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Ancient Observer
22nd Jan 2013, 13:44
Blimey! Youtube appears to think that this was 40 years ago. Surely not!!

The Greatest Try of All Time, 1973 All Blacks vs. Barbarians - YouTube

22nd Jan 2013, 13:53
AO – As a Welshman I cherish the DVD of that match. (still available in the BBC w/site shop, I think)

Looking back on it, as I do, what amazes me is the number of “high” tackles. These days they’d all get yellow carded – particularly JPR :(

22nd Jan 2013, 14:06
Instantly transported back to the TV room in my Hall of Residence.

22nd Jan 2013, 14:09
The golden age of rugby...especially Welsh rugby!

22nd Jan 2013, 14:10
The bar, SSK, you mean to type the bar. ;)

22nd Jan 2013, 14:14
I think TV in bars was an alien concept in 1973. I wish it had stayed that way.

22nd Jan 2013, 14:20
Going wildly off-topic, a crowd of us used to gather in the Oak bar in Edinburgh on a Monday to watch Star Trek, and that was pre-'73.

Dak Man
22nd Jan 2013, 14:23
Tom David's pass to Derek Quinnell was forward............

Little Blue
22nd Jan 2013, 15:27
Suddenly, I'm seven years old again and my proud Welsh father is screaming at the telly whilst trying to hold a cup of coffee in his hand !

Still get the hairs standing up on the back of my neck when I watch this !

22nd Jan 2013, 15:55
At one point it almost seems as if Phil Bennett is going to sidestep past every single All Black!

Ancient Observer
22nd Jan 2013, 16:28
The parents got rid of me to Uni in 70 and went off to South Wales, so I was an honorary Welshman at the time.

There is a great write up of the try in to-day's Times, but their website is a subscription one, so I'd better not cut and paste it to here.

The biggest crowds in the TV rooms in those days were not for rugby, but were for Monty Python, and Top of the Pops.

22nd Jan 2013, 16:50
"Suddenly, I'm seven years old again"

Likewise. My father used to watch all the games and we joined him.

"The golden age of rugby...especially Welsh rugby!"
Good to see the Welsh getting up again at the last World Cup.

I thinkt he Lomu "walkover" try was a very good recent try.

G&T ice n slice
22nd Jan 2013, 20:57
My hen laid a haddock,
one hand oiled a flea,
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Dad! Dad! Why don't you oil Auntie Glad?
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Oh butter the hens as they fly


My hen laid an egg at the top of a tree,
The wind blew it off and it landed on me
(can't remember the rest)

Copywright St. David's Welsh School for Girls, Ashford, Middx
Got them from my nieces

Milo Minderbinder
22nd Jan 2013, 22:02
I didn't go to that match, but I did go to the England-All Blacks game on the same tour.
What sticks most in my mind was a drop goal by the Kiwi right winger - he was just inside the England half near the touchline, running AWAY from the England goal line, when he pivoted on the spot and kicked a goal from almost the halfway line. He didn't line or sight it up, just turned and kicked from what seemed an impossible range.
Can't remember his name, but I know it sounded Welsh (??Williams??) and he was short but built like a brick S_H_
Twickenham went silent in amazement when he did it

22nd Jan 2013, 22:07
This is the try I like from Lomu. Pity he had to retire early.

Jonah Lomu Try vs England - YouTube

Milo Minderbinder
22nd Jan 2013, 22:57
what I'd like to see again is Charles Kent's bulldozer crashball try at Murrayfield in 1977 when he went over the tryline with half the Scotland team hanging off his neck....
something I've looked for on Youtube time and time again, but its yet another of those unbelieveable sporting events which no-one seems to have kept on film
the England team couldn't pass and catch so they gambled the entire game on having Kent at centre taking crash balls on every pass and physically headbutting the defending Scots out of the way. The shock tactics worked for that one game, but in subsequent games he was effectively neutralised - the opposition knew what was going to hit them and played accordingly

Dak Man
22nd Jan 2013, 23:15
Carlos Spencer getting swatted by Richard Bands - love it.


22nd Jan 2013, 23:23
The other guys I liked watching run down the wings were

Campese - with his goose step, used to confuse the hell out of people !

Duckham - the welsh winger.

Who was it - the commentator - who used to say "up and under"
when I think one of the Welsh used to kick the ball long and high and Duckham ran for it along the wing ?

I hope I have my facts straight.

Dak Man
22nd Jan 2013, 23:29
David Duckham is English.


22nd Jan 2013, 23:35
Oops, sorry. Was along time ago !

Good to see JPR in his hey day !

Dak Man
22nd Jan 2013, 23:37
The last I heard, JPR was still playing....................keep an eye out for Liam Williams, young Welsh wing / FB, has the JPRs about him.

22nd Jan 2013, 23:49

I was impressed by the Welsh at the last World cup.
Wasn't a bad performance.

We just don't see the Welsh - or English for that matter
out here in Aus much.

23rd Jan 2013, 00:02
A lovely tribute to this match last Saturday on Radio4:

BBC Radio 4 - Archive on 4, Rugby's Greatest Try (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01pz4vf)

Cerys at her best! Only 4 more days to listen.

500N - thanks for the film snippet of Lomu...

Dak Man
23rd Jan 2013, 00:02
Wales were in Aus last Summer, lost all 3 tests very narrowly.

They did indeed play well in the 2011 RWC, very well prepared and conducted themselves properly on and off the pitch. They've gone down hill a bit of late, lost 7 games in a row. Not sure if they can defend their 6 Nations title this year, England in the ascendency, Ireland rebuilding, Scotland promise much deliver little, Italy getting better but still whipping boys and France always difficult to read and always a threat, when they're good they're sublime but when they're bad they're woeful - still been 3 RWC finals though.

As you may be able to tell, I am a passionate egg chaser. Player (no more), coach and global supporter.

Milo Minderbinder
23rd Jan 2013, 00:56

I think the welsh winger you meant was JJ Williams
He was the kick and run specialist - would hoof a ball high into the air, sprint and catch it 30 yards further on

David Duckham was an englishman with a blond comb-over.....full back from memory

23rd Jan 2013, 01:07
Yes, I think you are right.

Their were a couple of Williams in the teams from that time.

Plus a few good scrum half.

Barksdale Boy
23rd Jan 2013, 01:20

The All Black winger was Bryan Williams.

David Duckham a Welshman? Whatever next?

Still don't see that Dawes "dummy".

23rd Jan 2013, 04:41

Here is the Jonah Lomu try versus Mike Catt from a front on angle.

It wasn't by any means the best try in the world even though he ran past two and
ran over Mike Catt, at the time it was the effect he had on that game and in that world cup.
It was like a start was born !!! He lit up the Rugby world !

Lomu v England -1995 Rugby World Cup - YouTube

23rd Jan 2013, 08:37
Incredible - the man mountain was just extraordinary.

23rd Jan 2013, 08:54
Who was it - the commentator - who used to say "up and under"

Why am I thinking Eddie Waring from League, happy hour beers are playing havoc :ok:

In fact was not the Union equivalent a Gary Owen...........Tiger Beer...:E

james ozzie
23rd Jan 2013, 08:58
I saw recently the quote from the coach to the All Blacks:

"We must play as a team. Everyone must pass the ball to Lomu"

Dak Man
23rd Jan 2013, 11:10
...It was, "rugby is a 15 man game where we have 14 players trying to get the ball to Jonah............"

im from uranus
26th Jan 2013, 23:43
BBC article on 'That Try'...

Solid Rust Twotter
27th Jan 2013, 05:30
As I recall, James Small had the job of stopping Lomu and was quite effective. The phrase going around was "Use something Small to stop Lomu".

27th Jan 2013, 07:26
I'm not even very sporty at all, but I'll always remember this one....well I am a Queenslander :} (But I don't really have bad teeth) In the last minute of the game, the ball goes through the hands of a 'who's who' of QLD Rugby LeagueGreats circa '94

Queensland miracle try - YouTube

27th Jan 2013, 07:30
That was awesome.

And apart from "goes through the hands of a 'who's who' of QLD Rugby LeagueGreats circa '94"

they showed Wally Lewis at the and as well :O

27th Jan 2013, 07:56
Makers the hair on the back of ya neck stand up does that 500!!:p

27th Jan 2013, 08:08
Sure does :ok:

I wish I had been able to play even 1/100th as good as
that (except in Union).