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Ballywalter Flyer
23rd Jan 2013, 07:58
Can you believe that a council in Ireland has voted to allow drink driving in rural areas of Ireland. :ugh::mad::mad::ugh:

Councillors vote to allow drink-driving - Headlines - Belfast Newsletter (http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/headlines/councillors-vote-to-allow-drink-driving-1-4707580)

A county council in Ireland which voted to allow people to drink and drive has been slammed for dragging the country back to darker days.

Road safety chiefs attacked Kerry councillors’ “unthinkable” backing for special permits to excuse rural dwellers from nationwide drink-driving limits

23rd Jan 2013, 08:38
What do you expect when you put the vote to a bunch of pub owners?

No doubt will be overturned by another vote (to which all those absent the first time will be present)

I'd be more interested to know how a vote can be taken with only half the councillors present. Isn't a quorum normally 50% plus 1? Also what excuses did the other 12 have for not showing up? Now that is disgraceful.

B Fraser
23rd Jan 2013, 08:44
They were probably too pissed to find the meeting.

23rd Jan 2013, 08:44
I saw that councillor from Kerry on BBC1 this morning, waffling on about 'da people in da rural areas suffering from isolation so dey should be allowed to drink'.

What an absolute w-anchor. I would have asked him how he'd feel if his family were sharing the roads with drunken drivers.

23rd Jan 2013, 08:52

23rd Jan 2013, 09:57
The idea is nuts. In recent years I've found it's perfectly possible to enjoy a social occasion without consuming alcohol, so I am not confined to my house in the evenings for fear of losing my driving licence.

I'm the first to admit that a few drinks of an evening can also be very pleasant, but only when someone else is driving.

23rd Jan 2013, 10:21
Taking into account the local culture I fully agree with them.
As Mungo Jerry sang: "Have a drink, have a drive".


Ballywalter Flyer
23rd Jan 2013, 13:57
But it is always the innocent ones that wind up getting hurt.
What kind of message does it send out.
Though I have to admit to believing that it was a comedy sketch to begin with.
Would the counsellors admit liability for future injuries caused by drink driving, as they have given them the green light?

23rd Jan 2013, 14:02
Would the counsellors admit liability for future injuries caused by drink driving, as they have given them the green light? Just to be sensible for a second, you have a local council passing a motion to request a letter be sent to the government Justice Minister asking for something they know he won't give.

They're making a political point to highlight the incidence of suicide and depression within the rural community - and it's got them publicity they wanted.

They know, the press knows - and you know - the Minister isn't going to issue and licences. :hmm:

Milo Minderbinder
23rd Jan 2013, 22:48
Come on, these are Kerrymen you're talking about, universally renowned in Ireland for their high intellect. Or lack of........ Irishmen joke about Kerrymen the same way the English joke about "thick Irish".....

The idea simply perpetuates the common perception of the daft Kerryman. I suspect this to be the first shots in a series of news releases designed to up the profile of Kerry in the public eye, with a view to regaining lost tourism. You can see the angle......"come and visit Kerry, home to unusual people...."

"Unusual" is used euphemistically

galaxy flyer
23rd Jan 2013, 23:02
It's OK to drink and drive, but NOT to be over the limit and drive, IMO.


24th Jan 2013, 01:34
Never a more self-destructive folk than the Eirish.

Bless 'em nevertheless.

Temp Spike
24th Jan 2013, 04:14
Knowing the Irish, Soon they'll be citing for sober driving and consider it a giant leap for mankind.

Loose rivets
24th Jan 2013, 04:33
If only they could ban sober people from the roads at turning out time.:rolleyes:

Bloke in Essex got done for a serious drink drive. He went to jail. A while later he zoomed round in the road outside the same pub, and hit a car. When he backed away from it, the word POLICE was kind of crumpled.

After about his fourth drink drive, he went to jail again. They had him making ladders in a nearby workshop - he did that kind of work anyway - and one day, he got back to the jail and they'd gone home for lunch. He sat on the doorstep waiting for them.

Then there was: And true it is, as sure as I stand here in my thornproof tweeds.


Standard Noise
24th Jan 2013, 08:28
It's all gone wrong.........oops!

