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Aviation Forum
19th Apr 2002, 02:57
Hey guys, I wanted to alert you all to a great new aviation community on the web.

The Aviation Forum - www.aviationforum.org

Great community. Also uses vBulletin. Check it out!!!

19th Apr 2002, 09:28
Forgive my ignorance, but have just checked it out and appears to be a clone of PPRUNE......What does it offer that you can't get here ???


19th Apr 2002, 09:32
Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Herc Jerk
19th Apr 2002, 09:50
TRAITORS!!!! be gone from us!! <delete> <delete> ;)

BTW is 3 people a "community"?

Good luck with your endeavour guys, but... i'm staying here:cool:

Send Clowns
19th Apr 2002, 10:35
And closing this (dull) site caused my computer to crash so badly it wiped some of my AOL settings :mad:

19th Apr 2002, 15:18
Yes... but your system seems to crash if the guy next door blows his nose too hard!

Gin Slinger
19th Apr 2002, 15:37
SC - serves you right for using AOL

Who has control?
19th Apr 2002, 15:45

19th Apr 2002, 15:48
AB - that's AOL for you.

SC - and your second challenge is to try to get off AOL and cancel your subscription!

Send Clowns
19th Apr 2002, 18:18
You try to find unmetered modem access using an ntl phone line. Only one I can find is AOL :( You don't think I want to use them do you?

And AB - that ain't fair - since I completely removed W95 and started from scratch again with my rebuilt system, you at least have to try and use the computer before Windows crashes. In fact it will probably fairly stable (in MS terms) for a few months, until the inevitable conflicts creep into the system, as they always will.

If architects designed buildings the way programmers program computers, the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilisation.

19th Apr 2002, 18:42
I find a BT ISDN line with unmetered access works lovely! ;)

Incidentally, as an update for people out there who asked, Win XP Pro now nicely bedded in, and is just about the most stable OS I have ever used on a PC. MILES better than Me, better than 2k, NT, 98, 95...