View Full Version : Are Stickys irritating?

18th Apr 2002, 01:23
Should they be posted for a limited amount of time?

18th Apr 2002, 02:15
No! Sand in your jocks is irritating.
Stickies are more like the 'unleaded fuel only' sign on the dash of the car, initally informative, then anoying, then become just part of the scenery!

18th Apr 2002, 09:11

Stickys are there for a reason, and when the reason goes away, the sticky will go away. The sticky on the Private Flying forum about the fly-in at Popham on 1st June, for example, will go away on 2nd June, when it's no longer relevant. Simple, huh?


18th Apr 2002, 13:10
Mmmmm... sticky Mel Gibson.... :eek:

18th Apr 2002, 18:44
Sticky versus Mel Gibson

..... Its no contest.

Any sensible women pilot would love to go flying with him ;)

19th Apr 2002, 07:12
WTF is a sticky?

19th Apr 2002, 08:49
Moderators have the ability to "Stick" a thread, so that it always appears on the first page of a forum. These threads have Sticky: in front of the title (as the Moritz one currently does.)

19th Apr 2002, 09:26
I see it all, now I know what Im voting for.

19th Apr 2002, 12:18
The world gets more complex by the day, soon I won't be able to manage any more then I'll die.
Doesn't life suck sometimes.:(

23rd Apr 2002, 15:12
I thought you meant FLYN's ([email protected] Little Yellow Notes) for a while. :D

PPRuNe Radar
23rd Apr 2002, 16:12
We moderators can also access who voted for what ....

Would you believe there are some guys out there who voted for Mel Gibson ..... :eek:

I'll be watching my back at the GatBash :p