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19th Jan 2013, 20:20
With UK television news full of a certain high-profile athlete 'confessing' to having used performance-enhancing drugs, I was wondering what on earth possessed him - and other fringe-criminal people I've seen over the years, admitting to all sorts of things - instead of doing the natural and keeping schtum.

Do we have anyone from law-enforcement or maybe a psychologist here who can comment on this tendency of so many minor wrong-doers to open the mouth and spill the beans. Would it be true to say most criminals are convicted because of what they themselves say, and does this indicate a latent desire to confess, perhaps because they think in this way they have somehow cleared themselves in their own minds ?

George B Duffy
19th Jan 2013, 20:26
Interesting. You could argue psychology all day long and come up with some very convincing explanations, of you could say that LA will sell more books and column inches for coughing to his cheating than he ever would have done keeping his mouth shut.

19th Jan 2013, 20:33
Your post implies that you believe that said athlete was showing some form of contrition. His stated aim is to compete in triathlons. To be able to do that at the sort of level he desires requires a reduction in his lifetime ban that he realises can only come from a confession. So that very stage managed affair with Oprah was pure theatre rather than courtroom drama.

Milo Minderbinder
19th Jan 2013, 20:48
I rather think that in part his "confession" was in fact a warning to the cycling authorities to lay off prosecuting him for fear of what may be revealed about their complicity, and tof he doping within other teams and by other racers.......essentially a threat to blow the lid off the whole business.

So far he's been very careful not to incriminate others. The slighest pressure on him - e.g an attempt to recover his prize monies - could trigger a rather phyrric victory for the ICU if it prompts him to tell all.

P6 Driver
19th Jan 2013, 21:20
If he follows others, by the time he's finished with his long drawn out stage managed "rehab" and the yet to be invented story of his abused childhood and bullying, it'll turn out that society is to blame and he wasn't responsible after all.

19th Jan 2013, 22:53
Screw LA and all he stands for.

Never bought a book he ws involved in writing and will always refuse to do so.

Ban him from sport as an example.