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27th Jan 2013, 06:10
For once an interesting article from the beeb about seat allocation on a TLV flight. I believe allocated seating on a route like this should be made compulsory.

BBC News - The Middle East conflict at 35,000 feet (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-21185791)

P6 Driver
27th Jan 2013, 07:59
The irony of posting this on Holocaust Memorial Day isn't lost on me (I'm not suggesting that was deliberate, by the way).

Perhaps some people could do well to examine their nations recent history and take on board some lessons of tolerance and compromise. Just a thought - and it's not rocket science.

27th Jan 2013, 08:06
I wouldn't put Israelis on the same aircraft as anyone else. Problem solved.

Probably a very South African solution but one that works.

27th Jan 2013, 11:01
Well I have always found Israelis friendly and passionate, with a desire to talk / argue with each other .... rather more so than some other nations.
However at 35,000 ft in a 707 en route to TLV the number of people moving up & down the aisle was enough to upset the aircraft trim. Pain in the ass in those days of manual thrust levers, so we added a bit of pilot induced turbulence and flashed the seat belts sign. Worked for a while, but they were soon on the move again. Rather endearing really. :)

28th Jan 2013, 19:46
I think that the Middle East Conflict would be more appealing to me were I at 35,000 feet with a load of JDAM / GBU-31's on board, and a very, very liberal RoE. I don't think this dialogue thing is working out too well, actually. :p

28th Jan 2013, 20:19
That flight sounds much more civilized than a charter jet packed with Manchester holidaymakers on their way to Malaga.

29th Jan 2013, 07:43
There is always one 'fact' which throws doubt on the rest.

One unfortunate lady found herself stuck inside the lavatory, pushing on the door but meeting resistance from the mini-congregation now gathered outside.

As we all know, toilet doors fold inwards!

29th Jan 2013, 07:51
That's why she couldn't open it, but being pig headed she just kept trying and blaming everyone else....:hmm:

29th Jan 2013, 10:00
Not all toilet doors open inwards. Only the caravan concertina style do.