View Full Version : Where are the cider drinkers?

19th Apr 2002, 06:24
A follow up to the best beer and best spirit threads.

No-one seems drink cider any more, HOWEVER!!! I will put my hand up to once having let the evil liquid pass my lips on more than one occasion.....and falling down not long after!!!

Best Cider? (Not an experts view!!)

MERRYDOWN - 10 bottles in two hours (happy hour obviously!!) in Mad Dogs in Kowloon. Had only been up two hours, lasted two more!!!!

19th Apr 2002, 06:47
damn!! I really wish I could remember the brand of pear cider that I was lucky to sample in Sweden a few years ago. That stuff was genuinely lovely

19th Apr 2002, 07:22
I still haven't found a cider to beat good old Scrumpy Jack.

Unfortunately, Scrumpy is just about common enough that some pubs feel it's ok to water it down, but not common enough to be able to find it easilly. But if you're lucky enough to be able to find somewhere to buy a pint or two of the stuff without it being watered down, it's beautiful.


19th Apr 2002, 08:12
Now if you are going to talk cider I used to make my own from kits. Once tried a diamond white type cider but added too much sugar and took forever to ferment. Ended up with something quite nice but at 13.5% by volume.

19th Apr 2002, 09:01
Talking of Sweden, they also have quite an interesting lemon cidre. Tastes much better than it sounds now, believe me :)

Other than that, my parents make their own, has to be beaten yet...

Who has control?
19th Apr 2002, 09:21
Cor! Cider. I started my long and winding alcoholic career on Cider. And all my friends said 'Once you've been sick on cider - you'll never touch it again'

And guess what - I was & I didn't. Until about 5 years ago, when I redicovered how nice (& potent) it is.

Its a really under-rated drink. Tastes nice & gets you pissed quickly. All it lacks is street cred.