View Full Version : United Express ERJ 135 -- runway excursion at EWR?

Blind Squirrel
21st Jan 2013, 13:39
Lots of conflicting reports here: most say that the aircraft "veered off the runway onto a taxiway"; a few (citing ATC transmissions) that it came to a halt on the runway itself.

Incident: Expressjet E145 at Newark on Jan 20th 2013, blew tyres on landing and veered off runway (http://www.avherald.com/h?article=45c7cf47&opt=0)

United Express Flight Blows Tires On Landing at Newark (http://www.nycaviation.com/2013/01/united-express-flight-blows-tires-on-landing-at-newark/#.UP1QHY4zLww)

21st Jan 2013, 19:04

well, how about bad antiskid? how about a firm landing or FOD/

look for skid marks

and my favorite excuse ...parking brake set prior to landing??

21st Jan 2013, 19:24
Hmmm...BlindSq....I agree with Seven Stroke...So What?...The guy blew some tires...Went slightly off the runway onto a taxiway...NO RUNWAY INCURSION has been reported...

I can add another reason:....one night coming into a rather "short" 7,000 foot runway in the SE USA ("Short" to the F/O who was PF and just out of PFT) in the good old 727, this rockrt sicentist F/O must have gotten all nutted up cause it wasn't a 10,000' + runway at Mia had his feet on the brakes at touchdown...(no indication for this in the cockpit)...

BIG INDICATION on touchdown...Anti-skid didn't have a chance...2 main gear tires blown in the first 100 feet....Big Deal? Not at all...

If you had any experience in the cockpit in Transport Cat Aircraft, you would recognize your post as sh!t stirring...

Runway Incursion my a$$...Get some experience or grow up...either way...your post and the title of it is rubbish...

(I may have gone a little lighter in my tone if you had the balls to post your vast amount of experience on your profile)

21st Jan 2013, 20:13
Blind Squirrels post relates to a runway excursion not incursion. Excursion and Incursion have totally different definitions.

Blind Squirrel on the money in my book :ok:

21st Jan 2013, 20:52
:ugh: Grundy...you are correct re: incursion/excursion...my apologies to the Blind guy for that one...I misread the title...

However, my opinion is still not changed....What's the BIG DEAL?

Hotel Tango
21st Jan 2013, 21:08
It's certainly not a "big deal" but I'll give Blind Squirel the benefit of the doubt in that I don't read in his post that he suggested it was. He posted a reported event with a couple of links. All he mentioned was that there were conflicting reports.

Geoff Hunt
22nd Jan 2013, 15:28
DownIn3Green, you’re OLD and you’re an ANGRY woman (or Man)!

22nd Jan 2013, 23:49
wow...geoff hunt...in the business of flying airliners if you are old and still talking/typing , you did things right...so congratulations down in three green...and that is a good one...braking prior to touchdown...

have you noticed that OLD WHITE GUY is now an insult?

hmmm...let's here about non old white guy pilots. old white guy pilots (who might have been young when they became famous)...

Wilbur and Orvile wright

Charles Lindbergh

James H. Doolittle

now, go ahead...make a list of non white guy /old pilots? you know, famous ones...and not famous for getting lost.


I'm sure you that Down remembers the anti skid problems that the DC10 had at Continental...yup, someone hooked up the hoses/lines backwards.

over to you
from an old white guy

23rd Jan 2013, 01:01
Thanks Seven....I haven't flown in 10 yrs but I'll bet I can still fly a "raw data" ILS to mins....Or better yet a night overwater NDB Approach in IMC...(Adana Turkey and Nome Alaska come to mind off the top of my old angry grey haired head).

Probably wasting my breath...nowadays who knows what an NDB is?...And most of our "cadets" probably want their ILS "medium well", not "Raw"...

West Coast
23rd Jan 2013, 01:31
Love NDB's. Easy to build in the FMC.