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31st Jan 2013, 03:00
Announced this morning...

ACCC approves Virgin Australia’s quest for Skywest
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Skywest is one step closer to being re-branded as Virgin Australia. (Carsten Bauer)
Virgin Australia has welcomed approval by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for the outright acquisition of Skywest.

Virgin Australia’s CEO, John Borghetti said the ACCC clearance was an important step in the airline’s growth plans.

“This acquisition will enable us to accelerate our expansion in the high growth fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) and regional markets, increasing competition in these important segments and bringing new benefits to customers. It will also be very positive for business and tourism, particularly in Western Australia and regional Australia, as we will invest to support the growth of Skywest”, Borghetti added.

Under the arrangement Skywest would be branded Virgin Australia, but would retain its own operators certificate and management team.

The proposed acquisition remains subject to Foreign Investment Review Board approval, as well as that of Skywest shareholders and the Singapore High Court.

31st Jan 2013, 10:24
How long till the layoffs begin?

31st Jan 2013, 11:21
They already started with the office staff I heard today.

31st Jan 2013, 19:57
Are they going to get group seniority as well? That's going to be fun!

31st Jan 2013, 21:03
Well as I have said before.. If I was a virgin pilot I'd be getting very comfortable.

JB, aka your saviour, will need to see Virgin Australia return some coin before they get reinvested in once again. New paint, new advertising, new uniforms, new aircraft.. Things are going be very quiet and all investment will be through Tiger and Skywest.

Saviour, "we will invest to support the growth of Skywest"

Quick command? Go to Tiger.
Quicker command, but on a boat, go to Skywest.
Happy to be a right hand seat warmer, stay with Virgin.

Can Virgin pilots take LWOP to join the rapidly expanding parts of the Virgin Group? The other major carrier in Australia do it..

porch monkey
31st Jan 2013, 22:25
Dude, you do realise you are undermining your own argument, don't you? Using your argument of "no investment until a return is seen", then Tiger won't be getting any investment until, oh, about 2020! Another (bigger) loss this quarter, 60+ mill investment already, you do the figures.:ugh:

22nd Mar 2013, 11:07
Curious on a few items that someone with the knowledge maybe able to help with...

A) Do XR staff, mainly CC and FC become employees of VA?
B) Will all XR operated flights change FNC to VOZ?
C) Apprently VHYUD has been painted in all White.. Is this to be painted in VA colours?
D) Will the XR21/22 service be dropped in favour of VA metal or does the KGI-MEL market need the demand?

Cheers :)

22nd Mar 2013, 11:51
"Under the arrangement Skywest would be branded Virgin Australia, but would retain its own operators certificate and management team."

Mr Big, I hope you can see the benefit in doing the same for Tiger... except for the management side of things... :)

22nd Mar 2013, 22:09
The repainting has begun-spotted in Perth Wednesday am, a Skywest F-50--sporting an abbreviated blue skywest logo on the rudder surface only, instead of the entire vertical surface and fuselage beneath, and the rego -(-FNH?) repainted in the muted grey used by virgin for the nose-art on their re-branded fleet.No other markings...

22nd Mar 2013, 23:44
FNA, FSQ is in TSV getting painted too...

10th Apr 2013, 11:21
Well it's been all approved.

Virgin Australia Fokker 100 breaks cover | Australian Aviation Magazine (http://australianaviation.com.au/2013/04/virgin-australia-fokker-100-breaks-cover/)

Should be interesting now hearing Velocity now over Ozwest

Capn Bloggs
10th Apr 2013, 13:34
Should be interesting now hearing Velocity now over Ozwest
I assume you're talking about the few international sectors Skywest do. All the domestic flights are regos, and if the AOCs remain separate, will probably remain that way until Skywest sees the light! :}

10th Apr 2013, 23:46
Obviously Bbv

Riding the Goat
11th Apr 2013, 06:30
Virgin Australia Fokker 100 breaks cover | Australian Aviation Magazine (http://australianaviation.com.au/2013/04/virgin-australia-fokker-100-breaks-cover/)

12th Apr 2013, 16:38
Shame to see Skywest going like this. Been flying with them since 1995 as an 8-year-old.

Will miss the "Skywest" name and that nice logo. Will miss the F50 - I assume that aircraft will be phased out and replaced with ATR 72s?

Skywest began in 1963 as Carnarvon Air Taxis. Would of been it's 50th anniversary this year too.

Good airline.

26th Apr 2013, 12:37
will they be keeping the 1 or 2 a320s and painting them in virgin colours? or will they go to tiger?....noticed aus aviation has the fokker 50 painted in virgin colours

28th Apr 2013, 08:04
Don't believe the F50's will be leaving the fleet any time soon...

28th Apr 2013, 09:18
I cant see the Tiger board approving any 30 year old A320's joining their fleet. Tiger have already started returning 04/05' build aircraft.

"Skywest" have just taken delivery of another A320, 9 years old and its currently in Singapore about to be painted.

28th Apr 2013, 09:44
Just because the aircraft have been painted in Virgin colours doesn't mean JB will keep them. Some of VAA's 737's have been repainted and interiors upgraded and they will still be leaving the fleet within the next few years.

VAA pilots have been told on numerous occasions since the purchase of Skywest was announced that they (Skywest) have to many types and the company would like to reduce the number to 2 types. Another issue with the majority of Skywest fleet is age and that age is now dragging down the entire Virgin Australia fleet.

29th Apr 2013, 03:18
Tiger Oz has NOT returned any aircraft since inception.

29th Apr 2013, 04:15
Sorry I was referring to Tiger Singapore returning its older aircraft.