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Buster Hyman
29th Jan 2013, 10:00
Was going through my book collection, seeing what could be offloaded, when I came across a copy of Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard. This book was left on a plane into YMML in the mid 80's & after due course, I took it home to read. Now, as a bit of pulp reading, it was okay, nothing brilliant, but one for the collection.

When I looked at it again, I realised that it's the First Edition (hardcover) and appears to be signed/dedicated. It has just a single name on it, "Lynette" and I'm damned if I can find anyone remotely associated with LRH that goes by that name. His first name is La Fayette, but it is definately not that.

I'm curious because first editions are selling on eBay for AUD80 and if this is one he has "signed", it could be worth more. Should I keep searching, or pretend it never existed?

PS. Tom Cruise wouldn't return my calls.

Worrals in the wilds
29th Jan 2013, 11:04
Interesting. Have you looked on abebooks.com? It has a lot specialist and collectible books from registered sellers worldwide. I find it has a greater range of first editions, signed copies and similar than eBay, and it's a lot easier to search.

As for the connection, have you thought about just ringing them? AFAIK they've got an Aussie office.

PS. Tom Cruise wouldn't return my calls.
That's cos you didn't win dinner with him. :}

Edit: Abebooks have a signed, HB first listed for USD 299 (near fine condition though, what state is yours in)? Might be worth following it up.

Milo Minderbinder
29th Jan 2013, 20:31
Scientology Success - Lynette Thom a Scientologist - find out what I have gained from Scientology... (http://www.our-home.org/lynettethom/success.htm) ???????

Just checked my copy of "Dianetics" and theres no "Lynette" in the index
And I'm not going to read that bloody book (again) just in case shes listed but unindexed........

And in case you're wondering, when I was younger I had a policy of reading such shite in a vain attempt to "understand the enemy". "Mein Kampf", the Commnist Manifesto, the Koran and the Bible were also part of the same reading spree. I drew the limit at Chairman Mao's efforts....

29th Jan 2013, 21:18
You will need the first edition to get on the spaceship for the return flight in 2022.
The secret ticket is hiden in the spine of the book and has DNA from one of the grays taken from the spaceship that crashed in Roswell.
Do not attempt to open the spine as it may damage the DNA and you will not be allowed on the spaceship without it :}

Buster Hyman
31st Jan 2013, 06:52
Thanks Worrals, I'll have a look. The Melbourne ofice is just a few blocks away...not sure if I want to walk in there...dunno why. :confused: Oh, and I opted for the Lamb Roast.

Aww go on Milo...just for me? :p

fitliker...knowing my luck, it's all true & I'll get a gig as ground crew taking the steps away as they depart! :ugh:

Metro man
31st Jan 2013, 07:15
These guys may be worth a try.;)


Pawn Stars — History.com TV Episodes, Schedule, & Video (http://www.history.com/shows/pawn-stars)

Buster Hyman
31st Jan 2013, 11:47
They don't look "scientologisticky"...

31st Jan 2013, 16:37
the Commnist Manifesto

I also read the same in conjunction with "Towards Socialism in Australia", a paper one could obtain
from the Communist Party office (Marxist/Leninist) down in Melbourne, and "A Socialist Australia" I
got from its Maoist arm on the other side of town.

Reading between the lines in this document explained what John Halfpenny and Norman Gallagher
were about at that time in the 70s and early 80s - Halfpenny adhered to the tried and true Fabian
tactics of public and industrial union manipulation whereas Gallagher adopted the militant stance
of confrontationalism to effect a more immediate transformation to an Australian Socialist Republic
- which was something destined never to succeed - as proved in the case of Arthur Scargill (often
quoted as a Marxist/Leninist but in fact was staunch Marxist) of the NUM UK some years before.

However a good read of TSIA proves the Fabian methodology to be most effective tactic in Australia
which IMO still thrives. Had the BLF leadership adopted the same methods as its Marxist comrades
of the AMU - instead of the Maoist tenets of communist seeding, Australia would've been far more
Socialist now than it is presently.

As for that Scientology crap - L Ron Hubbard proved his theory of getting rich by creating a religion
to be quite correct. Gore has used the same principles.

