View Full Version : Nikon Film scanner question.

Old Photo.Fanatic
24th Jan 2013, 19:06
Does any ppruner know if the Film strip holder "FH-2" for NIKON Scanner III (30LS) is compatible with the NIKON Coolscan 5000ED scanner.?
The listed Film strip holder for the Coolscan 5000ED being the "FH-3".
Googled to no avail.
With thanks for any help on this.


24th Jan 2013, 19:28
Have you spoken to 'Grays Of Westminster'? What they don't know about NIKON kit isn't worth knowing. :ok:

24th Jan 2013, 20:39
Check with kenrockwell.com as well. Lots of info on Nikons. May be there.

24th Jan 2013, 21:35
Google says yes.