View Full Version : Who is doing it now?

Sir George Cayley
19th Jan 2013, 16:04
Recent high profile cases to do with sexual exploitation and linked crimes committed years ago (allegedly) prompt me to think, who is doing it now?

The same goes for Islamist terror plots and corruption.

OK I doubt anyone here can name names and we'll eventually hear of some cases, but I'm fascinated by the fact crime is all around and constant.

Difficult to even suggest that such a person looks a bit pervy but could more be done with child exploitation to make it easier for victims to call for help?


19th Jan 2013, 16:21
We could have a sweepstake on who is the next one to be "outed"

Pound a head entry fee, cash won when next new name appears on BBC news?

Lord Spandex Masher
19th Jan 2013, 16:27
I know this is jet blast but betting on who is raping and murdering kids, right now, doesn't sit too well with me.

19th Jan 2013, 18:22
Something that puzzles me is why when we have these crimes surfacing from many years ago, demanding police time, and burglaries etc happening now for which they often apparently don't have time, they can still find time to warn/prosecute people for racist abuse etc on things like Facebook or at football matches.

Or is it that simple cases makes the stats look good?

Gertrude the Wombat
19th Jan 2013, 19:25
Something that puzzles me
It's not difficult to find the answer.

We don't want to pay enough tax for the police to be able to do everything that everyone wants them to, so there has to be some system of rationing, and the outcome is bound to be (by simple laws of arithmetic) that the police won't be doing some of the things that some people want them to do.

The rationing system is well documented, at various levels from government priority setting right down to local priority setting at public meetings feeding into neighbourhood panels and suchlike (you do take part in your local ones, don't you). No need for anyone to be puzzled.

19th Jan 2013, 20:06
The Information is always there.

Its those who control the information who decide, what will be released and how it will be released to ensure public opinion is framed.

It has always been that way and always will be.

Anybody who thinks differently needs to look back at Abdication in 1930's and realise the rest of the world knew but UK population did not.

19th Jan 2013, 20:26
Isn't there an element in these matters where "the System" waits until anyone near the top of the tree who might be embarrassed or whose career might be affected is safely retired, or even better dead before bringing such uncomfortable matters into the light of day?

A certain deceased Knight of the Realm who I won't name here comes immediately to mind, but also any number of policemen whose very successful careers were based upon high profile convictions that time, (always after their retirement) has proven to be dodgy in the extreme.

19th Jan 2013, 22:23
"Abuse" was rife at our school.

Some of it had to be taken in the context of the era. It was common for one teacher to beat the whole class, because one person didn't confess to something or other. At the time, that was par for the course, as was laughing at Love thy neighbour.

Other things went on that are wrong now, and were wrong then.

And it's easy to say that there's some sort of witch hunt going on now, but believe me, they tried to bring it to peoples attention then, and were ignored.

It will all come out in the wash.