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30th Jan 2013, 05:55
Canary in your underpants? (http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2013/01/30/3678527.htm)
While previous research has shown erectile problems are a marker for heart disease, this is the first study to show increasing severity of erectile problems is linked to increased heart disease risk.

Will we have to stop referring to 'budgie smugglers'?

30th Jan 2013, 17:59

30th Jan 2013, 18:02
Where did that picture come from?

Or is photoshop?.....

30th Jan 2013, 18:36
At least she'll have something to stand on when he lifts her up :eek:

tony draper
30th Jan 2013, 18:36
yer the other bloke was photoshoped out.:rolleyes:

30th Jan 2013, 20:30
She did well to get her legs exactly together so you can only see the front one.

B Fraser
30th Jan 2013, 21:22
Her......"Point that thing at me again and I'll show you a nutcracker"

Him..."Never mind, perhaps you can use me as a sundial"

Noah Zark.
30th Jan 2013, 21:33
She is saying:-
A, 'Pop it in my handbag, I'll smoke it later'
B, (gesturing as she is with her hands) 'When I danced this dance with Hugh Jampton, he became so excited, he was THIS big!'

30th Jan 2013, 21:41
'When I danced this dance with Hugh Jamptom,

Jardon you idiot, Huw jardon! Jampton FFS!


Milo Minderbinder
30th Jan 2013, 23:41
Charlie Golf

You obviously live in the land of the untutored

Hampton Wick - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hampton_Wick)

A bit more to it than that though, I was brought up to understand that a South Hampton was always a bit bent