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31st Jan 2013, 17:24
DB who signed for PSG this afternoon, for the remainder of the season, will donate his salary to a local Parisien childrens charity.

Is this a first at top level sport?

Whatever - good on him.

BBC Sport - David Beckham joins Paris St-Germain and will play for free (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/21281665)

31st Jan 2013, 18:24
I agree - good on him.

As i read the last para of the article I couldn't help thinking about the Beeb and its disassociation from the English language. I quote

He also revealed that his sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10, and Cruz, seven, will stay in London to go to school along with his wife Victoria, 38, and their one-year-old daughter Harper.

I presume it's a "mixed school" catering for all ages:*

31st Jan 2013, 18:58
As much as it seems a good thing, and I'm sure a million women across the world gave a collected sigh of "what a man!" due to his generosity to children's charities, my cynical funny bone was itching and doubting the absolute purity of this intention.


31st Jan 2013, 19:08
I respect those who give and feel the pain.

31st Jan 2013, 19:36
He also revealed that his sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10, and Cruz, seven, will stay in London to go to school along with his wife Victoria, 38, and their one-year-old daughter Harper.

I presume it's a "mixed school" catering for all ages

His wife is apparently going to get singing lessons.......................

31st Jan 2013, 20:43
I wonder whether the French or the UK will see any tax from his labours?

Sir George Cayley
31st Jan 2013, 20:48
French wealth tax is so reasonable that some choose to become Russian citoyen.

There couldn't be a charity tax break could there?


31st Jan 2013, 21:16
For sure there's probably a tax break/concession in there somewhere.
Either way, a team gets the benefit of an experienced player and a charity get a reasonable wedge.
Who loses?

31st Jan 2013, 21:17
I don't particularly like DB but hats off to him. He doesn't need the money, but there are plenty of people out there far richer than him who would not do something like this.

31st Jan 2013, 21:52

Bono under fire over One charity donations totalling 9.6m | Metro News (http://metro.co.uk/2010/09/21/bono-under-fire-over-one-charity-donations-totalling-9-6m-519721/)

1st Feb 2013, 04:23
DB who signed for PSG this afternoon, for the remainder of the season, will donate his salary to a local Parisien childrens charity.

And no mention of the money from the inevitable new advertisements he will be in, no mention about any "cut" from shirt sales, no mention of fees for "image rights", no mention of the club paying all his bills from food to accommodation to transportation to "advisers", etc.

All in all, he won't be out of pocket and it's an interesting way to avoid Hollande's "supertax"...........

surely not
1st Feb 2013, 06:21
Amazing :ugh: Some of you are so mean spirited that you cannot imagine anyone doing something without there being something in it for them. Perhaps that is more a reflection on the way you conduct your lives than the person you are having a go at.

So what if DB has shirt deals etc? Having these deals means he can donate his sizeable salary to a charity that can use the money to make life better for the children they look after. Unlike many, he recognises that he is very comfortably off and doesn't need to keep every last penny for himself and his family.

Well played DB, you seem like a decent hearted human being.

1st Feb 2013, 06:27
Despite my natural cynicism and my dislike of anything connected to football, and in particular of Mrs. Beckham, I think his action is admirable. Of course he will derive some benefit, and why not, but he's sharing his good fortune with a charity rather than with Comrade Hollande and his bunch of reds.

1st Feb 2013, 06:38
Hear hear Surely. Well said that man!

1st Feb 2013, 07:18
When you read threads like this you do wonder if some folk have ever seen or done anything good in their lives, how very very sad.

I have been a Beckham fan for years, primarily because of his work ethic on the pitch, love him or loath him I have rarely seen anyone work as hard as he does for his team.

Off the pitch he knows he is not the sharpest tool in box but never fails to speak when asked, tells it how it is and just seems to smile his way through life.

Whatever the deal at his new club his other business interests would be bobbing along quite nicely thanks to his clean cut image and very smart management team.

But heres the thing the winners in all of this will be a Parisian Charity which is going to get a whole bucket of dosh it would otherwise not have seen.

How the [email protected] is any of this a bad thing?

