:eek:

20th Apr 2002, 13:36
Sky trucker - stop winking or you'll go blind! :D

20th Apr 2002, 14:44
Sky, We love you too xxxxx

20th Apr 2002, 23:06
The best women without a doubt are any who would pass me the time of day, sob sob.

Sympathy, girls? Sympathy?

Otherwise, contraversial I know, but Belgium gets my (dual) vote! Better looking than the Cloggies, oodles more personality, and totally natural. Equal to them in every way are the Brits. Am I the first to say that?

21st Apr 2002, 01:15
The A300 is definitely the best looking bird for me... very short legs though ;)


Irish women would be at the bottom of my list cuz I'm Irish and have had "multiple unrelated failures" (see my quote) with them. Probably not their fault though. Swedish women... sexy but very cold unless "du kan prata lite svensk". Top of my list would be:

A woman thinks one-night stands are emotionally fufilling and sexual satisfying and likes listening to technical specifications while performing "multiple unrelated acts" ;)

P.S: All of the above is meant in bad taste and should not be in any way taken as a serious opinion unless previously specified in writing by a blonde long-legged laywer who likes listening to the theory behind "alpha floor" while doing other things.

21st Apr 2002, 04:50
Last time I was in Brussels most of the women were dressed like nuns, and spoke Arabic!:(

21st Apr 2002, 06:33
Never thought that much of Japanese girls.
Then I WENT there!!

The most wonderful bunch of beutiful, polite, warm, freindly, elegant ladies on the face of the marble.

(made the mistake of saying this to the wife though......)

21st Apr 2002, 07:27
So, HugMonster, I see you've been to Trinidad also ;).

I find the women there to be exceedingly beautiful! I travel there every year for Carnival.

But I have yet to travel to Rio or the Far East :o.

22nd Apr 2002, 12:14
hmmmm....yea - I forgot the Middle east. And the Far east too. Oh yea..just remembering Cyprus. And Greece. Hey! and what about the Southern US. As for 'going blind' I'll just have to learn Braille. ;)
;) :D :D

22nd Apr 2002, 12:34

They know how to keep warm.......;) ;) ;)

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Apr 2002, 12:50
Hey Radar!! :D

Flip Flop Flyer
22nd Apr 2002, 14:29
Given my heritage, I am obviously a tad biased. But the list according to FlipFlop goes something like this:

Denmark (GF's danish)
Costa Rica
Russia / Ukraine / Hungary
US Southern West Coast
ROTW excl Asia

On rock bottom of the list will be Thai's. Can't stand their attitude or looks. Hell, their heads looks like a monkey's butt and they are size 10 or more in flip flops. Nope, not for me.

22nd Apr 2002, 21:17
Schagen, N-H
The Netherlands

Or Brazil.

22nd Apr 2002, 23:30
They Most Certainly ARE NOT at QANTAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23rd Apr 2002, 05:03
Where are the best women? Depends on what your after:

* For the biggest (natural) tits go no further than Brazil or most other latin countrys

* For smooth curvy ass and skin your lookin at SE Asia

* For big tits and smooth ass Europe is your best chance at finding them

* For women who are absolutley wildy uncontroled in bed its from anywhere islamic (due to sexual-repression I suppose). BIG thumbs-up here for Saudi and Bahraini chicks. Bloodey near gave me heart-attacks!

* For the most broad-minded women youd be going to Europe. Even if you think you know it all be prepared to take learning-notes from the French and Swedish masteresses!

* For the most conservative youll be on a plane to northern and central China. Take along your sex-manual written in Chinese so theyll know what to do!

* If submissive "whatever-you-want-I-want" women are your choice your in Japan.

Chimbu chuckles
23rd Apr 2002, 05:15
Slasher...........Indonesia:D Combination of the best of Asia, i.e. great curvy bodies with fantastic arses, beautiful faces and the Islamic rooting ethic................just wonderful:D


23rd Apr 2002, 08:34

Where on earth (literally) do you meet A Saudi woman of that persuasion?

And a general question, the majority of posts favour countries where women seem to take a fat pill at the age of thirty. Why is this?

23rd Apr 2002, 09:14
Actually Tolsti's Ukraine bid struck a chord - they, I would say,
are well gifted in the 'nether' regions....especially in Donetsk,
where there is little else to do except go down the mine...
All revolves around shafts I guess.....

But SE Asia has to win - whatever your fancy it is there...

Anyone been to China lately ?? Over run with Ruskies, especially Hard Rock in PEK and SHA....TYO is heading the same way :(


23rd Apr 2002, 09:23
On a slight tangent, what are your opinions on this debate if we relate it to airline staff...

My top three ( in reverse order )

3. KLM
2. Cimber Air (you should see their boots)
1. Virgin - no contest, I fall in love every time I fly


"...the only baggage you can bring is all that you can't leave behind you"

23rd Apr 2002, 10:11
Nice angle Deacon...

Would have to say mine are 1. SQ (tall, slim and ofcourse
Asian...) 2. EK (just for the variety) 3. VS (profile and smiles)

Hmm, always seem to bypass personality.....

23rd Apr 2002, 12:54
Hungary........ If you like drop-dead gorgeous huge eyed brunettes

Czech republic, for gorgeous blondes, who think drinking bud from the bottle is ok

Poland, if you want your woman to behave like a wounded tiger in bed :)


24th Apr 2002, 05:20
Curently working in Istanbul, and ahve to say that Turkey has to be a contender. Funny thing though - there's a magic age somewhere between 25 - 30 where all the gorgeous women are replaced by old crones overnight. Something to do with the water????? :) :)