6th Feb 2013, 22:46
Don`t worry about the dudes in the photo, they`ll buy your old scientology books off you for a good price.

I was walking up TCR in London and it started to rain. So, I thought that yellow lit place looks kind of warm and better tyhan walking all the way to Warren St tude ihn the p:mad:g rain. At the same time a rather gorgeous looking chick walks in at the same time as me. Wow, I thought - bonanza, not only secure from torrential rain storm but sorted for a meaningful relationship too!! So, I wondered around this warm place, with the . . yellow lighting - keeping said babe on the AWR. Suddenly this cross looking chick asked me if I`d like an assessment (is there an A320 sim in here too? I thought - triple jackpot!!) So, I went up stairs to fill out a form, (which, was not unlike any old psychometric babble that everyone fills in from time to time) after filling in the form, the rain had stopped, the skies started clearing but more importantly, the chick was nowhere to be seen. Just then I was told to go into a room and have an interview with some chap, which w3as most disconcerting as I was now losing track of the chick. So, I went in, sat down and faced a guy who was also cross looking, he started to ask me questions with a very stern look on his face, whilst I kept my eye out for the chick. There sh was - just leaving, I made my excuses, like I had to get home to let my pet canary called `Boeing` out of the cage for his afternoon flight. Not losing site of target queen - he started to tell me we had stuff to cover, so looking in the direction of the departing loved one, I agreed to some appointment in the future - any time but now!!! Having dragged myself away, I chatted up said chick and made a date etc, in fact we decided on a coffee there and then - champion!

<<nothing happened - ever, just coffee this once, followed by one attempted recue package by baby pilot - read on.>>

It then came to pass that said chick had gone to this place on purpose and not to just get out of the rain. She said that things were getting a bit heavy for her and that she had considered topping herself, which is why she went there. There, the place with the yellow lighting, turned out to be Scientology or was it Christian Science, is there a difference?

Anyway, I made one or two complimentary attempts to impress upon her that life wasn`t all that bad etc., etc., but she still didn`t seem to cheer up.
So I binned the idea of getting anywhere with this one as she would probably be gone by Friday.

Ironically, I kept seeing her on the up escalator, when on the down escalator at least twice, or maybe it was just her ghost.

Is that what Scientology is all about, is it where people who want to top themselves go? and, why were all the people nasty, I wasn`t even paying them any attention?

Shame, nice chick, she could have found solice in me, I was young and fantastic company to be with. (still am) She could have grooved on to happiness. That was millions of years ago. I hope she is alright and moreover, still living happily. Weird thing is, (I had just started PPL training) I really did think I could have helped her and, well, cheered her up a bit, made her see that things like "that" were a bit, OTT.
and do you know what, I don`t think I made any impression at all. I think she was screwed up with A levels, deep religion and stuck in a covent school on Gower St. What a combination of dreariness, she could have come to Hampstead, with us, up the tree, partying our socks of, drinking Special Coffees at the Coffee Cup on the High Street, dreaming about being an airline pilot, etc.

So, is that where these poor people go, to Scientology? Is it for those who have lost their grasp of partying or to just saying to hell with it?

I think Tom Cruise was into Scientology, or Christian Science - "tok to me Goose!" ho hum

Milo Minderbinder
6th Feb 2013, 23:28
Scientology is not Christian Science
Both are con tricks, but of a differing magnitude
The Scientologists are a brainwashing cult. The Christian Scientists are simply irrationally confused

Arm out the window
7th Feb 2013, 00:44
Lots ot the fillum stars and all that are into it, so methinks there must be a good tax dodge to be had - there's got to be more than just mere gullibility at play, surely.

On another but related note, there was a bloke living up near us not long ago who was espousing the idea of lizard people living out beyond the far side of the sun who would be invading soon to take the righteous true believers up (or something like that). Could be true, best not mistreat the skinks and geckos around the house...

7th Feb 2013, 00:52

**** them... ;)


7th Feb 2013, 00:56
Eh **** them...




7th Feb 2013, 01:01
What is meant is that this flying Hells momma won't sit and cry...

Hells Angels Johannesburg Poker Run - YouTube