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Loose rivets
30th Jan 2013, 04:45
I thought of putting this in the photos selection. Many people think that's what they are.

Nothing as incredible as this since Stephen Wiltshire - though that was a different talent.

BBC News - Kelvin Okafor pencil drawings amaze art critics (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-21234214)

30th Jan 2013, 05:17
What incredible talent.

Bern Oulli
30th Jan 2013, 08:38
Should have done that portrait of Kate.

DX Wombat
30th Jan 2013, 09:31
Now that is real art. What a wonderful talent. :ok:

30th Jan 2013, 11:02
I have no doubt there are, but unfortunately it's usually the bad eggs that get noticed. I have met some charming Nigerians whom I would trust implicitly, but as a nation ......... no comment!

Anyway let's not detract from this young man's great skill. I hope he goes far (and that is not meant in a derogatory sense!)

30th Jan 2013, 11:55
Truly a talent. I strongly believe there are millions of other talented Nigerians like this one in Nigeria. Its sad that we don't hear of them. Not surprised though since bad news sells more and travels faster than good news.

cockney steve
30th Jan 2013, 13:20
Some years ago, there was a TV documentary about a young lad who produced amazing detailed sketches.
His Mentor took him to Blackpool,on a tram-ride. The lad produced a sketch if buildings at a diverging fork off the main road.
The professional highlighted the perfect perspective of the triangular building and the fact that the chimney-pots and even the brick-courses were correct in number.
The child lacked social-skills and was officially classed as a Savant.

Sure it's not the same person, as the styles are very different but both astoundingly gifted.
I was at the back of the queue when "artistic" and"musical" were being dished out. :O

Loose Rivets has it! Stephen Wiltshire was the one.

Ancient Observer
30th Jan 2013, 14:47

I was at the back of the class for art!

30th Jan 2013, 15:02
As an engineer, I require a ruler to do drawing of any sort.

30th Jan 2013, 16:57
Perhaps an idea to treat these various reports of cats taking 10 trillion prey every 60 seconds with the same level of scepticism those on PPRuNe usually reserve for aviation reports in the press.

I don't need no stinkin ruler I just go around in circles with a compass

Loose rivets
30th Jan 2013, 19:56
Talking of Stephen Wiltshire, he was once taken along the Thames in a Helicopter. He then set about creating a wall-wide panorama of what he'd seen. To say he's Savant falls short of an explanation - I think he's a camera disguised as a lad.

Age about 13, I once did a night scene of an imaginary American town. It was an exercise in perspective and was I'm told, still there several years later. But still, when I came to draw Westminster from memory, it was little more than a shadow of reality. I concentrated on the clock tower. After about six goes, and ages taking on-board good photos of it, I could do a reasonable likeness. Stephen took on the panorama in one sweep.

https://www.google.com/search?q=stephen+wiltshire+panorama+london&hl=en&tbo=u&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ei=3IgJUdGfAaiMiALOmYH4Aw&ved=0CE8QsAQ&biw=1320&bih=730#imgrc=HTG1Tm9vOxj9CM%3A%3BUEdcdbMNaHTWSM%3Bhttp%253A %252F%252Fwww.stephenwiltshire.co.uk%252Fimages%252Flondon_p anorama_banner.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.stephenwiltshire .co.uk%252FLondon_Documentary.aspx%3B986%3B485

tony draper
30th Jan 2013, 20:02
I'm like Adolf,I couldn't draw figures or critters,just aeroplanes and ships.:rolleyes: