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31st Jan 2013, 06:18
Legendary porn star Ron Jeremy in critical condition... | Stuff.co.nz (http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/film/8246130/Legendary-porn-star-hospitalised)

My man, Ron Jeremy...wishing you a speedy recovery and a long career :ok:

31st Jan 2013, 06:37
No doubt he'll be up soon and giving the nurses injections.

Alloa Akbar
31st Jan 2013, 07:22
Is Slash deputizing for him..??

31st Jan 2013, 07:35
As in "is Slash standing in for him?" That would crack us all up!

31st Jan 2013, 07:42
That would crack us all up!
That wood or that would? :}

31st Jan 2013, 08:10
I wonder how many women have a soft spot for Ron?

31st Jan 2013, 08:38
The headline has been changed - the surgery "went smoothly" and he's no longer in critical condition.

Takan Inchovit
31st Jan 2013, 08:43
I'm not clicking the link, might catch something.

31st Jan 2013, 09:07
It's amazing given the cause of death of John Holmes that Ron hasn't. What a bloke, a more unlikely looking porn star you couldn't imagine! Still, as he's proved over the years it's not what's on deck that counts but what's in the paint locker.

Noah Zark.
31st Jan 2013, 09:54
I'm glad his 'management team' are so concerned for his recovery.

I'm sure they wouldn't want to lose one of their biggest, in more senses than one, earners, slip away!

31st Jan 2013, 10:03
There is a rum called Ron de Jeremy.

31st Jan 2013, 10:24
"is Slash standing in for him?"

Shouldn't that be 'standing up' for him?

B Fraser
31st Jan 2013, 10:58
I wonder if his agent has given him an organ donor card ?

Alloa Akbar
31st Jan 2013, 11:57
I wonder if its a result of him attempting to keep up with the younger ladies that's nearly polished him off..

I know, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel now.. Sorry.

cockney steve
31st Jan 2013, 12:22
He won't go back to work until they give him a raise.

Alloa Akbar
31st Jan 2013, 12:49
He was very seriously ill.. To the point that the local priest came in and gave him the last rites, then all of a sudden he recovers.. That's what you call a porn again christian..

B Fraser
31st Jan 2013, 12:59
cough... cough........ snort .......snort......, that's another keyboard consigned to the dustbin.

31st Jan 2013, 13:16
I'll bet the treatment costs him a wad.

31st Jan 2013, 13:29
......and the old chestnut - if he died, would they get the coffin lid shut?

favete linguis
31st Jan 2013, 14:35
Now now, I'm sure he's a fine upstanding member of the community.

31st Jan 2013, 14:52
Did anyone watch the documentary about Mr Jeremy a few years ago ? He was/is quite an eccentric character, not quite as one might imagine a person in his game living. He's brought pleasure/insecurities to many people over the years and I wish him a speedy recovery. His days in the saddle might be over :{


31st Jan 2013, 15:14
His days in the saddle might be over

Yes, I'm afraid he'll have to hang it up.

31st Jan 2013, 15:17
Hope he makes a speedy recovery. (Touch wood).

31st Jan 2013, 16:52
"is Slash standing in for him?"

I was actually Ron Jeremy's stunt double - he loved shagging women with big tits!