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21st Jan 2013, 15:29
Last year, here in the NE of the United States (Northeast or New England, take your pick) we had an unusually warm winter. Which suited me just fine as heating costs were minimal. We also had a couple of snow falls but nothing

Fast foward a year. Although we've, so far, had a couple of major snow falls the temperatures have been "seasonal". A few weeks have been unseasonably cold and, conversely, a few days have been unusually warm.

Time to pay the piper. For at least the next week or two we will be experiencing unseasonably cold temperatures with daytime highs only in the lower to mid 20F range and night temps of 0F with wind chill values as low as -10F.
Additionally we will be welcoming quite a bit of snow the next week or so as well.

Oh well, there goes the heating bill.

21st Jan 2013, 15:44
For what it's worth, Environment Canada forecast a warmer than average winter for Atlantic Canada till now, then colder than average, ending up average overall. They've got it right so far. Seems reasonably relevant to you.

21st Jan 2013, 15:46

Yes. But the arctic front which passed through the area yesterday afternoon dove down out of Canada.

Would you please be so kind as to see to it that this stinking cold weather stays up there by you in the great white north, where it belongs?

Thank you very much.

21st Jan 2013, 15:50
Why should you get away with it? We aren't, and as is usual here, everything is chaos. Admittedly, we did get 5 inches of snow here, less down on the road.

21st Jan 2013, 15:50
Sorry mate, but that front came down over Quebec, and they're a law unto themselves. Request via Pigboat recommended.

21st Jan 2013, 16:01
Ah, over Quebec. That explains it. It's a French-Canadian conspiracy to freeze the bollocks, and boobs, off of everyone in the Northeast of the United States.


21st Jan 2013, 16:11
Ahem; changes in US buying policies, plus your economic...status mean it's harder for us to export manufactured goods to the US, so I guess they may be exporting snow instead. We have that to spare - you may have heard.


21st Jan 2013, 16:16
Yes, Fox3, I'm well aquainted with the fluffy white stuff y'all like to export.

As I look out my window it's bloody snowing. And wicked cold. Thanks again!!

21st Jan 2013, 16:25
Well, last winter we set all time low temperature records and last summer, all time high temperatures.

Guess it is averaging out, :p

21st Jan 2013, 16:30
wicked cold ???

Locn Temp Windchill

Torrington, CT -4 -4

Chez Fox 3 -10 -21

Yellowknife -35 -48

and I've just been out to the post box in my slippers!

Let me know your hat size and I'll send you a Red Cross Parcel.;)


21st Jan 2013, 16:46
Thanks for the offer of a Red Cross parcel, Fox3, that's very kind of you but I'll make do without, thank you very much.

now, off to the local package store for some liquid fire!!!!

22nd Jan 2013, 20:42
As I look out my window it's bloody snowing. And wicked cold.

You DEFINITELY will have to come over here to N Thailand this time next
year rgb - currently 19C (04:40 local) and top today expected 32C!

Bloody nice weather to blow away some more of the missus's evil gnomes. :ok:

23rd Jan 2013, 02:09
A bit warmer in Korat. 22 deg and all the locals have blankets and bobble hats.;) .

23rd Jan 2013, 05:56
True crippen - the early morning weather is rather "nipply". The missus will
then get rugged up like a bloody eskimo after I've had a good perve... :E

23rd Jan 2013, 12:23

Need help blowing away the despicable gnomes? (It may be 19-32C over yonder but here this morning it's a "chilly" 4F/-15C.

Where's Al Gore, I want to kick his ass.

23rd Jan 2013, 13:34
Well you will all be pleased to hear that while Europe, Britain, much of Northern USA, Canada and beyond plus the rest of Ireland suffer under heavy snowfalls and bitter conditions. Here on the balmy west coast of Ireland. We had one paltry snow shower. It was a bit cold but once the sun, yes the sun came out. It was really rather pleasant. I even switched off the heat last night because it was getting rather warm in the house.

Pity, I'd fancy a bit of snow.:E

23rd Jan 2013, 13:41
Hey? Bluecode? About that sun you see, the relative warmth you feel and turning the heat off last night?


24th Jan 2013, 13:33
I just knew you would be pleased for me!:E