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27th Jan 2013, 06:32
Ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald giving us in SEQ a bit of grief....

YBCG AD WRNG 1 VALID 270000/271200Z
ISSUED 262211Z [270811 LOCAL]
YBCG AD WRNG 2 VALID 270000/271200Z
ISSUED 262351Z [270951 LOCAL]

Looking out the window at 17:30 local all I can see is Palm trees bent over, fronds furiously flapping and sheets of driving rain dancing across the street....125kph gust recorded not all that far from here....went down to look at the surf and it is a washing machine...radio advising to avoid all car travel if at all avoidable, my car was being buffeted on the beach road, still it's the only cyclonic (hurricane) tropical (rain) depression, event all year, and it was getting rather dry! Still a lot of Pandanus debris and sand and water everywhere :uhoh:

Another 3 hours of the worst of it and we should be right...sorry for all the poor souls who have lost power and the poor ones who will flood again in the most prone parts of Brisbane! :(

Best kick back with a chilled white rum, twist of lime and make the most of the disgusting weather trying to enjoy the tail end of a Summer Cyclone....;)...one that would have happened with or without so called 'climate change' :rolleyes:

27th Jan 2013, 07:18
Brisbane and Ipswich brace for flooding - but Premier says levels will be much lower than 2011 | The Courier-Mail (http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/tornado-warning-issued-as-ex-cyclone-oswald-bears-down-on-southeast/story-e6freoof-1226562642052)

27th Jan 2013, 09:21
We are a bit back from he beach - about 10 km as the cockatoo flies. Been a pleasant day to stay indoors. Have had occasional gusts of very strong wind, and the Nerang river past our house has risen probably 2 to 3 meters, which means we still have approx 5 meters of margin. All good for us, fortunately.

27th Jan 2013, 09:37
GeeZuss! It's throwing it down now!!! :uhoh::uhoh:, torrential! Shed is flooded!. as are my good mates possessions I was minding for him :ugh: We're well clear of the Nerang River, more localised here around Sun Valley Park!!! 7k back from the beach, guess there's gunna be a wait till the Sea clears up, that's thousands of gallons that's washed into the Ocean

:sad: Nothing better than a fine glassy wave breaking into crystal clear water

Worrals in the wilds
27th Jan 2013, 11:27
Moby-It's Raining Again - YouTube
Sadness like water,
Raining Down...:(

Sorry about your shed.

27th Jan 2013, 11:36
Ah well......you get that 'living in Paradise' don't you Worrals....You're down around Budds Beach? Hope you're keeping dry!!!

27th Jan 2013, 21:59
Hope your shed is the full extent of your problems.
The TV coverage looks grim.
Who woulda thunk a degraded little Cat 1 cyclone could pack such a punch.
Guess it doesn't help to realise you've got most of our rain down there too.

Stay dry folks. :(

27th Jan 2013, 22:10
"Who woulda thunk a degraded little Cat 1 cyclone could pack such a punch."

The cyclone that was in the NT 2 Xmas's ago was only a Cat 1,
the eye passed right over us, it was eerie and then of course
dumped on everyone which people weren't expecting.

Anyway, hope you lot all come through OK :ok:

27th Jan 2013, 22:25
Thanks Cooda., hoping so, a hell of a lot of rain we had, and that has stopped but the wind is still howling!, shredded leaves litter everything :{, a friend had a tree onto her car :uhoh:, but at least we still have power......Mrs Fliegs just cooking breakfast now... :) Just watching an elderly neighbour gather Mangos from his front lawn, all the ones that have blown off that were too high for him to reach :)

27th Jan 2013, 23:02
Oh, wait, rains back...

Oswald creates weather chaos in Queensland - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-01-27/queensland-floods-as-oswald-moves-south/4486174)

You are right, never expected the tail end of a cat 1 to cause so much mess....

Warnings remain as Oswald moves closer Gold Coast Weather | goldcoast.com.au | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia (http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2013/01/28/446191_weather-news.html)

Worrals in the wilds
27th Jan 2013, 23:42
The wind has been phenomenal :eek:.
I've never seen it so high for so long here, though my dad reckons they got a few like this in the 1950s.