1st Feb 2013, 07:29
Who said it was a bad thing?

And why is pointing out that what he is doing may not be as "altruistic" as he is making it seem, how he is not going to be handing over every penny he earns via the PSG deal to charity whilst making it look like he is doing just that, so wrong?

Alloa Akbar
1st Feb 2013, 07:44
I'm a Jock, and even I think Beckham is simply a class act.

Yes he can afford it.. I am sure many of you on here can afford to do without your wages for 5 months, but have you actually given them away?? Thought not.

The money is irrelevant, he will still have to get out of bed in the morning and train every day as he does to keep himself in fantastic shape and get out there and do his job on match day.. I call that feeling the pain at 37.

The guy used his image and brand to good effect during the London 2012 campaign, and also during England's world cup bid. He also uses the same brand and fame to support numerous charities and campaigns. I think when you couple that with the way he represented his country and clubs, he is for me, one of England's greatest ever sportsmen. He may have had limited ability, but boy oh boy did he make the most of it, and I defy any England football fan to look me in the eye and tell me that these two moments didn't make you jump out of your seat..

David Beckham Free-Kick v Greece September 2001 - BBC Commentary - YouTube

Beckham Penalty v Argentina WC 2002 (HQ) - YouTube

Wish he had been a Jock..

Nice one Becks, you get my vote mate :D:D

1st Feb 2013, 07:47
Charity gets the money; PSG gets to offset it all against tax; DB gets enhanced payments for his other rights which make up the 10-15% he'd have got from the pay after deductions. Win situation all round - except for Mr Hollande and his exchequer......

1st Feb 2013, 08:07
Nothing like an anonymous donation ;-)

Alloa Akbar
1st Feb 2013, 08:25
While I agree with snipers taking pot shots at Rooney, Terry, Cole and that ilk of knobheads, its not all bad in football land, DB's charity work is well known, and when it comes to generosity and charity, they don't come much better than this guy The Didier Drogba Foundation (http://www.thedidierdrogbafoundation.com/)

Its just a shame that these guys are in the minority..

1st Feb 2013, 09:10
Wish he had been a Jock..

Nice one Becks, you get my vote mate :D:D

Didn't even need to open those clips, was at an RAF mates house the day he scored against Greece and even as I type this the hairs on my arms are standing up straight, it's a powerful memory that will stay with me till the day I die, even Spielberg would have struggled to come up with that script :D:D:D

1st Feb 2013, 10:04
Well, I agree with hellsbrink regarding the "ancillary" income, but it's nice to see the charity getting the benefit of his wages. Nice one, DB. A great footballer, and comes across well since his voice broke. :p

1st Feb 2013, 10:30
Gives at least a quarter of a million of his own money to charity, and three quarters of a million of what would have been the French taxman's money.

What's not to like? ;):ok:

1st Feb 2013, 13:00
So why the press release telling everyone about it?
This smacks of the Stones doing a free concert on the beach at Rio not so long ago.......and using the subsequent video/CD sales to bolster their collective and considerable fortunes even more.

1st Feb 2013, 13:01
English disease right there.

1st Feb 2013, 14:54
Perpetual envy, its something us Brits seem to do with the utmost aplomb :(

1st Feb 2013, 15:30
Envy and 'keeping people in their place' is prevalent in the UK, but not restricted solely to there it has to be said. Other cultures, such as in the US, getting ahead and bettering your circumstances is actively encouraged and supported. I think that the negativity towards Beckham stems not from his antics on the field (excepting the 1998 World Cup) but the whole 'brand Beckham' whereby his image has overshadowed his footballing abilities, his supposed career. His every move, gesture, look, guided and controlled by a large management company to bring about the maximum return in both image and therefore financial terms. About 10 years ago one of his support entourage was known to me and nothing was left to chance in that respect.

DB seems like he genuinely loves playing football and his family are important to him, though for my personal taste way too peripatetic for stability. As has been said, 'good for him' regarding his charitable nature, but it just comes across as way too slick and planned, an action to gain a reaction. Maybe if he learns more French than 'Bonjour' he can spend meaningful time with the kids themselves and add a level of commitment to his charitable convictions.