24th Jan 2013, 09:45
Loose Rivets, I drive a RHD car, and the captain usually sits to my left. :(

24th Jan 2013, 10:07
The problem all over the Republic of Ireland in the last decade has been the isolation of rural living folk due to changing habits, changing demographics, immigration, rampant inflation etc. I seem to recall that the statistic was that 2 country pubs were closing each week over the last few years. The country pub has long acted as a hub to socialise, exchange information/news/gossip for the dwellers nearby. As there are less pubs, the visitors need to travel further to go to a pub, with almost non existant public transport possibilities, taxis mostly impractical and costly. I'm not sure, but I think the drink/drive limit equates to 1 pint or so, which isn't unreasonable. You could, of course, sip non alcoholic drinks, but over the course of many hours this might be lacking in popularity in a 'sociable' atmosphere. As many have done, you could buy cheap alcohol from a discounter and stay isolated at home, but we are social creatures......

Kerry is isolated, and during daylight hours begets the visitor some pretty heart stopping vistas as a result, it's roads and lanes quaint and unsuitable to anything but slow driving and certainly not under the influence of drink or drugs, or tiredness for that matter...Assuming that the Kerrymen are not as stupid as everyone's prejudices are indicating, it might well be a possibility that the driver could have drank 3 pints of beer over a 4hr period (or longer) and be perfectly capable of acting normally (though by blood/urine tests be over the limit). The pass being a legal way to not being sanctioned if stopped by the Garda. Every week in Ireland there are numerous fatal road traffic accidents, mostly involving young men. Many of these are found to be high on drugs after the post-mortem, sadly due to lack of roadside tests for such substances in comparison to alcohol. Obviously in a perfect world nobody would operate anything whilst under the influence of any drug/alcohol/medecine or even when telephoning := or in an angry state of mind, but in this Kerry case it is about preserving a very fragile rural population rather than allowing a 'Death Race 2000' scenario to be instigated.


24th Jan 2013, 14:46
It seems I was moderated unless I imagined I posted on this thread yesterday. Can't have been drink as I'm off it for the moment for weight loss reasons.

It must have been because I said the the Healy-Raes are a <censored> honest hard working politicians and publicans with only the interests of their constituents and customers at heart<censored>. In all seriousness, Mr Moderator if you think the Healy-Raes are going to come after PPRuNe because I told the truth about them. Then nearly every discussion forum in Ireland would be in the firing line too.:ugh: You should see what's been said about them here.

They are an embarrassment to their county and country and have now embarrassed this country internationally.

The actual reality is that drink driving is rife in areas where the Healy Rae and their friends have pubs. The actual risk of getting stopped by the under resourced local police is next to nil unless you actually hit one of the their patrol cars or a pedestrian who obeys the rules and is actually walking home. Which is actually quite common. I know the area, it's beautiful but the roads are treacherous although the locals drive on them as if they were three lane motorways drunk or sober.

While rural isolation is an issue but this is not about that. This is self interest by publicans.

The Healy Raes are long since the laughing stock of most people in Ireland. Except for the people of South Kerry who see fit to elect them to office.

Here's a picture of. Not the Healy Raes mentioned in the articles but the elder statesman and son. Comedy Oirishmen? No the elder served in parliament the younger is a current TD(MP).

24th Jan 2013, 17:28
In recent years I've found it's perfectly possible to enjoy a social
occasion without consuming alcohol, By golly, old man, I bet you're a barrel of laughs at any...what do you call it......social occasion. C'mon, lighten up, have you seen how few cars there are in that part of the world?

On the same theme of sensible tolerance, when my Dad worked in Ireland for a bit he taught me to drive in a week when we took a holiday trip together from Dublin to Cork and back. I was 12 and a bit, and drove the whole way there and back. The Garda who waved us down for a chat asked how old I was so I told him. He said "Now that's a wonderful thing for your Dad to be teaching you. Drive carefully, now. Perhaps your Dad should take over when you get to the City".

24th Jan 2013, 18:11
I drive more cautiously and considerately when drunk, take no risks whatsoever...

Oh crap :oh:

Temp Spike
24th Jan 2013, 18:23
A scientist I know is a solid drunk. Drives all the time. Says he just closes one eye to reduce blurring.