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Captain Stable
29th Jan 2013, 11:57

29th Jan 2013, 12:02
Globe master.

29th Jan 2013, 12:17
Vickers Viscount.

Captain Stable
29th Jan 2013, 12:43
Spot on, pigboat - thanks v much.

BAMRA wake up
29th Jan 2013, 12:56
Slight thread drift since the puzzle's solved, cracking picture of an older machine, still flying in Alaska:


A Curtiss Wright C-46F. Built in 1945...only about 200 were built...I believe there are 6 of them used by Everts outa Fairbanks as fuel tankers to the villages.

29th Jan 2013, 13:00
Buffalo Airways use them as well. Watch Ice Pilots on Discovery channel.:ok:

G&T ice n slice
29th Jan 2013, 14:19
is it me, or do the levers go

29th Jan 2013, 14:42
It's you ;)

I read them as 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 but I agree that the 4 is not very clear.

29th Jan 2013, 14:49
I've flown N22M. Fun times.

Solid Rust Twotter
29th Jan 2013, 16:49
Used to be a wrecked C-46 hull in Lokichokio, often used for parties and other shenanigans by the expats working there until, for reasons yet unknown but strongly suspected, the Kenyan authorities dragged it off and cut it up.

29th Jan 2013, 20:12
Vickers Viscount takes me back to my BEA days as an engineer. I was based at Gatwick and we had this one come in with an Auto pilot light permanently on. Fixed it, off he went, back he came, same fault. Happened three times and then my mate said 'We'll fix the b....r!" Sure enough, back he came with a delighted Captain "You fixed it." Wot 'e didn't know woz that my mate took the bulb out . . .

Loose rivets
29th Jan 2013, 20:26
Hello, Captain. I've not seen you about lately.

Viscount. Non of that woosy T-formation of instruments. Proper pilots were expected to find their instruments, even if some of them were in the bog - but, as you can see, they did give the bloke a decent tied gyro. And the clock. Procedures had to be timed and a clock was a clock was a clock.

It just makes me want to do an approach in a storm, with no ILS, and one hand holding my ex-mil Bakelite headset on. Not.

29th Jan 2013, 20:36
clock was a clock.

A clock, my God, how good you had it. Back in my day, all we had was an hour glass, with wet sand in it. It was stuck on top of the instrument panel, so we had to turn the aircraft upside down to reset it. :p

29th Jan 2013, 20:38
Hello, Captain. I've not seen you about lately.

No - he didn't live in Lately, he lived in Grately - easy mistake . . .

29th Jan 2013, 20:59
The Convair B36 didn't have a clock; it had a calender.

29th Jan 2013, 20:59
As a punk of about 6 or 7, I went to visit the flight deck of a BEA Viscount, was I impressed with all those switches and dials ?

All I remember was seeing a cupholder for the first time that prevented the spilling of tea.

Nowdays I'm not impressed by my coffee spilling in the cupholder on take off on the 757.

Pass the tissues will you ?

30th Jan 2013, 00:15

You are alive?

Ilyushin-76 Using It All - near plane crash - YouTube


30th Jan 2013, 02:26
Okay: Where is the clock?

And what's with all the hazmat stickers on the instruments?

30th Jan 2013, 03:41
And what's with all the hazmat stickers on the instruments?
It has been determined if a person were to sit within two feet of the radioactive paint used on those gages for a period of two hundred years, there exists a possibility of developing cancer.

Howard Hughes
30th Jan 2013, 08:16
And what's with all the hazmat stickers on the instruments? Deferred defects?? ;)

30th Jan 2013, 08:35
And what's with all the hazmat stickers on the instruments? Elfin Safety - innit!

Wasn't there a case a year or so ago (somewhere in East Anglia IIRC) of an aged Spitfire pilot not allowed to sit in the cockpit of his old "kite" in a Museum because of the "radhaz" from the instruments. :ugh:

And I understand that Air Cadet Sqns are having to get rid of their random collections of old instruments for the same reason.

Jolly lucky we didn't have H&S in 1940 ........

30th Jan 2013, 09:50
Send 'em all to Dalgety Bay in Fife. They won't add significantly to the instrument fragments already there.

Captain Stable
30th Jan 2013, 11:51
Yep, I'm still alive, contrary to the theories of modern science & medicine (and the desires of a few)!

Been v busy with things not aviation-related. Since losing my medical my life has taken a couple of other turns. Boy, I miss flying...