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20th Jan 2013, 05:18
Last year I was working a second job as a golf caddie on the european tour, so ive seen a fair share of airline service. traveling from Singapore to Hong Kong last year we needed a last minute flight, we booked jetstar flights. Half way through the flight I requested a cup of tap water on wich I was refused and told I have to buy bottled water. And also they don't have water facilities on the plane. Funnily enough the f/o walked out 2 mind later and grabbed a cup of water. My solution was to get a cup of ice and chew on it. Now I know it's a budget airline and I understand paying for drinks like soda beers ect but basic tap water. Surly it has to be Inhuman to refuse ppl water

20th Jan 2013, 06:09
What does this have to do with issues affecting pilots in Australia?