Thanks for the thought Fliegs, it's all good, glad you're the same :ok:. It would have been a rocky ol' night in the Q1 Penthouse!
Q1 (building) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q1_%28building%29)

28th Jan 2013, 00:01
Mrs Fliegs just showed me a video on facebook, of all the foam that washed over the beach up at Alexander head (?), crazy thing out of the foam, comes a car!! Just saw it on the news too actually, don't see it on (or can't find it on) you tube just yet......

28th Jan 2013, 00:30
I'm not the sort who can stay indoors for 2 days in a row, so we took a drive to Hinze Dam - access denied. What's the point of having sightseeing areas when they close when there is a sight to see?:\ Reports are that water is spilling over the spillway, but not expected to get much worse. Would love to see Little Nerang Dam, but roads closed. A lot of broken trees etc but not really at all bad considering.

28th Jan 2013, 01:11
D1300 Killing me being stuck inside too!! Was thinking Purlingbrook Falls would be worth seeing today, but unlikely to get up to Springbrook, maybe up the back way......but those roads probably closed as well.:hmm:

Worrals in the wilds
28th Jan 2013, 01:40
Lamington and Springbrook NPs are closed, according to the Parks website. That's not to say you couldn't sneak in, but I'd guess that a lot of trees are down and tracks have slid. No-one will be very happy to hear from you if you enter a closed park and end up in a pickle! :ouch:

As you say, the roads are also likely to be in a bit of a mess.

EDIT: apparently the PB falls lookout is open, though the track is flooded. Maybe the Sprinbrook road is okay...
Purling Brook Circuit is closed due to flooding of walking track causeway. (Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing) (http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/park-alerts/11754.html)
For the vid...
Car emerges from sea foam narrowly missing police | Sunshine Coast Daily (http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/videos/car-emerges-sea-foam-narrowly-missing-police/17187/)

28th Jan 2013, 01:55
Thanks WITW, Mrs Fliegs just showed me another one on FB the bbroken glass and roof blowing off the building opposite the ANA building...behind Surfers City Backpackers?....Sure glad that didn't come down on someone!!

28th Jan 2013, 03:31
ABC News Special this afternoon at 5:00pm AEST.

Live coverage and breaking news from the Queensland and NSW flooding and the Victorian Bushfires. Isn't this a fabulous country? If only we could get it all together. Using the floods to put out the bushfires. :ok:

28th Jan 2013, 03:34
We decided not to head up Pine Creek Rd - the back road up Springbrook. A lot of road debris, and a few places where there was shallow water over the 'Russ Hinze Raceway (aka Numibah Valley Rd aka Road to Natural Bridge). Out of respect for SES and First Responders I would rather set the example of being cautious. But I think Purlingbrook must be spectacular today.

28th Jan 2013, 03:42
I'll be sure to look out for the 'David' barriers when next I'm out there!!

28th Jan 2013, 07:49
Holy Hell!! The rain is back!! As Torrential as before!!, it's POURING down!!! Sheets of torrential rain once again marching down the road in squally gales.....and to think we had 10 mins of sunshine this afternoon!!

28th Jan 2013, 08:01
We had 22 inches in 4 days, sunshine today and elctricity is back on. :D

John Eacott
28th Jan 2013, 08:04
Well, quite where this driver came from isn't too clear :eek: :p :D


28th Jan 2013, 08:22
It's a beauty isn't John?!? Some more amazing ones on facebook (That Mrs Fliegs has shown me) that haven't hit you tube yet!!

29th Jan 2013, 10:38
For the Gold Coasters here - get to see Hinze Dam as soon as you can, while the water is flowing over the spillway. I know that as world dams go Hinze is a non-event even after the capacity was doubled, but quite impressive for a local show of water power. Gates are open from 6am to 6pm every day.

1st Feb 2013, 06:01
Rocky airport


The Fitzroy river is at 8.5 meters...

1st Feb 2013, 07:06
I've seen the water level higher than that at Rocky, with the whole threshold and about the first 700 metres of the runway under water.

1st Feb 2013, 07:16
yeah... so what's the little sleet we have here. Hope you'll be ok.

Worrals in the wilds
1st Feb 2013, 09:19
You get that.
Seriously, pretty rotten new year for a lot of people. :sad:

1st Feb 2013, 09:25
Too true,Worrals...

Takan Inchovit
1st Feb 2013, 09:26
Well it wasn't cold, on top of all that. :sad:

1st Feb 2013, 12:39
Here's a 2-minute look at the Hinze Dam on Tuesday 29th: