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tony draper
26th Jan 2013, 20:16

Right here yer go,no sharing of bunks remember we are Englishmen,:=

green granite
26th Jan 2013, 20:16
Lots of room. :ok:

Big Hammer
26th Jan 2013, 20:17
Wow!! Nice ship, will go explore and report back.

26th Jan 2013, 20:17
I'd better go inspect the pumps in case they need to be started in the morning.

26th Jan 2013, 20:17
CCTV footage recovered of the final moments of the old tub...
A good reason for flying to Shetland !!! [HQ] - YouTube

26th Jan 2013, 20:18
Eternal Father strong to save
Whose arm has bound the restless wave
Who bids the mighty ocean deep
It's own appointed limits keep
O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in Peril on the sea

Oh Christ whose voice the waters heard
And hushed their raging at Thy word
Who walkest on the foamy deep
And how amidst the storm did sleep
O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in Peril on the sea

Eternal Father strong to save
Whose arm has bound the restless wave,
Who bids the mighty ocean deep
It's own appointed limits keep,
O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in Peril on the sea.

Oh Christ, the Lord of hill and plain,
O'er which our traffic runs amain.
By mountain pass or valley low,
Wherever, Lord our brethren go,
Protect them by Thy guarding hand
From every peril on the land

O Spirit, whom the Father sent
To spread abroad the firmament.
Oh wind of heaven, by Thy might
Save all who dare the eagle's flight.
And keep them by thy watchful care
From every peril in the air

O Trinity of love and power,
Our brethren shield in danger's hour.
From rock and tempest, fire, and foe
Protect them wheresoe'er they go.
That evermore shall rise to Thee,
Glad praise from air and land and sea
Send "For Those in Peril on the Sea" Ringtone to your cell

Welcome to the Good Ship Trabb

26th Jan 2013, 20:20
Can confirm that Wholi is suitably installed in "commodious" surroundings aboard L/boat no 5 and will be delivered alongside in the near future

26th Jan 2013, 20:21
Igor the doorman is here.


Barstaff Martine and Gretchen.



Thought we better have some passport control girls as well.:ok:


That's the bar open then. Priorities first.

Btw Handsfree, yes the antibiotics seem to be working on my toothache, thank you.:ok:

26th Jan 2013, 20:21
I'm sure Send "For Those in Peril on the Sea" Ringtone to your cell
is not the final line of the tune I remember :p

26th Jan 2013, 20:22
Bugger ! Missed that bit.

Big Hammer
26th Jan 2013, 20:23
Right, bunk found and claimed, back to the bar. A large red sil vous plait!

26th Jan 2013, 20:25
Actually this lot are not bad either, on telly at present..


Big Hammer
26th Jan 2013, 20:26
Umm, should we not have a role call re H&S? All those missing shout aye!

Anyone seen Bunter?

26th Jan 2013, 20:27
Can you get one for me BH while you're there.
I'll be along soon just doing a risk assessment on the jacuzzi.

west lakes
26th Jan 2013, 20:27
Bunter will not be far away!

I'm here, minus yellow wellies!!

26th Jan 2013, 20:28
A large red sil vous plait

Never tried that BH.

Sounds French to me. I'll stick to Rioja thanks. I take it my large wine goblet that holds a full bottle has been transferred.

Big Hammer
26th Jan 2013, 20:32
HF, large one waiting on the bar for you. Ibby, are you sure that was yours?
Mrs BH wants a pair of those yellow wellies!

I suspect Bunter is checking out the galley supplies.

Curious Pax
26th Jan 2013, 20:34
[quote]I'll stick to Rioja thanks. I take it my large wine goblet that holds a full bottle has been transferred.

Oh dear - I seem to recall Mr Nigel confessing to something in that regard in the last days of the previous vessel. :eek:

26th Jan 2013, 20:36
I hope Wholi didn't mind, but 'Bumble' had never been in a Harrier before. :rolleyes:

DX Wombat
26th Jan 2013, 20:39
I take it my large wine goblet that holds a full bottle has been transferred.Did you pinch that from Radz? :ooh:
Found a nice, comfy, bunk with plenty of room for Bryn & Dilys and convenient for all facilities. :) :ok:

Big Hammer
26th Jan 2013, 20:44
HF, is the jacuzzi safe?

DX Wombat
26th Jan 2013, 20:44
Doggy Roll Call:
SBWH, Bumble, SBH & Coco & Jane, Nina and Nip, Bryn & Dilys, TBF's crew of Bandit, Pep, Daisy and Lady Mabel, Bob and Lucky Lexxity, Jess, Finn and Paddy West, Thor. That's all so far. Anyone missing?

Big Hammer
26th Jan 2013, 20:45
Cuthbert Dibble and Grub?

green granite
26th Jan 2013, 20:46
I see Timmcat fell in on the way over


26th Jan 2013, 20:52
Excuse me? My glass holds eleven bottles you lily livered lightweights. :=

Billy Bunter
26th Jan 2013, 20:55
Juscht schecking tha grog levels.

Satisfactory I'd say :O

26th Jan 2013, 20:56
Bit late now, but may God* bless this ship and all who sail in her.

- - - - -
* Or your own personal preference, of course.

Lon More
26th Jan 2013, 20:59
Almost missed the boat. I'm getting too old to walk on water.

26th Jan 2013, 21:00
Timmcat is living proof of the need for standby/safety L/boat No 5 "we also serve....";)

26th Jan 2013, 21:02
Did you pinch that from Radz?

T'were bought for me by Mrs IB, some ten Christmases ago. The stemmed pint beer glass marked "Petrus" is also mine.

26th Jan 2013, 21:02
I'll stick to Rioja thanks. I take it my large wine goblet that holds a full bottle has been transferred.

Believe it or not found one in Mr T's at £4.99 which is just as palatable as the £10 ones. Finished that so back on another.

Oh dear - I seem to recall Mr Nigel confessing to something in that regard in the last days of the previous vessel.

Knowing that we have fresh stock in the bar had to finish it before we left. Well that's my excuse.:ok:

Big Hammer
26th Jan 2013, 21:03
Right, oft to test the bunk, night sll.

B Fraser
26th Jan 2013, 21:05
Right here yer go,no sharing of bunks remember we are Englishmen

Apology accepted.

Lon More
26th Jan 2013, 21:10
no sharing of bunks remember we are Englishmen

Not all of us suffer from that curse FSL and there are a few couples around here.

26th Jan 2013, 21:12
Just had a thought as to where all the missing Podlonians are.

They is moonlighting as ball boys/girls or line judges at the Aussie Open Tennis Tournament. Still, it will all be over tomorrow after Mandy Hurry plays that bloke with a name similar to a classical composer, in the men's final.

Molly and Milo have made it aboard and have just gone out to find where the dog toilet is located.

26th Jan 2013, 21:21
Ooh nice :D

DX Wombat
26th Jan 2013, 21:23
Molly and Milo, there is a superb new Dog Lavatory in the specially designed cabin towards the aft end. Several sizes are available to suit your needs.


26th Jan 2013, 21:25
HF, is the jacuzzi safe?

It probably is now that my "problem" seems to have abated! :E

26th Jan 2013, 21:36
Nice gaff! - I'm off to snag a good cabin while the regulars are still in the bar ... :)

26th Jan 2013, 21:52
Fairly new to this and not really following :rolleyes:

'night all

26th Jan 2013, 21:53
I knew it would happen. Went out to the shops and almost missed the sailing of the new TRABB/ I am with Lon Moore in that I also do not walk on water.

Ms. DX - I think yerz forgot to include the wee Zoom lady doggie - Tali.

In any case happy as a "happy one" here that I made the ship in time. Off to look for suitable ranks quarters, the lifeboats are too hard on me old ear wounds.

Ta TA fur now -

26th Jan 2013, 21:53
So, a little over two hundred thousand responses on this topic so far, and to my knowledge one has read 'em all.

So have more than a few others one suspects.

26th Jan 2013, 21:54
Anyone seen Raoul the pool boy?

26th Jan 2013, 21:57
Aaaah AA SLF - in fact she did include said dog as the "SBH" = Small Brown Hound, which is Tali's nom de plume.

26th Jan 2013, 21:59
Anyone seen Raoul the pool boy?

Jeeeez you can't wait can you?!?!?! He'll be round at the normal time for your massage gal! Be patient. :E

26th Jan 2013, 22:13
Molly and Milo, there is a superb new Dog Lavatory in the specially designed cabin towards the aft end. Several sizes are available to suit your needs.

Maybe a tad tall for young Rowdy to leap up on yet.

Just watched that "World without end" one thinks one might have met an untimely end in those days for not keeping ones gob shut, when the upper classes said something I didn't agree with.:uhoh:

I've provided bar staff, bouncer and passport girls, I am NOT googling for a guy!!!

DX Wombat
26th Jan 2013, 22:22
Don't worry, there is a plentiful supply of puppy pads for SBWH.
:ok: Thanks Wholi - I wouldn't dare miss off Tali, Bryn & Dilys would be most miffed, not to mention herself. :\ I should also have mentioned the occasional visitors Con-Pilot's furry Grandkids (as he calls them) - the Woolly Mammoth Malamute puppies.
Oh the shame! How could I have forgotten the delightful Miss Pink. :O :O :{

26th Jan 2013, 22:30
Any news on Wholi's Wuffhound yet?

DX Wombat
26th Jan 2013, 22:35
Not heard anything recently but I hope it happens soon. :ok:
Time for bed so off to my lovely new cabin. Goodnight all, see you tomorrow. DV. :)

26th Jan 2013, 22:37
Evening all.
Just back from a quick visit over the Zoom border again, Weston this time, only to find I needed to make a pierhead jump to catch the new vessel. Looks like it will take some time to explore this latest manifestation, TRABbforce to all who sail in her.
Todays trip was actually the third trip this week into Ciderspace, as we were down at the Fleet Air Arm museum for a few hours on Friday afternoon. Nice to see a trio of Sea Harriers parked outside. (Apologies for aviation content)

26th Jan 2013, 22:55
Apologies to those who missed my 70th birthday party, I got trolled and then banned, on that very day.

It is very fulfilling to live one's alloted span and still be able to stand up on one's hind legs, living on borrowed time is a phrase that springs to mind.

Still able to hobble down to the beach and get airborne, winds not good recently but did find a healthy bit of south-west this morning and made the very best of it, hurrah!

26th Jan 2013, 23:02
Nice new ship; glad somebody remembered to bring the carboard boxes for under the billiard table.:ok:

One thing though; where are Ben & Antonio??


Never mind; I´ve hired this chap. He comes highly recommended by Ms Stockpicker, formerly of this parish, so he´s solid.
not sure why he´s wearing shin protectors :confused: but who cares really


26th Jan 2013, 23:18
Just watched the Graham Norton show with guests, Minnie Driver( oh yes I would!), Claire Balding and Steve Merchant, really funny.
They got Minnie Driver to read out the following names submitted for horses to the British Horse racing authority but rejected..true. BEN TIMOVER, NEIL ANBLOMEE, OIL BEEF HOOKED, ANITA HANJAAB, WILLY FISTERBOTTOM, ARFUR FOULKESAYCKE and HOOF HEARTED.

HOOF HEARTED was actually a name for an American horse.

Still not sleepy!!

formerly of this parish, so he´s solid.

Juud, too much information!!

Todays trip was actually the third trip this week into Ciderspace,

I normally do that every night when I run out of Rioja, either Magners or Stella cider does the trick.

26th Jan 2013, 23:26
He comes highly recommended
Nothing showing where it should be between his legs . . .

26th Jan 2013, 23:33
Hmmm, Nigel?? :confused:

Anyway, Limeygal, your question yesterday was answered (mostly) correctly by the boys.

We do indeed have 16 747-400 combi aircraft, where the front part is a normal pax cabin, and the aft part is a main deck cargo hold with space for 7 really big freight pallets and/or containers.
Or whales, or tigers. Or thousands of newly hatched chicks. Small trucks, racing cars, ships´s screws etc etc etc.

Floorplan looks like this:


27th Jan 2013, 00:07
Can't be many other airlines running combi's now.
747 combi's seem to be like the SP not many made.

Still not sleepy but having a sneezing fit!:ugh:

Still raining.

Hmmm, Nigel??

Twas the "solid" comment, thought it funny. My sense of humour however can be questionable.

27th Jan 2013, 01:07
Ooops ... nearly missed the new ship!! Sorry everyone, big celebration day here yesterday and I managed to score a nice new flag for us which is now flying above the bridge even as we speak ...


:E :E :E

27th Jan 2013, 01:37
I think I'm in the chain locker, but it's dark and I can't see anything
I got in the telephone kiosk at the pier but I think I dialled the wrong number..

27th Jan 2013, 01:52
That's not the chain locker, fliegle ... it's the captain's private wine bin. :E

27th Jan 2013, 02:02
and I managed to score a nice new flag for us which is now flying above the bridge even as we speak ...

Can't keep that up all the time, will have to change once we leave port. Don't want the world to think we all have "Shelia's" and drink permanently!

Off to bed see if I can sleep.

27th Jan 2013, 02:03
.....aah notisched vat chust afew ago.....
urgh.... BROON ALE !!!!!

27th Jan 2013, 02:19
There are three kinds of people in this world, laser ... Australians, those who would like to be Australians, and those with no ambition whatsoever.

One of our Aussie TV presenters wrote this some time ago ... but nothing has changed except the Prime Minister. :E

WE, the People of the broad, brown land of Oz, wish to be recognised as a free nation of blokes, sheilas and the occasional trannie. We come from many lands (although a few too many of us come from New Zealand) and, although we live in the best little country in the world, we reserve the right to bitch and moan about it whenever we bloody like.

We are One Nation but we're divided into many States. First, there's Victoria, named after a queen who didn't believe in lesbians. Victoria is the realm of Mossimo turtlenecks, cafe latte and grand final day. It's capital is Melbourne, whose chief marketing pitch is that it's "livable".

Next, there's NSW. It is the realm of pastel shorts, macchiato with sugar, thin books read quickly and millions of dancing gay-boys. Its mascots are Bondi lifesavers who pull their Speedos up their cracks to keep the left and right sides of their brains separate.

Down south we have Tasmania, a State based on the notion that the family that bonks together stays together. In Tassie, everyone gets an extra chromosome at conception. Maps of the State bring smiles to the sternest faces.

South Australia is the province of half-decent reds, a festival of foreigners and bizarre axe murders. They had the Grand Prix, but lost it when the views of Adelaide sent the Formula One drivers to sleep at the wheel.

Western Australia is too far from anywhere to be relevant in this document.

The Northern Territory is the red heart of our land. Outback plains, sheep stations, kangaroos, jackaroos, emus, Ulurus and dusty kids with big smiles. Although the Territory is the centrepiece of our national culture, few of us live there and the rest prefer to fly over it on our way to Bali.

And there's Queensland. While any mention of God seems silly in a document defining a nation of half-arsed agnostics, it is worth noting that God probably made Queensland. Why he filled it with dickheads remains a mystery.

We, the Lullaby League of Oz, are united, primarily by the Pacific Highway, whose treacherous twists and turns kill more of us each year than die by murder.

We are united in our lust for international recognition, so desperate for praise we leap in joy when a ragtag gaggle of corrupt IOC officials tells us Sydney is better than Beijing.

We are united by a democracy so flawed that a political party, albeit a redneck gun-toting one, can get a million votes and still not win one seat in Federal Parliament. Desirable, sure. But fair? Not when you consider Brian Harradine can get 24,000 votes and run the bloody country. Not that we're whingeing.

We've chucked out the concept of "fair go" in the downsized '90s. Instead, we want to make "no worries" our national phrase.

We love sport so much our newsreaders can read the death toll from a sailing race and still tell us who's winning, in the same breath.

We treasure our politicians, who talk about listening with such persistence it's hard to get a word in. We tolerate our Prime Minister, who is not only short but a Methodist, hanging offences in decent countries. And we like watching Parliament on TV because Natasha Stott Despoja is a total spunkrat.

We, the wicked witches of the land of Oz, want to make it clear this continent is ours and always has been. Mind you, Liberal Party polling shows that there were some people here before Captain Cook so we should address the issue once and for all. While possession is nine-tenths of the law, our ancestors were fortunate enough to discover that genocide, cultural extinguishment, baby theft and flour poisoning make up the other tenth. So Oz is now ours and that's that. Our midget Methodist master says we have no reason to feel sorry for killing more Aborigines per capita than the Nazis did Jews and Liberal Party polling says we're OK with that. Why don't we say sorry? In the words of our PM - because, because, because, because, because.

Now, can we just drop the whole thing before the Olympics start? Phew, with that nasty bit out of the way, we the Brain, the Heart and the Nerve of Oz, want the world to know we have the biggest rock, the tastiest pies and the worst-dressed Olympians in the known universe.

We don't know much about art but we know we hate the people who make it. We shoot, we vote. We are girt by sea and pissed by lunchtime. And even though we might seem a racist, closed-minded, sports-obsessed little People, at least we're better than the Kiwis. Now bugger off, we're sleeping.

27th Jan 2013, 04:27
It must be the excitement of a new ship as I've spent most of the night wide awake.

Jacuzzi has passed all safety tests with flying colours.
Next facility to be checked is the bar.
It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it.

Lon More
27th Jan 2013, 05:40
What a night.

I think I've somehow received Wholi's bug. As if that wasn't bad enough the insomnia fairy came to visit and brought the pinched nerve fairy with her. Presently suffering in the left side of the neck and the right shoulder. and I was also trying to remember what the name of something in English, tis a bugga getting old.

On the bright side, I found my long-lost copy of "Ace McCool"


27th Jan 2013, 06:46
Morning folks.

As I wasn't required for pump operating duty this morning have had a lie in.

Off to test the new showers now, before a swift walking of the doogies followed by breakfast.

27th Jan 2013, 07:11
If it carries on raining here we may well be in need of pumps,well at least most of the snow has gone. Trouble is its now running everywhere in liquid form,break out the liferafts please.

27th Jan 2013, 07:21
Just watched an episode of PanAm on the telly.

Why was anyone, anywhere, allowed to make that drivel and load it on to an unsuspecting public ?

For a start, no PanAm Captain of the 707 era was below the age of around 90 (or so they looked to a young sprog Second Officer like me, in those days ) so how can they let a 20 yr. old play the part ?

The views of 707 Jet Clippers were nice, and seeing the PanAm uniforms and logo on both flight crew and cabin crew brought back many memories, but apart from that .....

I sure won't subject myself to any more of that cr*p.

Scripts depicting aviation nonsense like this by some mythically named airline might, might, just be excusable to create the desired soap opera, but to besmirch the hallowed name of PanAm like this is sacrilege beyond any excuse.

Once proud PanAm crews must be turning in their graves.

27th Jan 2013, 08:00
Good morning all. Been raining lots here. Eventually dropped off at about 5.
Got workmen coming tomorrow, wish they weren't.

tony draper
27th Jan 2013, 08:47
Morning peeps,late again, went back to me bunk for a couple of hours after turning the wee fella over to next door for the dayshift,he still seems to be operating on a 24 hour clock so night time is for scuttling about and playing as well as the day,he was demanding his breakfast at 4 am.

Curious Pax
27th Jan 2013, 09:04
Sounds like you're training him to be on a 24x7 playtime interspersed with naps Cap'n. Maybe time to start teaching him that 2200-0630 are for sleeping?

27th Jan 2013, 09:05
New L/boat No 5 is one of they fully enclosed ones, very posh. No more pulling the tarp this way and that on cold wet nights. Loads of “high protein” rations (whatever that be) and enough water that one can wash once a fortnight:E.

Got a can of green paint and a brush so will wander the good ship, keep an eye on things and, most importantly, look busy and keep a low profile. Then, hopefully, t’ hossifer class (:*) will leave one alone.

27th Jan 2013, 09:11
Been wandering around the new ship to get me bearings and have come across a locked door on level 2 marked

Whatever could be beyond that door ?

green granite
27th Jan 2013, 09:45
Been wandering around the new ship to get me bearings and have come across a locked door on level 2 marked

Whatever could be beyond that door ?

handsfree, I believe it has been requisitioned by the Bruthers in case Ms Singapore Girl has to vacate her current place urgently to avoid being torn part by an angry mob.

27th Jan 2013, 09:56
Dint even get me feet wet! Good transfer procedure slfsfu.:ok:

Nice gaff! - I'm off to snag a good cabin while the regulars are still in the bar
So you've denounced being a regular then, eh? :=

27th Jan 2013, 10:07
Mutter, mutter, mutter Handsfree has found my stash of apple crumble, roly-poly pud and custard:(

DX Wombat
27th Jan 2013, 10:17
Can't keep that up all the timeDon't panic Nigel, I've got just the thing - British, with a great tradition, colourful, with a fine reputation for sport, determination and tenacity worldwide and with a design which should intimidate anyone thinking of trying to recapture the ship:


Mr D, Bryn wants to know if you would like him to have a word in young Rowdy's ear about antisocial behaviour and its consequences.

27th Jan 2013, 10:17
Thanks for that info Slfsfu.

Off to get my bowl, spoon and lock pick. :E

On the subject of grub, roast beef, yorkshires, roast spuds, carrots and sprouts is for tonights meal.

Busy day tomorrow: Mrs IB off to Blackpool and son and I are in court, regarding access to his children, which his ex has been denying him since last July, against an existing court order.

Big Hammer
27th Jan 2013, 10:21
Morning all, 8C but windy here. Seems all have settled into the new ship well.

27th Jan 2013, 10:23
DX Wombat - the flag of SLFSFU's proud nation.

(Eyes suitably averted and knuckle to forehead) I offer the thanks of one of the lower order:D

27th Jan 2013, 10:26
Hurrah! Good decision. Bought an electric tin-opener and used it today to open a steak-and-kidney pie for Sunday lunch. Sooo much less painful than struggling with a manual opener!

Much sympathy for those existing on ships' biscuits. Should one ask why? Perhaps not...

Very little snow here in the past week, just a teeny sprinkle. Not like when I lived in the Cotswolds and was cut off for a fortnight. We didn't complain, just got on with our lives. Had slit trenches to walk between buildings at work. The buses ran part way then it was on with the boots and yomp the final mile.

DX Wombat
27th Jan 2013, 10:29
roast beef, yorkshires, roast spuds, carrots and sprouts is for tonights meal.
Right everyone, dinner tonight is at Ibbie's place. Good luck for tomorrow.
Slfsfu :ok: My pleasure, I don't think we see enough of it. Bryn and Dilys approve RBG and a few others probably will too.

tony draper
27th Jan 2013, 11:25
The trick is with ships biscuit is to bash em twice on the table top to knock off the surface weevils,those buried deeper can be dealt with adequately by your digestive system.
Roast pork and all the trimmings today.:rolleyes:

27th Jan 2013, 11:31
Decided to go back to bed, didn't sleep but rested better. Rejuvenated, re-showered and ready to go.

Cornish pasty for brunch.

As off to Dubai one is stocking the body up with pork products (you can get pork in some places). Ham hock and bigos today, bacon and mushroom omlette tomorrow and gammon Tuesday. Oink! :ok:

27th Jan 2013, 12:01
On the subject of flags ... a friend of mine thinks there is an intriguing similarity (well, sort of) between the Aussie Aboriginal flag ...


... and this sunset pic I took a couple of years ago.


27th Jan 2013, 12:04

Nice gaff! - I'm off to snag a good cabin while the regulars are still in the bar
So you've denounced being a regular then, eh? :=

Perhaps I should have said "The other regulars"? - I'm not sorry, however, as the wife and I are in the three room suite with the private balcony on the upper starboard side :ok:

27th Jan 2013, 12:05
Afternoon all,

Seem to be covering the roasts, I'm doing Lamb, roasties and the veg cop out Broccol.

MSC Divina powered up in Malaga Port ready to go to Rome

27th Jan 2013, 12:07
No coincidence, I would have though Bluey! That's what it represents, No?

More flag ideas here, in the Annual Australia Day cultural cringe about our flag:

Your say: Flying the flag - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-01-25/your-new-australian-flag-designs/4484312)

tony draper
27th Jan 2013, 12:16
The Ginger Whippet still does not know what to make of the small furry suitcase nuke that has arrived in the family.

Solid Rust Twotter
27th Jan 2013, 12:25
Might be worth them both spending the night with you and then the days with SiL to make her aware that both she and the new land shark are part of the family, Admiral D.

tony draper
27th Jan 2013, 12:31
She rarely stays the night with me,mostly daytime hound watching,her mum finishes work at 5.30 each night.
The original Idea with the wee fella was he was going to spend his nights with me for the first six months but the galloping trots I had put the kybosh on that.Bro Draper and self take alternate nightshifts for the moment:uhoh:

27th Jan 2013, 12:51
Young Murray is a fine player, but his demeanour on court certainly leaves a lot to be desired. What a whinging, whiny, petulant little sod. Neither he nor Djokovic are particularly inspiring, perhaps since they are both ugly as sin, but at least the former behaves like a proper athlete. The best man won indeed.

T was strange watching the Oz open men´s finals without rooting for either player. Makes the watching of the actual tennis more enjoyable, but the match a bit boring.
When I mentioned a few days back that Murray has the kind of face only a mother can love, No2 observed that Murray is looking great (for being Murray). With a team of branding/advertising people making sure he looks his very best... :uhoh:

Anyway, why does OZ need/want a new flag? What´s amiss with the current one? Too close ties to the old country perchance?

Nice pic Bluey.

Snow bucketing down here, viz limited.
Wiking and offspring left brekkers debris on the table and are away to the sky flying in Vikersund. Won´t be looking like this:

At home, No1´s Uganda laundry is drying everywhere. Shoes, slippers and other clothes articles floating about, and the whole thing livened up with the entire contents of the dogs toy basket artfully spread about. Kitchen´s a mess too.
Whole pace looks like a total tip in fact. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v479/flapsforty/smilies/grinning-smiley-045.gif

First order of the day is to wrestle the dog into her snow suit and boots, then myself ditto and go for a goodish walk.
Then perhaps a spot of tidying. ;)

Hankering for a fag today, PIA.
No, not gonna give in. :ok:

27th Jan 2013, 13:11
Just watched the Brentford v Chelsea match. Kept hearing the commentator saying the name Trotter, and thought Del boy would be proud of him, however is spelt Trotta, obviously not a Londoner!

Murray's antics are pretty bad never liked the guy, not that I watched the tennis.

Bluey, tis probable where the Aboriginal's got the idea from, btw great picture of a sunset.

Perhaps I should have said "The other regulars"? - I'm not sorry, however, as the wife and I are in the three room suite with the private balcony on the upper starboard side

There's me looking through all the circuit diagrams and trying to still find my cabin. Thankfully no Lithium batteries on this boat, save for laptops etc.

27th Jan 2013, 13:15
MSC Divina just passing, Rome on Tuesday morning.


wings folded
27th Jan 2013, 13:15
Roast pork and all the trimmings today.:rolleyes:

Don't have a dog any longer, so feeling a bit out of it, but would be interested to know the detail of your list of trimmings for roast pork.

DX Wombat
27th Jan 2013, 13:19
Stick at it Juud, you will win in the end. :ok:
That made me smile about the MRH Mr D, a case of be-done-by-as-you-did. ;)
When I went to bed last night there was about 8" of snow lying around. When I got up it had all gone. After a false start with a sleet and hail shower we now have blue skies with some fluffy white clouds but it's windy again. I'm higher up here than Yeadon but the winds are particularly tricky there today being from the Southwest 24kts and gusting (speed not given). This made for an interesting interlude a little while back when watching Flightradar as a certain Loco aircraft, with the unenviable reputation for landing there in even worse conditions, decided that discretion was the better part of valour and went around. The resulting pattern* was quite fetching - all loops, a bit like someone had dropped a stitch when knitting.
I need to wash my hair, back later. :)

*If you click on an aircraft you are watching it produces a track of its route flown for that flight. :ok:

tony draper
27th Jan 2013, 13:22
Well SILs is crackling(of course)sage and onion stuffing, sprouts, sweet corn,yorky puds,new taters roast taters,oh yes and those wee white turnips,pork gravy of course.
Most nice it was,pork done to a tee,just melted in ones gob,crackling spiffing as well,one loves crackling.
I was always a fair plain cook but I could never get crackling right when I did a pork joint.
I know how to do it theoretically of course.

27th Jan 2013, 13:34
I used to remove the skin from pork and, after scoring with a Stanley knife, salt it liberally, rubbing the salt into the cracks, before grilling it at the top of a hot oven.

Since I stopped using salt (blood pressure was astronomical), I no longer do this, but it is a technique that works.

27th Jan 2013, 13:36
Wishing you all calm seas and fair winds.

One of those great "fail" moments.


wings folded
27th Jan 2013, 13:41
crackling(of course) yes
sage and onion stuffing, yes
sprouts, Yes
sweet corn good grief, no,
yorky puds, yes
new taters yes
roast taters, of course
oh yes and those wee white turnips, naturally
pork gravy of course. goes without saying

Glad to see no apple jam on the plate; a southerner's affectation that would be.

27th Jan 2013, 13:48
Anyway, why does OZ need/want a new flag? What´s amiss with the current one? Too close ties to the old country perchance?
Don't really know, Juud ... it's one of those controversial issues that pops its head up now and then ... I suspect most people don't really care. Nothing wrong with the flag we've got anyway, I think it looks very smart.

27th Jan 2013, 13:53
I do NOT want to be anywhere near this

Gale warnings - Issued: 0953 UTC Sun 27 Jan

Southwesterly storm force 10 continuing

Shipping Forecast - Issued: 1030 UTC Sun 27 Jan

WindWest backing south or southwest gale 8 to storm 10, perhaps violent storm 11 later.Sea StateHigh or very high, occasionally phenomenal.WeatherThundery showers, rain later.VisibilityModerate or poor.

27th Jan 2013, 13:55
That's why I like ham/pork hocks, plenty of skin to turn into crackling. I generally cook them slowly, then stand on an end so all the skin is exposed and put the oven on about 220C, always works for me.:ok:

I leave the ham out of the bigos, fry a small onion and some garlic until soft. Drain the liquid off a jar of kapusta kwaszona, make some veg stock, can of tomatoes, some tomato puree, pepper and caraway seeds. Add some stock to simmer said mixture. Put in some new spuds and continue until spuds soft. Scrummy.:ok:

Lon More
27th Jan 2013, 14:33
From someone here's family album?


Actually from here (http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=ForumsPro&file=viewtopic&t=14429)

DX Wombat
27th Jan 2013, 15:18
Obviously persons of great taste Lon. :) Tin tent, nice car and a good aircraft and a dog too - what more could you want?

Spitfire of the US 307th Fighter Squadron at Paestum, Italy after being accidentally shot down by American anti-aircraft gunners days earlier,
Some things never seem to change. :(

wings folded
27th Jan 2013, 15:40
Tin tent, nice car and a good aircraft and a dog too - what more could you want?

A proper armchair?

Rather be Gardening
27th Jan 2013, 15:52
Amazing photos, Lon, utterly mesmerising. How young they were, and how brave.

27th Jan 2013, 16:10
Gives a whole new meaning to "Mounted Policeman"...


tony draper
27th Jan 2013, 16:38
Yon Spitfire looks more like a Hurricane to me?:confused:
Must remember two eggs on to boil,. must remember two eggs on to boil,must remember two eggs on to boil.:uhoh:

Big Hammer
27th Jan 2013, 17:08
FSL, don't forget the eggs!

27th Jan 2013, 17:09
Why is it, when all routes for vehicles are given as the way they are heading to, that winds are quoted according to where they are coming from ?

Strong westerly blowing here.

wings folded
27th Jan 2013, 17:13
Eggs are knackered by now unless you took pprune advice.

Lon More
27th Jan 2013, 17:26
what more could you wanta nice warm pussy to stroke?

27th Jan 2013, 17:28
Sorry about the quality sunset over Ibby's direction


Lon More
27th Jan 2013, 17:51
From the same site as the previous one, I bet the vibrations wer intense,

Look at the lumps out of the prop.

27th Jan 2013, 18:07
Look at the lumps out of the prop. Why the BBMF don't fly in rain.

tony draper
27th Jan 2013, 18:14
Two unexploded hard boiled eggs successfully constructed,will be having egg and tomato sarnie a bit later.
Mark Knopfler documentary 9.30 BBC4 tonight,recorded it first time round,gonna watch Brian Cox's Wonders of Life in HD.

27th Jan 2013, 18:26
I'm shuffling my planner around like crazy, know they want to compete, but so many programmes seem to be on at 9 or 10 pm.

There was a LOT of crackling on that hock.:ok:

27th Jan 2013, 18:32
Went with the family to my sisters today and drove back via Coulsdon and Purley in south London -- I was brought up there.

I drove past the church I was christened in, the shop where I did my paper round and the place where I got my first Saturday job. Bearing in mind I may be retiring in days it made me a little bit melancholy as the memories flooded back.

This was on top of the fact that at my sisters I picked up my Grandad's WW1 medals. As with Dad's I'm going to have them cleaned, mounted and framed by Spinks. Along with them came a fantastic photo of Grandad with eight of his comrades somewhere in France.

Grandad copped a Blighty wound on Day 1 of the Battle of the Somme. What became of the others I wonder?

tony draper
27th Jan 2013, 19:02
Not many of the old streets and shops of my childhood left in Gateshead now,all cleared away in the madness of tower block and maisonette building splurge of the sixties,most of which have been demolished since themselves.

27th Jan 2013, 19:43
I took my wife around the place where I grew up in the '50s and '60s; what amazed me most (apart from the amount of traffic) was how the streets had shrunk. I could have sworn that they were wider than that. I hardly recognised our old house, what with extensions, double glazing and the front garden paved over for car parking.

That encouraged me to spend a considerable amount of time on Google Earth looking at all our family's old houses.

In fact, I've just remembered one or two I've missed!


Capn Notarious
27th Jan 2013, 19:52
Would some kind soul put this on the briefing board.
Capn Notarious is indesposed
•Joints and Muscles

All systems affected: Sore cracked hands; now restored using cream from the land of Pink.
Must congratulate Master Draper: inspired idea to connect rowing machine to the main propeller shaft.
That should dissuade people from bad behaviour.

27th Jan 2013, 20:24
Watching Cool Runnings. A rather poignant line by John Candy about winning. Lance Armstrong should have taken note of it. :rolleyes:

27th Jan 2013, 20:25
connect rowing machine to the main propeller shaft

Double drums! the Admiral wants to go water-skiing....

DX Wombat
27th Jan 2013, 20:36
Sea Shanty Group please note that the meeting this week will be held at 19:00hrs prompt on Monday, in the Hossifers' Lounge. This week's shanty will be What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor? All Hossifers are to report for extra PT at the same time - location aft of the bridge.

27th Jan 2013, 20:48
Evening all,

just upgraded my flight to Tanzania in a couple of weeks and now the bl***y system won't let me choose my seat. :suspect:

Went to see that Django movie earlier today. Had Red Snapper for dinner, excellent.

Boring day, when you come to think of it.

tony draper
27th Jan 2013, 21:08
I thought Wonder of Life was very good Mr Cox kept it simple enough so even folks without sheds could understand.

27th Jan 2013, 22:21
Just watched it. Wish he had been my Maths, Physics and Chemistry teacher. Learning would have been a lot easier and more fun.

27th Jan 2013, 22:45
Had a frustrated sheddist-ish outing this p.m.
1. to lend (I know, but he's Asperges and therefore gives back) a Torx bit to a fellow sheddist who was repairing a heater. Turns out that the Torx he wanted was to fit a fixing with a 'security pip' in the centre. Offer rejected, of course, but I know I have such a bit... but where?
2. to give a sheet of 2mm polycarbonate to a model builder who needed same. Turns out that what I offered was 50 mm too short.

Oh well, :ugh:

28th Jan 2013, 00:42
Ginormous winds earlier, no flying, and reds on xcw all week. Shall have to buy the Jellygraph and do crosswords instead....

Jim - the pound shop does jelly-packs of security bits...


...or buy a set of cheap screwdrivers, pick one, and file a notch in the middle of the blade, I did a long-reach one and it's perfect for fan heaters.


28th Jan 2013, 05:22
Starting the pumps for the first time on the new vessel.

Now where's the green button?

28th Jan 2013, 05:59

Good morning all. A tad frosty outside but strangely seems warmer than the other day.

28th Jan 2013, 06:22
I told them it was a bad idea to use a green button for the missile launch system and why they put it in the pump room I'll never know.

Morning fellow voyagers.
Clear, bright and windy here.

I'm just waiting to see which of my local walks is going to be trashed by the route of the HS2 on it's way to Leeds.

28th Jan 2013, 06:25
Mrs IB has left the building, on her way to Pablo's Airport.

Another 20 mins and I shall be off to pick up son, then meet lawyers before court.

Extremely windy down here this morning, but a cloudless sky.

28th Jan 2013, 06:30
Good luck at court Ibbie. :ugh:

28th Jan 2013, 06:39
Afternoon all...

Strange goings on in the Tardis today. Fresh water and Black water tanks dumped for unknown reason. Natives of Posidon 3 not terribly impressed.....

Did some one press a large green button marked do not press:eek::eek::eek::eek:

28th Jan 2013, 07:01
Looks like I'm going to have to check the wiring again. Who built it? Thales???:ugh:

All the best Ibby, hope a certain female gets her come uppance today.:ok:

tony draper
28th Jan 2013, 07:20
Morning peeps,awoke in the early hours 5am watched news then fell into deep slumber,most refreshing.
Blue sky here not much sun,eastern horizon must be obscured.

28th Jan 2013, 07:32
I've had a look at the detailed maps for the HS2 route in my locality. You would think it has been deliberately routed to bugger up all my favourite walks.
Looks like the East Midlands Airport Hilton gets flattened as well.

Such is the price of progress

28th Jan 2013, 07:47
Morning all,
Not much sleep, too windy gusting 55Km/hr, have fished the pot plants out of the pool.

Clear skies and warming up.

Shopping awaits and a mate to collect, his car in for the third time as they try to fix his clutch.
Might have a beer while in civilisation and imagine it's Holts which will be a challenge.

Good luck Ibby.

tony draper
28th Jan 2013, 07:53
Re the HST,if hey are that keen on helping the North why dont they start in the North and build South?,but no any money knocking about has to be spent in the SE before it runs out.:suspect:

28th Jan 2013, 07:59
Not bad here, the sun is out and it's milder.

Just watching the two people here who everyone knows are having an affair chatting with each other. They think we don't know, but the body language is bloody obvious -- it's really funny.

Not to mention the fact they've been seen canoodling in the bar of a hotel outside the confines of the Wharf.....

Herr D - the SE of the country is what props the rest of it up!! All the other regions are takers, not givers! Still as an arch Keynsean I agree with you!

tony draper
28th Jan 2013, 08:07
Twas ever thus,the SE hoovers everything in and then hands it out sparingly and expects us to be greatful? I would transfer the Capital to a proper English City like York Budicca should have done the rest of the country a favour and polished London off for good.

28th Jan 2013, 08:20
Things've 'appened?!
To celebrate, then?
P.S At the weekend I woke up just in time to see my spouse negotiating with a big fat furry cat: "Ok now, move, I need to put the kettle here." and the mute response on her face: "Dream on, old man."
The cat has trained the owners to her being present everywhere on tables and work tables... well, everywhere. My spouse is not especially fond of cats, as you might have guessed.
I quite like them in general and that one specifically. Too bad I'm so clumsy with cameras, the cat's face was really expressive.

Lon More
28th Jan 2013, 08:21
.... and whilst we're clearing up the mess, and if you wish to do something that might help keep Scotland in the UK, get Bettty to change it to QE1 She might be QE2 of the southern bit but there is even a precedent; James the 6th is considered to be James 1st by english historians

Scottish Breakaway by Alex Campbell.wmv - YouTube.

tony draper
28th Jan 2013, 08:23
Lots of pics of lighter than air machines here.:ok:
Warbird Information Exchange • View topic - Airships ... (http://warbirdinformationexchange.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=48418)

28th Jan 2013, 08:25
just asking - if Scotland gets independent and out of the EU consequently, could the rest join it and form the United Scotland and save the expenses of voting about 'be or not to be' in the EU? :8

28th Jan 2013, 08:33
Just watching the two people here who everyone knows are having an affair chatting with each other. They think we don't know, but the body language is bloody obvious -- it's really funny.
Puts me in mind of the time I was having lunch with a friend, angels ... a couple came in and sat just a few tables away with their backs to us and from the ear-nuzzling, hand-holding, touching and other goings-on it was perfectly obvious that they were "together" in more ways than just having lunch.

My friend kept looking at them, frowning, and after a few minutes the penny obviously dropped because she turned to me and said, "@#!&* ... that's John bloody Smith!! I work with his wife at ***** and she's away on maternity leave at the moment." I commented that his wife appeared to be in exceptionally good shape for someone who had just given birth, to which my friend replied, "That's not his wife."


We hatched a bit of a plan and after a few minutes we both walked over to their table. My friend introduced me to "Mr. Smith" who promptly dropped his fork and nearly choked on his entreé. I smiled sweetly and turned to greet "Mrs. Smith" neatly putting them both in the position of having to deny that she was indeed his wife. Well, they could hardly say she was his wife when my friend was standing there could they? :E

That seemed to put an end to the touching, giggling and hair-flipping. Put an end to their lunch too as they left about ten seconds after my friend and I went back to our own table.

I can be really evil at times. :E

28th Jan 2013, 08:37
Re the HST,if hey are that keen on helping the North why dont they start in the North and build South?,but no any money knocking about has to be spent in the SE before it runs out.:suspect:
Just think what you're asking for, FSL, if y're not v. v. careful it could peter out in somewhere like Peterboro, or Lootin.
Doesn't bear thinking about.

28th Jan 2013, 08:39
Excellent Bluey!!

Re the capital -- I think York would be a fine capital. Lovely place.

But first you're going to have put the rail fares up and quadruple the price of housing. :rolleyes:

28th Jan 2013, 08:58
Re the capital -- I think York would be a fine capital. Lovely place.

Wrong side of the Pennines Angels, Manchester is more central.:ok:

Workmen just turned up, they don't start too early do they! Not just the small bit of wall but the whole of one side. Fridges and freezer had to be moved. They reckon 2-3 hrs today and the same tomorrow.

28th Jan 2013, 09:06
Beautiful sunny morning, 41F, not a cloud in the sky and only a slight breeze. Snow still visible on the higher ground over on mainland Orkney.

28th Jan 2013, 09:24
... 41F, not a cloud in the sky ...
41C, not a cloud in the sky' Wanna swap??

28th Jan 2013, 09:39
Yer,alright. 8.7C and overcast here. :}

28th Jan 2013, 10:11
Apologies for late arrival, shipmates, and thanks to the pilot vessel for bringing me here. The ship's cat appears to have settled down on my bunk. Can I bring my melodeon to the sea shanty rehearsal this evening?

28th Jan 2013, 10:43
They are on permanent breaks. Only one of them works at any time, house covered in dust. Will take about 2 hours to clean up.

Neighbour came and asked if I was staying in as she has a parcel coming, well yes I said. Told them I might be moving and both her and her Mum said..."you're not", they don't want the prospect of a bad neighbour coming in here. They run the residents association btw.

tony draper
28th Jan 2013, 10:48
Question? just been stopped by neighbor,his missus has bought a new lappy,it came with Windows 8 installed,the entire fambly hate and loath the stupid touch screen interface,is it possible to revert to the Classic Windows Desktop with the old proper icons on windows 8?
Just been on a mission of mercy to the corner shop,poor lady devoid of copper change,so one dashed down wi ten quids worth for her.
One must remember to avoid dashing,even on missions of mercy.:uhoh:

tony draper
28th Jan 2013, 10:52
With all the traveling you do flitting hither and yon they will probably think you are a secret agent,or a drug smuggler,Mr Nigel,tell em your a freelance international hitman,that'll keep the buggas quiet.

green granite
28th Jan 2013, 10:53
Morning all.

Mr D, have a look here (http://www.classicshell.net/) for a possible solution to the Windows 8 problem

28th Jan 2013, 10:57
Mr D found this for you by googling.

"I had the same problem with my wife's XPS 17. I needed to restore basic functionality so disabling the touch screen was acceptable. However, unlike Vikin (but like you) I didn't have the "Use your finger as input" option in the control panel.

I tried to disable the N-Trig device driver in the Device Manager but the driver did not seem to have be correctly installed (after upgrading from win7)

I went to the N-Trig driver download site (Downloads & Drivers - N-trig (http://www.n-trig.com/Content.aspx?Page=Downloads_Drivers)) and downloaded the new drivers for windows 8 (I have the feeling they were not there last week).

I then when to the "Device Manager" options on the "Hardware and Sound" page of the Control Panel.

In the Device Manager display I saw a N-trig DuoSense Digitizers node with several sub-node underneath it (before dev driver install there was only one).

I right mouse buttoned on the item at the top, with a name ending in "Root Interface" and selected "Disable".

This successfully disabled the touch screen.

Shame to lose the touch screen but my wife did not use it and I was in danger of my life as it was."

