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28th Jan 2013, 08:04
So I'm watching the cyclone / flooding news on the TV news, (watching the Main Stream Media news is not something I do very often by the way) But watching it tonight and a part comes on about stupid drivers crossing flooded roads, so fair enough 3 fatalities in the past 24 hours due drivers / motorbike crossing flooded roads....however the news footage shows......this!

A long road, dip in the middle, flooded, on one side a little sign that says 'road closed' footage reveals motorists driving around the sign, through the flooded part and then being fined by the constabulary on the other side!! HOW STUPID THAT! I exclaim to Mrs Fliegs.....Oh but they shouldn't cross when it says 'Road Closed'....fair enough says I, but if it were truly dangerous, why not PREVENT people from crossing, rather than waiting to fine the people who do cross!!! :ugh::ugh::ugh:

I love my Country, but what a show a of freaking ridiculous revenue raising at teh expense of safety! :rolleyes:

Lon More
28th Jan 2013, 08:29
consider it a tax on stupidity.
Those that cross, pay; those that don't make it have been removed from the gene pool.

A win-win situation.:O

28th Jan 2013, 08:41
Nah Lonny!...it's all about raising revenue here. every car passes dead easy and safely! It's the cavalcade of state revenue collectors on the other side that gives it away....they don't stop anyone from a truly dangerous situation, but rather wait for people to cross so as to fine them, even people who have watched others safely cross get fined!!

Pathetic bunch of state gummint puppets, (maybe) saved no lives today, but certainly actively gathered state revenue for a chump who is rapidly painting Abbott in a very bad light indeed!!

28th Jan 2013, 08:46
Yet again news stories about bush fires out of control are followed in short time by reports of floods.

What did that old Australian Tourist Board commercial say? Come to the lucky country?

Takan Inchovit
28th Jan 2013, 09:00
What they meant to say was " lucky the weather aint like Engerland!"

Yes Fliegs, I've seen the cops do similar. Instead of showing presence and preventing possible accidents, they just lie in wait with a ticket book and pen.

28th Jan 2013, 09:06
TAKAN - Thank you!!!, my point exactly...and we're supposed to take QLD Special revenue services seriously??

As an aside, I do adhere to speed limits, because I know that they are after my money to pay for pathetic programs to help those that do not wish to be helped. rather thanactually reduce road carnage....

28th Jan 2013, 09:10
Last time I was pulled over (and justifiably so), said to the cop "no worries, you are just doing your job" but "what gets me is static cameras in shots of places like the western ring road 100 yards after it goes from 100 to 80kmh.

He agreed and said he knew exactly which camera it was :O

I don't think the cops like them either.

28th Jan 2013, 09:33
Do as I do, 'Throw out the anchors' forget about road safety, that's not the point, we know that, just make sure you can never get 'pinged' and thus contribute to state revenue, if your violent deceleration contributes to a traffic accident...that is immaterial

On an aside, people being fined for talking on mobiles....whilst people from forigen countries (Driving opp side of road etc., and without English as a first language are 'safe' to operate complex dash mounted booking / GPS computers, and in doing so taking their eyes off the traffic??? :eek:

We're Sooooo smart in Australia! Just ask us!!

Mr Chips
28th Jan 2013, 12:06
why not PREVENT people from crossing

on one side a little sign that says 'road closed'

Drivers who ignore the sign get fined. I see no problem with this.

"If its flooded, forget it"

28th Jan 2013, 12:35
why not PREVENT people from crossing
on one side a little sign that says 'road closed'
Drivers who ignore the sign get fined. I see no problem with this.

"If its flooded, forget it"

This is the principle of "Woohoo, you survived your own stupidity, now let's celebrate. By the way, you're paying for the party!" :E

28th Jan 2013, 14:57
Plod should have been seizing Drivers Licenses, Drivers, and their cars....as they did not know how to read, were a danger to themselves and others thus mentally incompetent, and the vehicle was being operated in a dangerous manner.

Plod cannot be everywhere at once.....and if Plod was being stupid....at least he had the good sense not drive through the flooded patch to stop traffic coming from the far side of the flooded bit.

If you don't like the way the Police do things....at least find a good example of that....as this wasn't one of them.

28th Jan 2013, 15:27
Can somebody delete this thread before any english plod read it and start doing the same?


28th Jan 2013, 16:10
Can somebody delete this thread before any english plod read it and start doing the same?

nah ! they'd just shove up a camera, bugger off and leave it.