Hope it helps.:ok:

tony draper
28th Jan 2013, 11:10
From what I understand they just want to use the common or garden mouse and click on desktop icons as god and nature intended,from what I have seen but never used meself I just know I would also hate bloody touchscreen,
And another thing,:= why the fek do we need a new rail route? we have to perfectly good routes up the east and west coast as it is,as far as I remember they already stop at the major cities,why just to shave a few minutes from the journey time? bloody madness,if it takes four hours to get to your destination take that four hours into account in your planning for gawd sake.

28th Jan 2013, 11:29
... 41F, not a cloud in the sky ...
41C, not a cloud in the sky' Wanna swap??
Not a chance! If it is too cold you can always put on another sweater. If it's too hot there's a limit to what you can remove :)

28th Jan 2013, 11:34
if it takes four hours to get to your destination take that four hours into account in your planning for gawd sake.
How far could you have travelled in four hours in 1850?

I understand that the stop for Nottingham and Derby will be adjacent to the M1, thus negating the time saved, as also for Sheffield.

Not expected in service before 2033 (and that's without delays) so I don't expect it will affect me.

tony draper
28th Jan 2013, 11:44
Been saying for years as a society we need to slow down,we seem obsessed with speed,why? besides the HST will not be finished until 2034,20 bloody34? who knows what will have happened by then,London might be a smoking fifty mile wide crater where the Thames used to be,we may have gone in with Scotland and be independent?the ice sheets may have trundled south again and Newcastle Central Station may be covered by a half a mile thick ice sheet as it used to be.
As for it being good for the economy bollix !! just means the guvmint will hoover money from the rest of us and hand it over to a bunch of London spivs as per.

28th Jan 2013, 11:48
Bloke on't box has just said there will be three guvments in that time so plenty of chance to cancel it. I don't quite see why the spend isn't on improving the existing, we all know it needs it.

Further, the imagine Holts failed miserably. Cruzcampo will never be remotely imaginable as Holts.

28th Jan 2013, 12:13
... both her and her Mum said..."you're not",
Sound like a couple of manipulating and controlling personalities there, laser ... ask them if they will pay your rent if you agree to stay.

... they don't want the prospect of a bad neighbour coming in here. .
I would have said it's really none of their business who rents the place. Unless they own the house they have no say in the matter.

They run the residents association btw
No surprises there then! :hmm:

I truly dislike interfering/nosy neighbours.

Lon More
28th Jan 2013, 12:17


28th Jan 2013, 12:28
I truly dislike interfering/nosy neighbours.

They're friendly enough with me thank God, but anyone who crosses them knows it. They clean the street from litter every week and th other day cleared the pavements of snow.

Workmen just get better (NOT!) just back from lunch. Do they ever do any work??

besides the HST will not be finished until 2034,20 bloody34?

Yet watching Dan Snow's locomotion, they laid 5000 miles of track of what was it? Just over 2 years. That was in the days before modern machinery and men used spades and picks. So why so long now??:ugh:

28th Jan 2013, 12:28
I'm puzzled as to why the planned HST line is supposed to heal the North/South divide. The two ends of the fork terminate way down south in Manchester and Leeds. :confused:

Personally, one shall continue 'healing the divide' with my one-man, five women and two sons-in-law team attempt to pacify Hertfordshire.

28th Jan 2013, 13:05
Tis just a method of moving the London commuter belt north of Birmingham.
Lord knows who will be able to afford to do it though.

28th Jan 2013, 13:18
Now they are having a 20min fag break in the van outside. Glad I'm not paying them.

Need to get out and get the new printer, mine has just about died.

28th Jan 2013, 13:22
Will HS2 retain the existing loading gauge?

Would've been a good opportunity for double-decker trains.

28th Jan 2013, 13:23
Lord knows who will be able to afford to do it though.

That's easy to answer, handsfree....The HS train drivers.

Son's ex was found guilty this morning and fined €200,as it's a first offense.

28th Jan 2013, 13:25
Son's ex was found guilty this morning and fined €200,as it's a first offense.

Well the first one she's been charged with. Roll on the others I say.:ok:

Bet she's spitting feathers, hope one chokes her!

28th Jan 2013, 14:33
Good news for once Ibbie
Let's hope it starts to awaken some sense in the woman.

It's more than draughty here - currently gusting 41 kts

28th Jan 2013, 15:06
Workmen eventually finished for the day. Been to Mr T's and got new printer. It's a model Kodak 3.1 and was £59. Got the cartridge price totally wrong as said thought colour was £21 and B/W £15. Cost for both in a twin pack was £21. Compare that with HP at £57 for two. Will report later as to it's functionability.

As I was at Mr T's saw Riverside sausage ( not had before) at £2 instead of £5. So got some black pudding as well, grill/fry up for tea.:ok:
Somehow a pack of 4 egg custards fell into the trolley, don't know how, but will mean 2 tonight and 2 tomorrow.:ok:

tony draper
28th Jan 2013, 15:30
Ah! that documentary about that Geordie guitar player is on iplayer.:)
BBC iPlayer - Mark Knopfler: A Life in Songs (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00xz0zx/Mark_Knopfler_A_Life_in_Songs/)

7pm BBC2 tonight a doc about a Welsh narrow gauge railways,:ok:

28th Jan 2013, 15:50
Thanks for the printer and little railway info gents.

28th Jan 2013, 15:53
Juud-good luck with giving up the fags. 20 years for me now, one of the best things I ever did :ok: Thanks for the a/c info

Nigel-how is your battle with the evil weed going? Well I hope

28th Jan 2013, 16:35
Printer easy to install. Doesn't have a usb lead with it so keep your old one, if you don't want to use wireless option. I'm on the wireless option was easy to set up, and can use my phone to print out stuff via google cloud.:ok:

Uninstalling all the HP software is what took nearly 20 mins, what a pain.

Must cook tea.

Must also try to ignore a question.:eek:

Big Hammer
28th Jan 2013, 16:37
Evening all, a good start Ibbie.

Laser, had a plumber creep in whilst we were out, new sink taps fitted and he even cleared the moss off of the consevatory roof. At least I assume it was him. :uhoh:

We use an epson printer as it was cheaper to buy new than cartridges for our old one. New ink is cheap as well

28th Jan 2013, 16:38
Nigel-I take then you are back on the gaspers. I send you a waggy finger :=

28th Jan 2013, 16:53
Uurrgghhh - printer software - that sort used to trash everything in my computer - back in my days of heritage computing - hope you have considerably better luck with it :ok:

28th Jan 2013, 16:55
Let's hope it starts to awaken some sense in the woman.

Don't hold yer breath!

More threats via the book of face and decrying the Spanish legal system.

28th Jan 2013, 16:56
printer software - that sort used to trash everything in my computer - back in my days of heritage computing - hope you have considerably better luck with it

Made the mistake of buying an HP printer once, never again......

Now running a Canon coz I can refill the cartridges without needing a chip resetter like I did with the last Epson I had.

west lakes
28th Jan 2013, 17:05
Epson scanner/printer here as the ink is cheaper!

I'll join the finger wagging at Nigel :eek: 2 1/2 years since I gave up! Just need to get MWL to do the same

28th Jan 2013, 17:08
Made the mistake of upgrading my laptop to Win 8. The printer wasn't recognised so I tried updating the drivers. End result was the computer has forgotten my fingerprint and disaster! My password as well. Now a very expensive and useless piece of electronic junk. The replacement will be an Apple product. :mad:

28th Jan 2013, 17:13
WRT the expected benefits of HS2 to northern cities, it has been pointed out that Doncaster has had fast rail connections to London for ages, yet Doncaster is hardly a boom-town.

Better to improve northern cross-country rail links.

28th Jan 2013, 17:21
I gave up the dreaded weed over ten years ago. Glad I managed it, just told myself that I was giving up and that was that. ;)

28th Jan 2013, 17:24
There is a lot of presumption around..I like that word.

Kodak software simple, as said HP was making me reboot every time I off loaded a certain bit. In total 5 different programmes/applications for the thing.

Those sausages were alright btw.:ok:

tony draper
28th Jan 2013, 17:28
Good Old Texas Boy tells a story.:E
MVI_3406.AVI By Jimmy Ferris Spur Texas - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zzabmVIU6EQ)

Lon More
28th Jan 2013, 18:04
What's all this about improving links to the north of Britain. Last time I looked Manchester was in the southern half.

Or has the gubbinment already accepted Scottish Independance?, and the North of England going with it?

Manchester then moves to middle England

green granite
28th Jan 2013, 18:48
Just watched the first in a series of programmes about the re-instatement of the Welsh Highland Railway, in the interview with the anti-railway protesters the one thing that stood out was they were all 'incomers' not a single Welsh accent among them. Interesting programme though.

28th Jan 2013, 18:52
If you can make it go on it, get the 1st train from the castle place, then catch the quarry train, then return, fills a day, fantastic views, did it last summer :)
They have Garrards on it as well;)

28th Jan 2013, 18:54
Did someone mention "INCOMING " ?:confused:


You mean " Garratts",built by Byer Peacock in Manchester.

28th Jan 2013, 19:00
Would that be a problem, IB?

Just installed Avast on my tablet, and the "Privacy Issues" bit has informed me that the web browsers I have installed can access web pages I have opened.......

Well, DUR!!!!!! :\

28th Jan 2013, 19:09
There is a lot of presumption around..I like that word.
Hey Nige, if you give people the facts, nobody needs to presume?
And just in case the fags are still with you; no shame in that mate. I tried to quit so many times I can´t keep count. So do most people, but will perhaps not admit to it. ;)

Good news indeed Ibbie; such a shame that through the kids, your son and his ex wife still have to stay in touch. They sound like a toxic mix. Then again, if I understand correctly from your posts, you do your very utmost to step in where possible to handle the contacts on his behalf. Very admirable, as there hopefully comes a time when parenthood should perhaps be mainly joy rather than effort and aggravation.
I really think you are making a great effort in a very nasty situation.

We´s gonna have a king we is.
Who´s also a part time company pilot and a thoroughly nice bloke. :ok:

28th Jan 2013, 19:16
IBbbie, aye ta M8, sweet they are and smell right ;)

Curious Pax
28th Jan 2013, 19:17
Have you flown with him Juud?

28th Jan 2013, 19:20
Hey Nige, if you give people the facts, nobody needs to presume?
And just in case the fags are still with you; no shame in that mate. I tried to quit so many times I can´t keep count. So do most people, but will perhaps not admit to it.

Got to admit with the events of last November, I succumbed again. Had given up for 6 weeks, no patches or gum, but found myself so stressed and upset was easy to start. Regret it, but until I come to terms with things, which I still haven't the weed is my master. Didn't help that I was in Dubai and they are so cheap there.

We´s gonna have a king we is.
Who´s also a part time company pilot and a thoroughly nice bloke.

Unfortunately so will we one day, can only hope it skips a generation.

tony draper
28th Jan 2013, 19:37
Got my wee lodger staying with me tonight,just as well I had a good after dins kip on me settee this afternoon,he had his second jab today so we will be able to take him outdoors in ten days,a good long walk in me park on his two inch legs should slow him down a bit.

28th Jan 2013, 19:50
a good long walk in me park on his two inch legs should slow him down a bit.Time to start getting him used to the leash with walks around the house.

tony draper
28th Jan 2013, 20:35
Hard to say how big he will be in ten days,SIL is going to wait and buy him a harness and coat nearer the time, I don't like a collars on a dog.
He was 1.2 kilos when we got him three weeks ago? seems longer,the vet weighed him this morning and he is 3 kilos(whatever they are.
Hmmm, just looked it up in me diary,21 days since we picked him up.

Lon More
28th Jan 2013, 21:18
Lieve de Koning

seems a nice bloke, almost met him in a pub in Scotland once when he was doing his Navy thing.

28th Jan 2013, 21:29
... he is 3 kilos(whatever they are.
That's just over six and a half pounds in the old munny, Captain. Obviously he has a good appetite! ;) :ok:

28th Jan 2013, 23:51
GG, the programme on the Welsh Highland Railway was indeed interesting, but painted a very rosy picture of the Festiniog Railway, with only a passing mention of " legal issues". It didn't mention that the FR once tried to buy the WHR trackbed to prevent its restoration in competition with itself. A version of events is here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_Highland_Railway) with an extract of the relevant part below. The actual situation is more complicated, but the FR does not come up smelling of roses, as the WHHR still does not have access to the WHR as originally agreed.

" Restoration

The WHR's restoration has a long, complicated and controversial history and includes several court cases and public enquiries.
The origins of the WHRL restoration efforts, tentatively began in 1961 when disagreements within the volunteers of the Festiniog Railway (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Festiniog_Railway)[10] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_Highland_Railway#cite_note-11) and a group of like-minded railway enthusiasts (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Railfan), joined to form The Welsh Highland Railway Society. This group is the precursor of what eventually became WHR Ltd., which owns and operates the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_Highland_Heritage_Railway) (WHHR). Legal problems meant they were unable to take over the old company so, in the 1970s, the group purchased the former standard gauge exchange sidings (the Beddgelert Siding) near Tremadog Road, Portmadog, from British Railways (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Railways)[11] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_Highland_Railway#cite_note-whrhistbrief-12) to use as a base. In 1980, they began running passenger services over the line that is now known as the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_Highland_Heritage_Railway). They also acquired an original WHR locomotive Russell (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell_%28locomotive%29), which began working passenger services in 1987.
In the mid 1980s, a number of FR Co. employees became concerned about impact of possible competition from a rebuilt WHR and passed this view on to the FR management.[7] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_Highland_Railway#cite_note-Johnson-8) In 1987, this resulted in a confidential offer to buy the WHR track bed from the official receiver for £16,000 in order to prevent the WHR being developed. In 1989, the offer became public, causing a backlash against the FR Co.[7] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_Highland_Railway#cite_note-Johnson-8)
In 1990, a change of directors resulted in the FR Co.'s decision to take over the restoration of the WHR.[7] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_Highland_Railway#cite_note-Johnson-8) After a long legal battle between the two companies, the FR Co. won control of the WHR track bed and it re-opened the railway in stages, starting in 1997. The line was completed in 2011. "

29th Jan 2013, 05:56
Morning all.
Positively sweltering hereabouts. +9C

Interesting stuff about the shenanigans in the world of restored railways Capt P.

On this day in 1830 ..........

City Airport Manchester - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_Airport_Manchester)

Known to me and thee as Barton Aerodrome

Lon More
29th Jan 2013, 07:15
Looks like the Dunnunda mob were slacking again.

Snow all gone here, back to heavy rain, but as i suspect the ground is still frozen/waterlogged some flooding may be imminent however 90% of NL will be under water before it reaches me.

Re Barton Airfield; many years ago, attending an interiew at Hamble, my RAF Flying Scholarship at Lootown was of course discussed and one of the board mentioned learning to fly at Barton, and the name of a pub he used to drink in. He was referring of course to Barton-le-Clay, about 6nm N of Luton. At that time i was totally unaware that there had ever been an airfield there, although some of the hangars were still extant in the 1980s. Anybody who knows the area will appreciate it is not the most safe of places to put an aircraft in minimal VMC
Location wise it was far from perfect the ground bordered by hills sweeping round anti-clockwise from Pulloxhill in the north as far as Hexton in the east, with the mighty Sharpenhoe clappers bearing down a mere 3/4 miles to the south with its canopy some 120 meters in height above the field.
Therre seems to be a lot of interest in the history (http://forum.keypublishing.co.uk/showthread.php?t=86219) of the site, where the Luton Aircraft Company (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luton_Aircraft) was originally sited.

29th Jan 2013, 07:18
Good morning all. Bluish skies out there.

Tooth starting to hurt again!:ugh:

29th Jan 2013, 07:39
Well, I don't know what happened there. I was so tired after all that unmentionable waving, that I just had a little drink from the emergency supply rum bottle in L/boat 6, and the next thing I know, I wake up in the bottom of the lifeboat 3 days later!

Glad to know we're fully crewed, I particularly appreciate Juud's recruitment efforts.

Bon voyage, everyone.

29th Jan 2013, 07:47
Morning all, rough night and we had a power cut in the early hours. Mild though at nearly 12C with gale force drizzle. :ouch:
Incredible how much weight dogs put on, but I suppose they have to do all their growing in a fairly short period of time. I can remember that the Newfoundland puts on about 5lb in weight a week for a time. You have to be very careful with their legs during this period as the cartilage and bone can be damaged. This means lifting them in and out of the car, this can sometimes have unforeseen circumstances where 'Chance' (the one I lost last year) expected to be boosted up into the boot every time we went out. This often caused much hilarity for strangers as I struggled to lift a 12+ stone dog.:hmm: 'Bumble' would just step in of course. ;)

29th Jan 2013, 07:47
There's an ad at the bottom of the page inviting me to "Meet Your Asian Lady Today".
Anyone know which deck ?

29th Jan 2013, 07:53
There's an ad at the bottom of the page inviting me to "Meet Your Asian Lady Today".

Lucky you, all I get is AA.com!!

green granite
29th Jan 2013, 08:06
Well, I don't know what happened there. I was so tired after all that unmentionable waving, that I just had a little drink from the emergency supply rum bottle in L/boat 6, and the next thing I know, I wake up in the bottom of the lifeboat 3 days later!

Oh Octopussy you really don't remember the shenanigans you got up to after we boarded? You had the hossifers all a tis-was.

29th Jan 2013, 08:09
Morning all.

Late rising...too much grog last night.

29th Jan 2013, 08:32
This new vessel seems to be well found,even the lifeboats are gin palaces'
Dull here but waiting eagerly for the 13C that has been promised, haven't got the sun cream out yet..
I hope Ricardian is battening down, it looks as if it will be a bit scuffly up there tonight..
Last year I had trouble with a damn pheasant scoffing all the food in the bird feeders, the bugger is back again and has figured out how to stand on the wall and empty the seed feeder in about one minute..

29th Jan 2013, 09:05
a good long walk in me park on his two inch legs should slow him down a bit.

Dont think so Admiral, the little buggers got no respect for Rank.

Only add I get on the bottom, is for Kogan electronics stuff.

Missplaced the Tardis again, need to get home for tea... Oh well, me box should be under the pool table. Or is that under the Pool:sad::sad::sad:

29th Jan 2013, 09:08
I really don't know what you can be suggesting, GG.

And a gentleman wouldn't have mentioned it, one has clearly misjudged you.

Ahem, yes well I'll just be getting along to my cabin now. Carry on, you lot. Nothing to see here.

29th Jan 2013, 09:09
1DC said I hope Ricardian is battening down, it looks as if it will be a bit scuffly up there tonight..
Definitely battening down up here. Orkney Ferries say "Passengers are advised that there may be weather related disruptions to various services this week. Passengers are asked to check the Company's website or check with the local offices for up to date information."
Forecast from the Orcadian website:
"WEDNESDAY 30th: Rather cloudy with showers or longer spells of rain and gale F8 or severe gale F9 SW to W’ly winds. Fair Isle and Orkney are likely to see the strongest winds with SW to W’ly winds possibly touching storm F10 at times with gusts of 70-80 mph.
Sea State: Overnight building very rough to high, with a 5 to 7 metre SW, later W’ly wind-swell. To the west possibly very high, with a 7 to 9 metre SW to W’ly wind-swell."

29th Jan 2013, 09:10
Morning. Overcast here and busy. Buy your holiday money now.

It's easy to give up smoking, I did it hundreds of times. :eek:

29th Jan 2013, 09:11
Morning all,

Beautiful day, dog following finished, now for the ant eradication.

What Ads ?

tony draper
29th Jan 2013, 09:13
Morning peeps,sorry for being late again,quite bright outside,windy through the night.
Missed the Welsh Railway thing shall watch it on iplayer

29th Jan 2013, 09:28

Dont forget to run msconfig (windows key + r enter msconfig ) and turn off any remaining HP bits, its a sticky bugger, hard to turn off everything.

29th Jan 2013, 09:35
Thanks Avi, just checked using msconfig, everything HP has gone thank goodness.

Workman, singular today just finishing off plastering the wall, then I have to clean up. The younger one who was here yesterday mopped the floor, but all he did was to spread the dirt out more. Will do it myself when he's gone.

green granite
29th Jan 2013, 09:43
Cpt_Pugwash thanks for that info on the WHR, fascinating stuff.

tony draper
29th Jan 2013, 09:47
Might still be summat lurking in the registry,try regedit.:)
Made a mistake the wee fella is only two kilos (whatever they are):)

Big Hammer
29th Jan 2013, 09:58
Morning all, wet and 12C so far. Lunch with no 2 daughter later. New taps installed in bathroom sink and moss cleared from roof. Just waiting on the rebuilding of the wall but suspect better weather will be needed. Probably some time in September. :*

29th Jan 2013, 10:15
Might still be summat lurking in the registry,try regedit.

Everything is working fine including the new printer. Don't like going in the registry, done it before and cocked up big time.:uhoh:

Not had breakfast today never mind lunch, supped a lot of tea though.

29th Jan 2013, 10:47
Made a mistake the wee fella is only two kilos (whatever they are)
He's almost four and a half pounds then. Solid little fella isn't he? :ok:

29th Jan 2013, 10:52
A bag of sugar's a kilo, MrD. That's what I use to envisage them.

Let's blame the ffilthy ffrench. :p

tony draper
29th Jan 2013, 10:56
He has a thing about doors ay the mo,he wants them opened so he can explore beyond thus he sits and howls like a wee wolf until they are opened.:uhoh:

29th Jan 2013, 10:57
Think the phrases, "Change the water" and "Rinse the mop out" are ones that the workmen don't know. They would be no good at swabbing the decks on the good ship Trabb. Should imagine they don't get asked to do it at home by their wives.

I think of a kilo by drinking just over two pints of beer.:ok:

Just had an email from a company that do USB microscopes. We need to verify the size of the laser spot, 60,100,200 and 400 microns. When I first started working on this laser we had a device called "Nanoscan". This was quite heavy but very accurate, however it wasn't toolcase proof and didn't like being bounced around. Also it used a PCMIA card that most laptops don't have now. So we now have a microscope, it's in a case but not user friendly and spot size measurement is speculative. So thought I'd go the USB route, unfortunately our QA guy wants traceability on the calibration, not that we can calibrate the microscopes as it is an etched graticule. The company that does the USB microscope can't do it either. So stuck with a heavy fragile microscope still.

I still use a mop and bucket. Don't like the new ones.

tony draper
29th Jan 2013, 11:02
No new fangled tackle like mops in my day,twere a bucket of soogee and a scrubbing brush that got the job done.

29th Jan 2013, 11:30
I still use a mop and bucket.
One uses a steam mop ... brilliant piece of kit that gets the job done and saves water too. :ok:

29th Jan 2013, 11:36
15c and damp here.

It's nice hearing the Robin singing his socks off the last few days but I'm sure I've heard more tuneful wheelbarrows.

29th Jan 2013, 11:38
See you might be getting a new flag Bluey!


Also in the news.
The French are bankrupt.
Southerners are going to steal our water.
Detroit doesn't look like a place to have a holiday!

tony draper
29th Jan 2013, 11:52
I have one of they new fangled digital mops wi a sponge on the end and a lever at the top that squishes the water out.
Very mild here today

29th Jan 2013, 12:42
he wants them opened so he can explore beyond thus he sits and howls like a wee wolf until they are op
I see young Rowdy is getting you trained! I have two dogs and two cats, so I have been well and truly browbeaten into being their slave. Despite having a cat flap, everyone still assumes I will open doors if they can't be bothered to walk around the house. Of course I do :O

29th Jan 2013, 12:52
Getting about a bit today.
Leicester this morning for mammogram. Not mine obviously.
Derby afterwards to book eye test. Mine this time.

Think I may just pop into the Exeter for a wee gargle afore hopping back on the Big Yellow Fun Bus.

River level is way up again. Usual sorry tale of flooded cellars and pub car park 3 feet under.

Friend that lives on his boat has had to use a boat to get off his boat.

29th Jan 2013, 13:13
Now that I have a nice pot of green paint and a brush – please desist from all of this talk of mopping and holystoning the deck, you’re giving me flashback nightmares:(

c/o L/boat no 5

29th Jan 2013, 14:24
Nigel: I think of a kilo by drinking just over two pints of beer

Doesn't a litre weigh a kilo? That's a fair bit less than two pints. Maybe this is where you've been going wrong.

I'm 4kg down on where I was three weeks ago. Have gone without a lot more than 4 litres of beer though :{

wings folded
29th Jan 2013, 14:38
A litre of water weighs a kilo, but because of its SG, a litre of beer weighs less.

A relative of mine who happens to be a brewer puts this forward as a good case for drinking beer not water to lose weight.

Whenever I share this wisdom, I appear to be confrunted by people whose sense of humour has gone u/s, and get a lecture on the metabolism of the alcohol converts to sugars which add to the carbohydrate intake, thereby... blah, blah.

At this point, I go off for a beer.

29th Jan 2013, 14:44
Doesn't a litre weigh a kilo? That's a fair bit less than two pints. Maybe this is where you've been going wrong.

I was going off the fact that 1 pint weighs 568gms, 1 Kg = 2.2lbs.........
Then I lost the plot somewhere!!!

Playing around on FB with settings. Suddenly a whole load of unread messages popped up. One from last May.........................I now find out that my eldest daughter (we haven't spoken in years, as I fell out with my eldest son who kept going back on to drugs etc), has given birth to a baby girl, Alice Luccia. Shocked as I thought she'd never have babies because of her heart condition.

29th Jan 2013, 14:59
(Psssst, Nigel, tell 'em you meant American pints).

29th Jan 2013, 15:11
Oh I meant American pints btw!

In a slight state of shock with the news, wrote back saying I'd altered settings and there she was. Just hope she replies, seems a lame excuse but half the time not a clue about FB settings.

Bigos and ham tonight, got some sprouts as well, but being seated on a plane next to me tomorrow might mean a bit of wind.

tony draper
29th Jan 2013, 15:20
I'm having biscuety bolognese as nephew Draper used to call it when he were a rug rat.:)

29th Jan 2013, 15:32
Me outdoor 'mometer tells me it's 16C. Been tackling the Virginia Creeper. No wonder I'm what no 2 son used to call swettinot.

29th Jan 2013, 16:39
Just about to enter the kitchen to produce a chicken passanda with a hint of madras. Garlic nan and rice to accompany.

29th Jan 2013, 17:14
Decided to do without the sprouts!

Eldest daughter phoning at 1830, hope it goes OK.


Got to admit cried my eyes out when I saw them.



29th Jan 2013, 17:30
Nigel-she's gorgeous. Hope the call goes well

29th Jan 2013, 17:54
Lovely baby. Since you understandably cried your eyes out, I presume you have done your utmost to MAKE that phone call go well Nige?

Long experience with out local hospital has taught me that if it´s something acute, you get speedy help. If it is not acute, patience is a virtue.
So downloaded 2 new books to my iPad, made a packed lunch, brought a bottle of water and a thermos of coffee. Paid half a week´s wages at the parking to be on the safe side and set off through the wet snow for the X-ray department.

Where the waiting room looked as if a neutron bomb had gone off.


Bend so, keep still, click-click-ratchet-click and before I knew it, I was back in the wet snow. :ok: